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Beneath the Surface

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Beneath the Surface

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Quest giver
Lakeland (X:26.1, Y:32.5)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 4,000
Previous quest
A Whale's Tale
Next quest
Echoes of a Fallen Star

Thus reminded of the urgency of your investigation, Urianger would press on.

— In-game description





  • Thus reminded of the urgency of your investigation, Urianger would press on.
  • Urianger suggests that you cut short your rest that the investigation into the undersea ruins might commence without further delay. This proposal meets with no resistance from Thancred or yourself, so the three of you depart forthwith for the Split Hull, where the remainder of your party awaits.
  • You join your companions at the Split Hull, and it is thankfully only a short while before your ancient guide appears overhead. All that remains now is to leap from the cliffs to Bismarck's back, and allow him to take you deep into the illuminated land, where secrets of the past yet slumber.
  • Fighting your way past a horde of hostile benthos, you cannot help but notice the astonishing number of forms stored within Anamnesis Anyder. Perhaps still more secrets of the ancients lie within the central chamber of Noesis-and with Rukshs Deem vanquished, they are yours for the taking.
  • As you explore Noesis with your fellow Scions, an odd device activates of its own accord, conjuring the lifelike echoes of several ancient beings. This marvelous record of long-forgotten affairs shows them deep in conversation regarding the summoning of Hydaelyn, of all things, which was apparently spearheaded by a personage named Venat. Further prodding causes the device to divulge a single additional memory that reveals this Venat became Hydaelyn's heart... and Elidibus, Zodiark's.
  • An astonished Y'shtola attempts to reactivate the device that you might view further records, but unfortunately meets with no success. For want of further revelations, you are left confounded as to the true identity of Elidibus, who by rights should have long since ceased to be. The group trusts to Y'shtola to remain in Anamnesis Anyder and coax out more from the facility, while the rest of you return to keeping an eye on the wider world-or worlds, in your case.