Zodiac Braves Weapons/Quest

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(Lv. 50) Zodiac Weapons: Base (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zenith (Feature Quest icon.png) → Atma (Feature Quest icon.png) → Animus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Novus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Nexus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zodiac (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zeta (Feature Quest icon.png)
(Lv. 60) Anima Weapons: HW.png Animated (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Awoken (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Anima (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Hyperconductive (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Reconditioned (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Sharpened (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Complete (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lux (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 70) Eurekan Weapons: SB.png AntiquatedBase (Otherquest.png) → Base +1Base +2AnemosPagos (Otherquest.png) → Pagos +1ElementalElemental +1 (Otherquest.png) → Elemental +2PyrosHydatos (Otherquest.png) → Hydatos +1Base EurekaEurekaPhyseos (Otherquest.png)
(Lv. 80) Resistance Weapons: SHB.png Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Recollection (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Blade's (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Manderville Weapons: EW.png Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Amazing Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Majestic Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Mandervillous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

(Lv. 70) Eurekan Armor: SB.png Antiquated ArtifactBase RelicBase +1Base +2AnemosElementalElemental +1Elemental +2
(Lv. 80) Resistance Armor: SHB.png ResistanceAugmented ResistanceLaw's OrderAugmented Law's OrderBlade's

(Lv. 50) Mastercraft Tools: Mastercraft (Feature Quest icon.png) → Supra ToolsLucis Tools
(Lv. 80) Skysteel Tools: SHB.png Skysteel (Feature Quest icon.png) → Skysteel +1 (Feature Quest icon.png) → Dragonsung (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skysung (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skybuilders' (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Splendorous Tools: EW.png Splendorous (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented Splendorous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Chora-Zoi's Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Brilliant (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Vrandtic Visionary's (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lodestar (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

Nexus Zodiac
iLvl 115
Zodiac Braves Weapons
Item Level 125 Patch 2.45
Starting Location Jalzahn - Hyrstmill, North Shroud (X:29.5, Y:19.6)
Notable NPCs Papana - Mor Dhona (X:22.9, Y:7.3)
Guiding Star - Mor Dhona (X:21, Y:6)
Brangwine - Mor Dhona (X:22.0, Y:6.7)
Adkin - The Bonfire, Central Thanalan (X:23, Y:13)
Gerolt - Hyrstmill, North Shroud (X:30, Y:20).
Quests Feature QuestWherefore Art Thou, Zodiac
Repeatable Feature QuestA Ponze of Flesh
Repeatable Feature QuestLabor of Love
Repeatable Feature QuestA Treasured Mother
Repeatable Feature QuestMethod in His Malice
Feature QuestHis Dark Materia
Reward Excalibur Aegis Shield Ragnarok Longinus Kaiser Knuckles Sasuke's Blades Yoichi Bow Lilith Rod Apocalypse Nirvana Last Resort
Zodiac Zeta
iLvl 135

Upgrading Nexus to Zodiac Braves

1. First complete Feature QuestWherefore Art Thou, Zodiac.

2. Next Complete the following quests:

Note: the Quests are completed using a combination of items from the "Purchased", "Crafted", and "Dungeon" Items listed below to get the special quest items. The quests can be active simultaneously, and completed in any order. The "Dungeon" items can only be obtained once a quest has been started and the initial "Purchased" and "Crafted" items have been exchanged. See details below.

3. Next complete Feature QuestHis Dark Materia from Gerolt in Hyrstmill, North Shroud (x30,y20).

4. Finally, talk to Jalzahn and select Zodiac Weapon Recreation. While the dialogue tells you that the process only has a 1.4% chance of success, and that the relic will be lost if it fails, the process is guaranteed to succeed, 100%.

All the Items Needed

To obtain all of the items, players need: at least Gil 400,000 gil, Company seal 80k Company Seals, Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 800 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics, drops from 16 dungeons, and 8 level 50★★★ HQ icon.png HQ crafted items. Certain items are not available until you have begun the quest associated with that item.

  • Since patch 3.0, some requirements have been severely lightened and acquisition rates are much higher.

Purchased Items

Item Cost Where
4 Bombard core icon1.png  Bombard Core Company seal 80,000 Company Seals (20,000 each) Serpent Quartermaster in New Gridania, Maelstrom Quartermaster in Limsa Lominsa, or Flame Quartermaster in Ul'dah

(requires Second Lieutenant rank)

4 Sacred spring water icon1.png  Sacred Spring Water Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 800 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics (200 each) Auriana in Mor Dhona (x22,y6)
1 Bronze lake crystal icon1.png  Bronze Lake Crystal Gil 100,000 Gil Junkmonger at Jijiroon's Trading Post in Upper La Noscea (x26,y26)
1 Allagan resin icon1.png  Allagan Resin Gil 100,000 Gil Merchant & Mender in Forgotten Springs in Southern Thanalan (x15,y29)
1 Furite sand icon1.png  Furite Sand Gil 100,000 Gil Merchant & Mender in Whitebrim Front in Coerthas Central Highlands (x13,y16)
1 Brass kettle icon1.png  Brass Kettle Gil 100,000 Gil Tool Supplier & Mender in Hyrstmill in North Shroud (x29,y19)

Crafted Items

The following items may be crafted or purchased from another player. They must be High Quality HQ icon.png. The recipes are unlocked by the corresponding Master Recipes (1) book. Each recipe requires an ingredient that comes from desynthesizing a specific item sold by the Merchant and Mender in Silver Bazaar in Western Thanalan (x15,y29) for Gil 3,000 gil. You do not need a high desynth level to get the items, the RNG is the same regardless of desynth level, however, having a desynth level of 55 or higher gives you a chance of getting a High Quality HQ icon.png drop

Item Class Ingredient Source Item
Perfect firewood icon1.png  Perfect Firewood HQ icon.png Carpenter Aged spear shaft icon1.png  Aged Spear Shaft Aged spear icon1.png  Aged Spear
Perfect pestle icon1.png  Perfect Pestle HQ icon.png Blacksmith Aged pestle pieces icon1.png  Aged Pestle Pieces Aged pestle icon1.png  Aged Pestle
Perfect mortar icon1.png  Perfect Mortar HQ icon.png Armorer Aged mortar pieces icon1.png  Aged Mortar Pieces Aged mortar icon1.png  Aged Mortar
Furnace ring icon1.png  Furnace Ring HQ icon.png Goldsmith Aged eye of fire icon1.png  Aged Eye of Fire Aged ring icon1.png  Aged Ring
Perfect vellum icon1.png  Perfect Vellum HQ icon.png Leatherworker Aged vellum icon1.png  Aged Vellum Aged grimoire icon1.png  Aged Grimoire
Perfect cloth icon1.png  Perfect Cloth HQ icon.png Weaver Stained cloth icon1.png  Stained Cloth Aged robe icon1.png  Aged Robe
Perfect pounce icon1.png  Perfect Pounce HQ icon.png Alchemist Dried ether icon1.png  Dried Ether Aged phial icon1.png  Aged Phial
Tailor-made eel pie icon1.png  Tailor-made Eel Pie HQ icon.png Culinarian Vintage cooking sherry icon1.png  Vintage Cooking Sherry Aged decanter icon1.png  Aged Decanter

Dungeon Items

The following items may only be gathered once the requisite quests have been started and the items are asked for as a quest objective. The items are rewarded upon leaving the dungeon. The dungeons do not need to be completed with the class that accepted the quests and do not need a relic weapon equipped to be rewarded the item. The dungeons can also be completed unsynced with an Unrestricted Party.

Item Where
Horn of the beast icon.png  Horn of the Beast Dzemael Darkhold
Gobmachine Bangplate.png  Gobmachine Bangplate Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
Narasimha Hide.png  Narasimha Hide Halatali (Hard)
Sickle Fang.png  Sickle Fang Snowcloak
Vale Bubo.png  Vale Bubo The Aurum Vale
Voidweave.png  Voidweave Haukke Manor (Hard)
Amdapor Vellum.png  Amdapor Vellum The Lost City of Amdapor
Indigo Pearl.png  Indigo Pearl Sastasha (Hard)
Tonberry King Blood.png  Tonberry King Blood The Wanderer's Palace
Royal Gigant Blood.png  Royal Gigant Blood Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Kraken Blood.png  Kraken Blood Hullbreaker Isle
Vicegerent Blood.png  Vicegerent Blood The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
Lost Treasure of Amdapor.png  Lost Treasure of Amdapor Amdapor Keep
Lost Treasure of Pharos Sirius.png  Lost Treasure of Pharos Sirius Pharos Sirius
Lost Treasure of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft.png  Lost Treasure of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)
Lost Treasure of the Stone Vigil.png  Lost Treasure of the Stone Vigil The Stone Vigil (Hard)