Coerthas Central Highlands

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Map of Coerthas Central Highlands

Coerthas Central Highlands is a zone in Coerthas.


Coerthas Central Highlands Sidequests

Coerthas Central Highlands FATEs


Weather Conditions


The only Aetheryte is located at Camp Dragonhead. (x25,y18)


Boulder Downs

Coerthas River

Daniffen Pass

Dzemael Darkhold

Hall of the Seven Echoes

Monument Tower

The Aurum Vale

The Fury's Gaze

Camp Dragonhead

First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena

Griffin Crossing

Haldrath's March

Skyfire Locks


Providence Point

Dragonhead Latrines

Steel Vigil

The Ogre's Belly

The Weeping Saint



Behemoth's Dominion

Exploratory Ice Hole

Gates of Judgement

Sea of Clouds


Stone Vigil

The Nail


Dungeons and Trials





Coerthas Central Highlands
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Exploratory Ice Hole Lamp MarimoAbalathian SmeltNorthern PikeKissing TroutThe Matriarch
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Snowcloak Rainbow TroutSeemaCrimson TroutWandering Sculpin
The Nail Striped GobyAbalathian SmeltGiant BassCrimson TroutBronze Lake TroutNorthern PikeEmperor FishKissing Trout
The Weeping Saint Lamp MarimoAbalathian SmeltGiant BassCrimson TroutCommon SculpinNorthern PikeAngry Pike
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