Another Turn in the Coil

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Another Turn in the Coil

Another Turn in the Coil Image.png
Quest giver
The Waking Sands (X:6.0, Y:4.9)
Quest line
Bahamut Quests
Experience 0
Gil 2,064
Previous quest
Alisaie's Pledge
Next quest
Alisaie's Resolve

Urianger would have you delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the elder primal Bahamut.

— In-game description




Because the Coils of Bahamut have a difficulty somewhere between (Extreme) and (Savage), these raids are not included in any roulette (even Mentor). As such, players queuing via Duty Finder will almost never be able to form a party.
That being the case, it is recommended that newer players use the Party Finder to seek the assistance of a couple of level-capped players for a "desync run" using the Unrestricted Party option. This will allow players to see the story at an appropriate point in their Main Scenario Quest progression.



  • Urianger would have you delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the elder primal Bahamut.
  • After sharing their findings with the Sons of Saint Coinach, Urianger and Alisaie have come to a conclusion: that the elder primal Bahamut can be banished into the aether if the colossal devices which hold him captive are deactivated. According to their information, the path to the second mechanism can be found in the North Shroud, where a gigantic fragment of Dalamud impales the ground. Make your way to Fallgourd Float and speak with Alisaie's assistant, Lieutenant Anaelle, to learn what dangers lie ahead.
  • Lieutenant Anaelle briefs you on the preliminary investigation made into the fragment, then requests that you speak with a colleague stationed nearer to the massive structure. Find the sharp-eyed private in Alder Springs, and listen to his more detailed report.
  • You return to the serpent lieutenant's post, but it is Alphinaud, and not Alisaie, who meets you there. Your fellow Scion asks that you watch over his sister, and help her find her true purpose. Wasting little time, he then takes his leave, keen that Alisaie should not learn of his visit. Prepare and provision yourself well, and speak with Anaelle when you are ready to begin exploring the Second Coil of Bahamut.