All You Wanted to Know about Odin

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Feature Quest icon.png

All You Wanted to Know about Odin

Quest giver
South Shroud (X:25.6, Y:21.0)
Required items
1 Odin report icon1.png  Odin Report
Experience 6,325
Gil 1,694
Previous quest
The Dark Divinity
Next quest
Fear and Odin in the Shroud

Simmie would entrust you with a delivery.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


This questline eventually unlocks the trial version of Odin: Trial Urth's Fount. While Urth's Fount is not tagged as (Extreme) it has difficulty on par with one and as such is not in any roulette but Mentor.



  • Simmie would entrust you with a delivery.
  • After perusing the report, Urianger shares with you his misgivings about the historical accuracy of the scriptures. Casting light upon the events of ages past is a tall task, indeed.


Simmie: Your assistance in the investigation has proven invaluable, adventurer. You have our thanks.
Simmie: With your aid, I have finally managed to complete my report─a thorough survey of all eyewitness reports, along with the most credible theories regarding the Dark Divinity's presence in the Shroud.
Simmie: I intend to deliver copies of the report to Brother O–App–Pesi and Bowlord Lewin myself.
Simmie: The Scions, too, will no doubt be eager to learn of our findings. I would be most appreciative if you could deliver a copy to Urianger in my stead.
Simmie: My duties demand that I remain composed, but in all truth, I fear for the fate of our people. Should the time come that the Dark Divinity draws his blade against Gridania, promise me that we can count on your aid.
Urianger: [Forename], I am most heartened by thy safe return. Wert thou able to cast light on the shadows that haunt the Shroud?
Urianger: ...So it is true. Having awakened from nigh-eternal slumber, the Dark Divinity now rides free in the Shroud.
Urianger: Whilst you were afield, I immersed myself in the scriptures. The more I scoured the words, the more I did realize that the writings draw heavily upon Allagan historical chronicles.
Urianger: History is quite a fascinating beast, is it not? One nation's glory is another's suffering─one nation's great hero, another's most abhorrent villain.
Urianger: I mean not to speak in platitudes, only to say that there is never but a single side to any story─even a story that is presented as historical fact.
Urianger: To what end did the great hero of Allag seal Odin in a gaol of crystal? What impels the Dark Divinity to ride once again? Cast thine light on the shadows of history, friend, that we might be delivered from the darkness.