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Ramuh concept.jpg
Type Primal
Level 50
Location The Striking Tree (Hard), The Striking Tree (Extreme)
Aggression Aggressive

Ramuh is a level 50 Primal found in The Striking Tree (Hard), The Striking Tree (Extreme). Ramuh is known as the Lord of Levin. He was introduced to Eorzea in patch 2.3. He commands the power of lightning and thunder.

Players will face the primal in the level 50, 8-man trials, The Striking Tree (Hard) and The Striking Tree (Extreme).


Zone Coordinates Level
The Striking Tree (Hard) (x??,y??) 50
The Striking Tree (Extreme) (x??,y??) 50

Item Drops

Item Icon Type
Large Levin Orb Large levin orb icon1.png Stone
Levin Orb Levin orb icon1.png Stone


Quest Quest Type Level
Judgment Bolts and Lightning Chronicles of a New Era 50
Levin an Impression Main Scenario Quest 50


Lightning given sage form, venerated by the sylphs. Though depicted in legend as a wise and benevolent elder who harbors ancient secrets, Ramuh is a merciless arbiter of those who would defile the sacred depths of the forest, striking down interlopers with fulminating bolts of lightning.


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