The Eight Sentinels

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The Eight Sentinels

Mor Dhona
(Mor Dhona)

Ever standing vigil over the Syrcus Tower, this row of daunting swordsmen greet with solemn silence all who dare step foot in the forbidden spire.

— In-game description

The Eight Sentinels is an area in Mor Dhona. This area is accessed through an interactable door in the southeast portion of the Mor Dhona map. Flying is disabled in this area.


Landmark (map icon).png
The Crystal Tower

The Allagans built the Crystal Tower - also known as the Syrcus Tower - in the dusk of their empire. While little is known about the gargantuan structure, the Sons of Saint Coinach have surmised that it was constructed to accumulate the endless energies of the sun.

Landmark (map icon).png
Crystal Gate

A gate before the entrance to The Crystal Tower.