The Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 2

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Players need to have an average item level (iLvl) of 73 or above to enter Turn 2.


This is a gauntlet fight. made up of multiple ADS type bosses. The first boss you see will start the timer on the gauntlet and you must kill every boss including the final one before the timer runs out or the pretty lights will wipe the entire raid. You can see the timer by the clicks that begin counting down as soon as you start the encounter.

This fight will require 2 silences (pref Bard they don't seem to miss) These bards will need to be on their game as they have one of if not the hardest job this fight. They need to Silence "High Voltage"- every time is it cast. There should never be one of them missed as it will most likely wipe the raid. The bards should be vocal about their silences, and who is next we use something like "Mirth got silence, your next" or just simply "Next"

This boss also requires tank swapping. The person that has aggro will be gaining stacks seen on the player debuff bar (to the right of the buffs) When you get to 4 stacks the other tank should provoke off the person tanking. The tanks need to be vocal about switches and who has aggro so that healers know which tank to heal. We used something similar to "Gerok tank" or "Aura Tank"

This fight is all about the mechanics and is a nightmare at first to get organized and used to them all. VoIP like Raidcall is necessary and everyone should have a working mic. This fight requires a ton of communication.

The bosses in this turn have a very high chance to dodge, so everyone should be at or near ACC cap. ACC food can be a good choice in this fight (mustard eggs or better)

Each mini-boss that you fight before the final boss gives the boss an ability. There are two different tracks to get to the final boss. Following the left route is more advantageous for heavily melee damage, while right is better for casters. If you have an even split, either way is fine.

The first thing you need to do is number off 5 ranged players in the party. Bards and Healers will be busy but it is necessary they are numbered when you are low on ranged characters. This numbering system will correspond with positions that you stand in each room and will correspond with the final boss mechanic known as Allegan Rot.

Allegan Rot is a debuff cast on a random player in the raid that will count down for around 18 seconds then explode wiping the raid. It can be transferred to other characters by touch. When you transfer the rot you gain a buff called Allegan Immunity which makes you unable to receive Rot again for ~40 seconds. It is VERY EASY to accidentally pass ROT. So you need to spread out or everyone will be immune and you will die. The way we circumvent this is having positions that we always stand in every room allowing us to become acclimated with staying spread out. Each room is shaped differently but it helps to practice this a lot as this is one of the most difficult parts of the encounter. Its hard to convey the positions through text as to where 1-5 stand but i will do my best:

Tanks----------------------5 --Boss




So #1 is in the far bottom left corner of every room

  1. 2 is to the right and in front of #1
  2. 3 is in the far right corner of the room
  3. 4 is in front of #3 but not standing too close to #2
  4. 5 is in the top corner or the room

It is best to have #2 and #4 be one of the healers when necessary since they are in the middle of the room and able to hit everyone with AOE healing. Also one of these positions can be filled by a bard allowing everyone to get their songs.

  1. 5 is best filled with another bard, or whomever is most reliable as they must pass to #1 across the entire room while avoiding any accidental passes, and keeping up some sort of rotation.

When you receive ROT it is important to be vocal about about it. We use "Mirth has ROT". Its also good to advise the person your passing you gave them ROT, we said "Passing rot to Jerry, Jerry has ROT", who would then keep up the cycle. It is also important not to pass the ROT too early. We generally passed to ROT with about 5-6 seconds left on the debuff. Whomever receives rot will pass to the next person in line going up the number system. Successful attempts should go around the 5 numbered players about 3 times before the boss is dead. If a tank or someone not numbered receives rot it is always passed to #5.

There is usually 1 extra player not either numbered or a tank, whomever that player is need to just stay out of the way, and focus on their job. This is helpful to have as a second healer at times since this is a very heal intensive fight, but a melee DPS could also be used in this spot.

The TANKS should be tanking the boss in the top left corner of the room, it is important that the person that does not have aggro does not get hit by anything or he will gain stacks, the boss has a large cleave and it is sometimes best for the tank without aggro to just stand out of the way until it is time to provoke the boss. Its important that TANKS have ALOT of aggro, and position the boss correctly. We had DPS not attack for about 10 seconds pre fight to ensure no aggro debacles.

The boss will have the same line attack from the Turn 1 ADS. It will also have an X 5 way line attack, both line attack must be avoided. @~75% it will Cast ROT we usually call it out, afterwards it will do another voltage fairly soon, so Bards need to be ready to pass ROT and silence in a rotation @~50% it will spawn void zones randomly throughout the room, they slow and heavy your character, try not to stand in them since it will affect DPS but if u must then its fine, be sure to move early when your heavy to avoid lines and pass ROT. @~35% it will start doing a large cone AOE that will knockback, tanks need to position the boss so the cone will not be faced towards the raid.

For each mini-boss and the final boss the order of importance is as follows ROT>High Voltage>Line attacks>DPS>void zones.

If you position yourselves well and silence the voltages you should be able to clear this boss with little trouble, it's important to keep in contact with each other when passing and silencing, there is a lot going on in this fight and good consistent contact will keep everyone from being overwhelmed with the mechanics.

Alternative Strategy

Depending on your group makeup, if you have more melee, then take the right route, otherwise take the left route(both have 3 miniboss), then wait until one click left. Hit the boss but make sure it doesn't drop until 75% before it goes enrage. After that, DPS can all out without tank need to maintain aggro rank. Thin run need 2 good healer or 3 average healer for your team to pass this successfully and only 1 tank is needed.


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