Omega: Deltascape (Savage)

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General Information

Omega: Deltascape (Savage) is first section of Omega (Savage), the main 8-player raid in Stormblood. Released on July 18, 2017, Deltascape (Savage) requires players with item level of 310 or higher to enter. Once unlocked, the raid can be queued from the Raid Finder.


To access Omega: Deltascape (Savage), players must access the Magitek Terminal in Rhalgr's Reach (x13.5,y12.4) after completing the following quest: The Anomaly

Quest Requirements


Deltascape V1.0 (Savage) - iLvl 310+

Deltascape V2.0 (Savage) - iLvl 315+

Deltascape V3.0 (Savage) - iLvl 320+

Deltascape V4.0 (Savage) - iLvl 320+

  • Item level restrictions do not apply when registering as a full party.

Rewards / Exchange

In addition to gear, players will receive a Deltascape Datalog from each area, which can be exchanged for gear of your choosing.

  • Players will only receive one Deltascape datalog per area each week upon completing said area for the first time.

If your party contains players replaying an area prior to the weekly reset, the number of treasure coffers appearing upon completion will decrease. Furthermore, players will be ineligible for rewards from treasure coffers as well as Deltascape datalogs when replaying an area prior to the weekly reset.

  • If there are one to four players in your party replaying an area, only a single treasure coffer will appear. If there are five or more players in your party replaying an area, no treasure coffers will appear.

Players in the party who have yet to complete a given area in Omega: Deltascape (Savage) prior to the weekly reset will receive a Deltascape datalog.


By speaking with Gelfradus in Rhalgr's Reach (x13.7,y12.0), players can exchange Deltascape datalogs from Omega: Deltascape (Savage) for corresponding gear.

Gear Slot Required Token # of Token
Weapons Deltascape Datalog v4.0 8
Gladiator’s Arm Deltascape Datalog v4.0 5
Shield Deltascape Datalog v4.0 3
Head Deltascape Datalog v2.0 6
Body Deltascape Datalog v4.0 8
Hands Deltascape Datalog v2.0 6
Waist Deltascape Datalog v1.0 6
Legs Deltascape Datalog v3.0 8
Feet Deltascape Datalog v2.0 6
Accessories Deltascape Datalog v1.0 4
Lost Allagan Roborant Deltascape Datalog v3.0 4
Lost Allagan Twine Deltascape Datalog v3.0 4
Lost Allagan Glaze Deltascape Datalog v2.0 4

Genji Coffers

Upon completing Deltascape V4.0 (Savage), a treasure coffer will appear containing a Genji Coffer. Using this item transforms it into a weapon corresponding to the user's current job.


Deltascape V1.0 (Savage) Loot - Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Waist Armor

Deltascape V2.0 (Savage) Loot - Hand Armor, Feet Armor, Lost Allagan Glaze

Deltascape V3.0 (Savage) Loot - Head Armor, Leg Armor, Lost Allagan Twine, Lost Allagan Roborant

Deltascape V4.0 (Savage) Loot - Body Armor, Weapons, Shields

Do note that Hand Armor and Head Armor are not by default dropping in the zones mentioned above. It depends on the job you play. Samurai for example has the head piece drop from V2.0 Savage.



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