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Guided by the Past

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Guided by the Past

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Quest giver
The Aitiascope (X:11.9, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Pandaemonium Quests
Gil 7,500
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Mother's Touch

Lahabrea watches over Claudien with concern.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:





  • Lahabrea watches over Claudien with concern.
  • While waiting for Claudien to regain his senses, Lahabrea asks you about the Ascian that shared his name, confessing that he sees the Paragon's actions as a logical evolution of his own devotion to duty. Knowing now what is to come, he soundly rejects the now-awakened professor's attempts to express gratitude, though this may be out of principle rather than contrition. Regardless, having fulfilled his role to the last, Lahabrea fades into the aetherial sea once more, leaving you with the tantalizing suggestion that should you return to the past, Pandæmonium's final mysteries might be solved.
  • While Erichthonios and Themis greet you warmly in Pandæmonium, Lahabrea reacts with characteristic curtness. Apparently, he was just on his way to settle some matters of grave import, so you follow him to an empty chamber where Hegemone awaits. Lahabrea accuses her of setting Hephaistos free, surmising that she has been under the influence of Athena's mind-controlling magicks for some time. With this truth come to light, Lahabrea's decision is made: in order to gain the strength required to break Athena's hold, he will rejoin Hephaistos's essence to his own. After absorbing those bitter memories, the change in his personality is immediately apparent─in him you see the Lahabrea who will one day stand against you as an enemy, and he seems well aware that your respective wills must one day clash. While far from an ideal farewell, the questions that led you back to the past are answered.
  • You return to the present-day's aetherial sea, where Claudien informs you that a new memory has surfaced within the crystal. It shows you a vision of Erichthonios, apparently from the Final Days, wherein he resolves to set the crystal adrift as a warning to survivors about the nature of Pandæmonium. Ere you have time to reflect on your comrade's fate, however, Claudien reveals that the Heart of Sabik has come into his possession, now empty of Athena's memories. As it remains a powerful specimen, Claudien seems keen to devote his coming days to exploring its secrets. Though this is perhaps not the wisest idea, you have more pressing matters to attend to for the moment─namely, one last farewell.
  • You have your final conversation with Themis, during which he reveals that he now possesses some of a later Elidibus's fragmented memories. From what he can make out, he speculates that he agreed to send you to Elpis because of vague recollections of your time together in Pandæmonium, though given the great change wrought upon his personality by the intervening millennia, it is impossible to be certain. Reflecting with fondness upon your time together and the meaning it may hold, he dissipates into the aetherial sea, leaving you to contemplate the vast expanse.
  • Back in Aporia, Claudien affirms his resolve to continue research into the Heart of Sabik and follow such traces as Erichthonios has left behind, thanking you for your brave contribution. Although history may not remember your journey into Pandæmonium, the memories of your allies and their unfaltering courage will be forever etched into your memory.


Nemjiji: At least on the surface, Professor Claudien appears unharmed. We must wait for him to regain consciousness to judge anything beyond that, I fear...
Ruissenaud: Questions, questions, and more questions! Why did Claudien set out by himself? What did he see? Oh, I do hope he wakes up soon!
Themis: We shall stay here and wait for Claudien to regain his senses. Pray rest while you can.
Lahabrea: It seems we can do naught but wait.
Lahabrea: Perhaps we might discuss a matter which has been troubling me.
Lahabrea: While your colleague Nemjiji was enlightening us on the historical events which led to this era, she let slip the name of one of the Ascians...Lahabrea.
Lahabrea: Although she knew of the figure only from her research, she was most insistent that there is no evidence connecting the Ascian to myself.
Lahabrea: Yet I am aware that this Lahabrea used the Heart of Sabik to sow chaos throughout your world, and I would be a fool to deny such strong connections between us.
Lahabrea: You are the only one present who has met the Ascian in question, so I would ask you directly. Are he and I one and the same? Is my fate to work in the shadows and bring about untold destruction?
Q1: What will you say?
A1: You are him.
Lahabrea: ...I see. If you say it is so, then there is no reason to disbelieve it.
A2: I cannot be certain.
Lahabrea: A diplomatic answer. I understand the Ascians often use the bodies of others to enact their plots, so it is impossible to say who they truly are...
A3: ...
Lahabrea: Perhaps silence is the most prudent response. I understand the Ascians often use the bodies of others to enact their plots, so it is impossible to say who they truly are...
Lahabrea: These Ascians─or “Paragons,” I'm told─were ruthless in their schemes to rejoin the sundered worlds. I have heard but a small number of their deeds, and still I find it difficult to comprehend the depths to which they were willing to sink.
Lahabrea: To choose a path of evil, all for the sake of the star...
Lahabrea: ...I admit, 'tis a decision I would make under the right circumstances. Although the ages may take their toll, my devotion to my duty will never waver.
Lahabrea: Paying no heed to what might be lost, I will treat the Heart of Sabik as a mere tool for my own ends.
Lahabrea: Never caring to look beyond the surface, I will unleash forces that I fail to truly comprehend...and remain blissfully ignorant of my hypocrisy all the while.
Themis: Ah, it appears Claudien has awakened.
Claudien: [Forename]... I have some faint memories of what transpired. You stood against Athena and won.
Claudien: And...you were there, too.
Claudien: Lahabrea. Erichthonios's memories of you dwell within me still.
Claudien: Through unyielding discipline you hoped to forge a son equal to yourself, but the crucible you placed him in left scars which were loath to heal.
Claudien: Yet you were never motivated by selfishness. All you did was in service of your duty. At the least, I...
Lahabrea: ...I will hear no more. Though you may possess Erichthonios's memories, you are not him. In rebirth you have become someone else entirely, and you belong to this age.
Lahabrea: As such, I am your enemy. And an enemy does not deserve sympathy.
Claudien: Of course, I would never condone the actions of the Ascian. But you are not him─you are Lahabrea, of the Convocation.
Claudien: You spared no effort in saving us from Athena's machinations. For that you deserve the utmost praise─and my personal thanks.
Lahabrea: ...If you insist on deceiving yourself, then so be it. My stance remains unchanged.
Lahabrea: The most difficult of your trials is behind you─but you may find that Pandæmonium has yet to relinquish the last of its secrets.
Lahabrea: Among them is the identity of Hephaistos's liberator, who set the very first wheels in motion. There is but one place to find these answers: the past.
Lahabrea: However, I must insist that you keep silent about Athena's fate. While I doubt it would change the decisions I make, you should not tender us information we could not uncover ourselves.
Lahabrea: Now that I have said my piece, I shall follow in my son's footsteps.
Lahabrea: These odious memories will fade to nothing, as was always their fate.
Lahabrea: Farewell.
Themis: My time, too, draws near, but I believe I can stay long enough to see this matter through.
Themis: You shall journey to the past to seek out the truth of Lahabrea's words, yes? While Themis himself may have been there to see this encounter, I have the unique opportunity to hear your perspective on the matter. That is, of course, if you will share it with me.
Themis: I look foward to it. I shall take in the aetherial sea one final time as I await your return.
Claudien: I, too, shall stay here and await your return. I could use the rest, and there is a matter I would discuss with you and Themis before we say our farewells.
Nemjiji: Ruissenaud and I shall return to Aporia and make our report to Master Fourchenault at once. Oh, where to begin?
Ruissenaud: I believe we've yet to see the full effect these events will have on the aetherial sea. Once Professor Claudien recovers, we must conduct a thorough investigation!
Themis: Now all that is left is to return to Pandæmonium and ask Lahabrea to shed light upon its few remaining mysteries. I look forward to your return.
Hegemone: Ah, you must be [Forename]. I am Hegemone, keyward of Abyssos─but I suspect you may already know that. We did meet once before, after all, although I was not entirely myself at the time.
Hegemone: Thanks to you, however, I can rightly say my faculties are mine once more. At present, I am taking stock of the damage done to the facility.
Erichthonios: [Forename]! I didn't expect to see you again so soon, but 'tis always a joy. You seem...quite happy to be here.
Themis: Thank you for checking up on us. Did you speak with Hegemone and the other warders on your way here? The work is long, but we have made great strides in undoing Athena's meddling.
Lahabrea: [Forename]. Truth be told, I thought you would have little reason to ever visit this place again. It seems I was wrong.
Q1: What will you say?
A1: I'm looking for answers.
A2: I just wanted to say hello.
Lahabrea: How neatly you obfuscate your motivations. Do as you will, then.
Themis: She has gone through the trouble to visit us, so I hardly think curtness is in order. We braved Pandæmonium together─why not at least share with her our progress?
Themis: I have relinquished control of Pandæmonium to Lahabrea. I was never meant to hold it for long, and now such authority resides in rightful hands.
Themis: With Lahabrea's help, we have pored through Athena's research into the hemitheoi. Thus were we able to restore Hegemone's mind and body.
Erichthonios: Yet there is still much work to be done. Damage to repair, keywards to replace...the tasks are too many to count.
Erichthonios: But although the path may be long, our progress is steady. I believe we can safely say that Pandæmonium will soon function as it did before.
Lahabrea: Indeed. Before we reach that point, however, there are some matters which must be put to rest.
Lahabrea: One concerns Pandæmonium itself, and another is a personal matter. Until they are settled, I cannot move forward.
Lahabrea: It shall not take long. Lack of resolve caused me to delay, but I have chosen my course.
Erichthonios: These concerns must be weighty indeed. Do you intend to share your burdens with us?
Lahabrea: If you would bear witness, then come.
Lahabrea: Your arrival at this very moment almost beggars belief, but I shall not ask you to leave. I simply ask that you do not interfere─no matter what may happen.
Lahabrea: Stay here. This will be over soon.
Hegemone: Why did you call me here, Master Lahabrea? There is still much to be done if the warders are to be freed...
Lahabrea: You have served within Pandæmonium since Athena's time, have you not? That makes you the most senior keyward, now that Agdistis is gone.
Lahabrea: As such, you deserve to know a secret few others are privileged to hear. One concerning myself.
Lahabrea: Separating Hephaistos from myself required removing part of my soul.
Lahabrea: A necessary sacrifice, but one which came at no small cost to my natural talents. I am but a shadow of the man I was at the time of my appointment as Lahabrea.
Lahabrea: I could never hope to wield the same magicks that Hephaistos used to bind the warders' minds, let alone break their shackles.
Hegemone: That tone of defeat does not befit your voice, Master Lahabrea. Do not give in to despair.
Lahabrea: There is no despair─only truth. I do not confide in you to garner cheap sympathy.
Lahabrea: Hephaistos left behind fascinating research. His conclusion was that in order to transform a vessel into a hemitheos, absolute control over their mind was essential.
Lahabrea: As you well know, the magicks used to achieve such dominion exploited strong emotions within their victims' hearts. In the case of Hesperos and Agdistis, their respect for me.
Lahabrea: Upon slipping his bonds, Hephaistos took steps to throw Pandæmonium into chaos. With their attention divided, keyward and warder alike were easy targets.
Lahabrea: But there was an act that came before. Regardless of Hephaistos's prowess, he could not have won freedom on his own.
Lahabrea: For long days and nights I pondered who might have released him. I could only conclude that Athena's plans were set in motion long, long ago, when she claimed the mind of one of her admirers...
Lahabrea: Hegemone. None would question your pride in your position. Your devotion to Pandæmonium.
Lahabrea: But you do not believe I am the one fit to lead it, do you? Your loyalty lies not with my vision for Pandæmonium, but Athena's.
Hegemone: Master Lahabrea, whatever has spurred this sudden accusation, I assure you there is a proper explanation...
Erichthonios: What are you doing, Lahabrea!?
Lahabrea: Do not approach!
Lahabrea: As I have already stated, even should I detect Athena's tinkering, I am currently powerless to dispel it.
Lahabrea: And so I have come to a decision. One which was made with the best interests of our star in mind. In order to build a better future, I require the strength I have lost.
Lahabrea: I must embrace these odious memories!
Lahabrea: Mark well this sight─engrave it upon your very soul.
Lahabrea: You now bear witness to the true Lahabrea!
Themis: I cannot imagine this was an easy choice...but it is done.
Erichthonios: Is she...alive?
Lahabrea: Yes...and she shall remember this lesson well.
Themis: Athena's puppet no longer, I see...
Lahabrea: She may yet harbor ill will toward me, but that is a risk I am willing to take.
Lahabrea: Our star requires a steady hand to guide it, and now mine is equal to the task. I can no longer allow Pandæmonium to divert my focus.
Lahabrea: Hegemone, I would ask that you serve me anew. There is none other more suited to overseeing this prison─none other who will take such pride in their duty.
Hegemone: My loyalty to Athena led me to betray you once before. Why would you allow me to keep the position of keyward?
Lahabrea: I require your talents─as I require Hephaistos's. The past is of no consequence.
Hegemone: Very well. In honor of our fallen colleagues, I shall restore this institution to its former glory.
Erichthonios: Lahabrea is himself once more. He wields his authority without hesitation, and thinks not twice once his judgment has sounded.
Themis: Yet he is different from Athena. He thinks only of the betterment of the star. So long as duty guides his actions, he shall not share her fate.
Themis: And should his convictions ever waver, the emissary will set him back on the proper course.
Erichthonios: Good. If this is the path he chooses to walk, then I will walk with him.
Erichthonios: I'll allow our bond to fray no further. As his son, I will support him in the days ahead.
Lahabrea: I would not ask you to say the same, [Forename]. You and I stand on peaks separated by vast chasms. Our perspectives shall never align.
Lahabrea: And never shall one give way to the other, for such is our nature. With that in mind...let us consider any debts between us to be void.
Lahabrea: Before you leave here, mark well these words...
Lahabrea: My resolve shall weather loss unfathomable, and yield before no obstacle. Walk your path with the same conviction.
Hegemone: Master Lahabrea saw through me long ago... But now my mind is unclouded by doubt, and I shall not fail him again.
Erichthonios: From this day forward, I will do what I can to aid my father. In this way I shall forge my own future.
Themis: Hephaistos and Lahabrea were one and the same when he was named as one of the Convocation. This change poses no need for concern, for all is as it should be.
Lahabrea: If not for you, my long-slumbering demons may have gone unslain. I would have never been forced to reconsider my true nature. Yet as I said, do not consider this an admission of debt.
Lahabrea: Now, I believe you have other places to be. Remain here any longer and I may be inclined to place you in a cell next to one of our more...recalcitrant subjects.
Ruissenaud: My own research and studies have fallen by the wayside in Professor Claudien's absence. My thesis remains unwritten, and its deadline looms on the horizon...
Themis: Ah, you are returned. I should like to hear of what you discovered, though I believe your friend has business with us first...
Claudien: There you are, [Forename]. While you were away, Themis brought me up to speed on all that happened while I was held prisoner.
Claudien: His story shone light upon any number of questions that were niggling at my conscious. Namely, those concerning the aetherial signature emanating from Azys Lla.
Claudien: Doubtless its source was Athena, reaching out as far as she could from her prison. Ever grasping for someone to take Erichthonios's place...grasping for the body his soul resided in.
Themis: I wanted to ask─when you first found the crystal, were you unable to hear the memories stored within?
Claudien: Indeed. It was only after our research was well underway that I could hearken to its whispers.
Themis: Contact with the crystal should have awakened the memories, but the passage of time likely changed Erichthonios's soul in subtle ways. Perhaps aetherial resonance was a gradual process in this case.
Themis: However, being attuned to Erichthonios exposed you to Athena's voice, as well. Doubtless the choice to venture forth into Azys Lla was not your own─it was Athena's influence working through you.
Claudien: I do recall being strangely fixated on acting alone─I never would have encouraged such recklessness usually. Although the choice was not entirely my own, I am still ashamed of my actions.
Themis: Reflection is how we plant the seeds of growth. Although we must not blame ourselves for events out of our control...
Themis: That the voice in the crystal belonged to the person from which your soul originated... Well, not even the most brilliant researcher could come to that conclusion.
Claudien: Your reassurance means more than you know. Thank you.
Claudien: Now, one final matter. It concerns the very crystal whose discovery set this adventure in motion.
Claudien: Perhaps sparked by recent events, a new light began to shine from within its depths. From my experience, this may indicate that a new memory has floated to the surface, eager to be observed.
Claudien: For some time, the question of why Lahabrea and Erichthonios would leave such a crystal behind in the first place has lingered in the back of my mind.
Claudien: With Erichthonios's memories and such magical talents as are at my disposal, I believe I can make this final memory manifest for us all to behold. Shall we witness it together?
Erichthonios: I leave this memory for you, the future of our star.
Erichthonios: The Final Days have come, and the creation magicks we have so relied upon now hasten our downfall.
Erichthonios: But despair has not yet won out. Lahabrea and the others of the Convocation are working to stem the chaos which threatens to engulf our star.
Erichthonios: Their plan requires great sacrifice. Elidibus─Themis─has already offered to give his life for our salvation.
Erichthonios: Yet there is another problem which must be dealt with: Pandæmonium, wherein are confined our most vicious creations.
Erichthonios: Even should we survive the Final Days, it will take time to restore order. If Pandæmonium's cells were breached and their prisoners set upon the star, our hard-won peace would be obliterated in an instant.
Erichthonios: Someone must stay behind to ensure that never happens. With Themis and Lahabrea otherwise indisposed, that responsibility falls to me.
Erichthonios: And that is why I must defy the directive of the Convocation. My soul will not be offered to manifest the will of the star, but instead consigned to eternal vigil.
Erichthonios: I know that in doing so, the Final Days may take me. I may not live to see my duty upheld.
Erichthonios: That's why I have resolved to set this crystal adrift in the tides of the Underworld. It contains memories of Pandæmonium from both my father and I, and shall bear this warning to the future even if I cannot.
Erichthonios: I've imbued the crystal with magicks that will attract it to my essence. Even should I journey through the Underworld and be born anew, this message will reach me. Pandæmonium shall not be left unattended.
Erichthonios: If all else fails, then perhaps another woman like my dear friend will come along. One with an almost unnatural ability to pick up the scent of trouble.
Erichthonios: I wonder where she is now. How many souls has she saved, and how many beasts has she slain since last we met?
Erichthonios: Alongside my warning, this memory shall carry a wish. [Forename]...may we meet again.
Erichthonios: Now listen well: If anyone receives this message, you must come to Pandæmonium. Please make haste. I repeat...
Claudien: Well, that dispels the last of my doubts. Thank you for humoring me. And now we come to this...
Themis: It survived...
Claudien: ...Yes. The Heart of Sabik.
Claudien: The tie that bound Athena's memories to my body, no doubt. When I regained my senses, I found it on my person.
Claudien: Now it appears your efforts have left it bereft of memories. No trace remains of Athena.
Claudien: However, its power as auracite yet remains, and it may prove to be a valuable trove of knowledge in the hands of the right researcher. I feel that fate has left it with me for a reason.
Claudien: I shall take my leave, but on behalf of my colleagues─nay, the entire star─I thank you both for putting an end to Athena's wickedness.
Claudien: Pay the rest of us no mind─you deserve time to say your farewells.
Claudien: ...Welcome back, [Forename]. I hope you said farewell to Themis for me.
Claudien: Recent events have given me not only a new focus for my research, but also insight into my own origins. Truly, 'tis a gift I could never hope to repay.
Claudien: As Lahabrea said, I am not Erichthonios. Yet I bear a part of him inside me, and I shall do what I can to follow the traces he has left behind in the present day.
Claudien: A spark has been struck in my mind─I am ready to pursue my research with a fervor the likes of which I have not had since my youth.
Claudien: Doubtless I shall have need of you in the days and moons ahead. When that time comes, I only hope that you will once again lend me your sound counsel. Until then, may you fare well!