Judgment Bolts and Lightning

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Judgment Bolts and Lightning

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Quest giver
New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
Quest line
Primal Quests
Required quest
Brave New Companions
Experience 0
Gil 2,445

Lieutenant Scarlet would ask your aid in investigating the resurgence of a primal.

— In-game description




The North American and European datacenters primarily use Party Finder to challenge (Extreme) content. Using Duty Finder to match with random players is not recommended and will be more difficult than pre-forming a party. Note that despite the quest text, players only need to complete the trial using any means, not necessarily with Duty Finder matchmaking, to complete the quest. For an easy completion, it is recommended that players use Party Finder and form an Unrestricted Party (i.e., with level sync disabled). Players who wish to complete this duty with level sync enabled should also form a pre-made party, which also enables the use of Minimum Item Level and Silence Echo settings for an additional challenge.



  • Lieutenant Scarlet would ask your aid in investigating the resurgence of a primal.
  • Lieutenant Scarlet conveys to you the disturbing news of Ramuh's resurgence. According to the Twin Adder officer, Frixio has requested your counsel regarding the primal's all-too-sudden return. Make your way to Little Solace in the East Shroud, and announce your arrival to the the elder sylph's attendant, Dellexia.
  • After welcoming you back to Little Solace, Frixio explains that the touched sylphs─fueled by fear and anger─have once more summoned their thunderous god. Though adamant that Ramuh holds no destructive agenda, the elder sylph admits that the primal's very presence is a danger to the land. The Lord of Levin must be defeated, not only to protect the realm, but also to teach his vengeful thralls the futility of their actions. Head deep into the territory of the touched sylphs and attune yourself to the Sylphlands aetheryte.
  • You have attuned yourself to the Sylphlands aetheryte. Gather your companions, and challenge the Lord of Levin beneath the boughs of the Striking Tree!
  • ※The Striking Tree (Extreme) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have once more banished Ramuh to the sea of aether. Travel to the Waking Sands in Vesper Bay and report to Urianger.
  • You rouse Urianger from his studies to tell him of your second victory over the Lord of Levin. Listening intently to your tale, the Archon appears convinced that the touched sylphs have adopted the enhanced summoning ritual invented by the Ascians. For what terrible purpose do the servants of darkness seek to corrupt the essence of the primals...?