Ifrit Ain't Broke

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Feature Quest icon.png

Ifrit Ain't Broke

Quest giver
The Waking Sands (X:6.0, Y:4.9)
Quest line
Primal Quests
Required items
1 Vortex Ritual Focus Icon.png  Inferno Ritual Focus
Gil 2,908
Previous quest
Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro
Next quest
To Tussle with Gods

Urianger seeks to prepare for the coming of the Lord of the Inferno.

— In-game description




The North American and European datacenters primarily use Party Finder to challenge (Extreme) content. Using Duty Finder to match with random players is not recommended and will be more difficult than pre-forming a party. Note that despite the quest text, players only need to complete the trial using any means, not necessarily with Duty Finder matchmaking, to complete the quest. For an easy completion, it is recommended that players use Party Finder and form an Unrestricted Party (i.e., with level sync disabled). Players who wish to complete this duty with level sync enabled should also form a pre-made party, which also enables the use of Minimum Item Level and Silence Echo settings for an additional challenge.



  • Urianger seeks to prepare for the coming of the Lord of the Inferno.
  • Though there have been no overt signs of Ifrit's stirring, Urianger suspects that the situation will soon change. Visit the Hall of Flames in Ul'dah, and warn High Flame Commander Swift of the impending danger.
  • The disappearance of the Immortal Flames scouting parties deployed into Zahar'ak suggests that Ifrit once more rages within the Bowl of Embers. Commander Swift bids you gather a party of stout-hearted companions, and renew your bond with the Zahar'ak aetheryte in southern Thanalan.
  • You have re-attuned to the aetheryte at Zahar'ak. Assemble your companions, and confront the Lord of the Inferno in his own domain.
    • ※The Bowl of Embers (Extreme) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have defeated the primal Ifrit and obtained a ritual focus.
  • Deliver the ritual object to Commander Swift at the Hall of Flames in Ul'dah, and inform him of your success against the primal Ifrit.
  • Commander Swift appears eager to devise new tactics for dealing with the strengthened primals. Return to the Waking Sands in Vesper Bay, and deliver the third ritual focus to Urianger along with Swift's hopes for a successful investigation.
  • You deliver the ritual object to Urianger and describe your encounter with the shadowy Ascians. The Elezen laments that while he is occupied with uncovering a more permanent solution to the primal threat, there is no recourse but to continue slaying the beastman deities whenever they arise. It appears, however, that he may have a means to aid you in this increasingly dangerous endeavor.