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The Kingdom of Voeburt was a nation that existed on The First, but like most other vrantic civilizations of its time, it collapsed amidst the chaos that followed the Flood of Light. In the present day, the lands around its former capitol city of Voeburtenburg have become known as Il Mheg, and the castle that once housed its royal family, known then as Gruenes Licht, has become the home of the faerie king, Titania.

As is portrayed by the two-headed wolf which graces the nation's coat of arms, the Kingdom of Voeburt was born of an alliance between the Drahn and the Galdjent. Ere such an alliance could be forged, however, much blood was spilled. In order to avoid further bloodshed, our ancestors established a system of succession whereby the crown would be retained by the Drahn. Each successive monarch would be chosen by a council of five, of whom three would be Galdjent of noble houses. Thus did the two-headed wolf arise to rule the northern lands of Norvrandt.

The History of Voeburt