Junkmonger (Jijiroon's Trading Post)

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Junkmonger Jijiroon.PNG

Upper La Noscea (26.2,26.5)

— In-game description

Junkmonger is a Qiqirn found in Upper La Noscea.

Items for Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Walnut Macuahuitl Icon.png   Walnut Macuahuitl Sword ABasic 34
Gil 3,622
Steel bardiche icon1.png   Steel Bardiche Greataxe ABasic 31
Gil 5,097
Steel bhuj icon1.png   Steel Bhuj Greataxe ABasic 34
Gil 5,927
Steel zweihander icon1.png   Steel Zweihander Greatsword ABasic 34
Gil 5,813
Steel spear icon1.png   Steel Spear Polearm ABasic 31
Gil 5,097
Heavy steel lance icon1.png   Heavy Steel Lance Polearm ABasic 34
Gil 5,927
Crabshell hora icon1.png   Crabshell Hora Fist Weapon ABasic 32
Gil 4,399
Boarskin himantes icon1.png   Boarskin Himantes Fist Weapon ABasic 35
Gil 4,752
Steel baselards icon1.png   Steel Baselards Daggers ABasic 34
Gil 3,457
Ash cavalry bow icon1.png   Ash Cavalry Bow Bow ABasic 32
Gil 5,368
Oak longbow icon1.png   Oak Longbow Bow ABasic 35
Gil 5,616
Steel-barreled musketoon icon1.png   Steel-barreled Musketoon Firearms ABasic 34
Gil 5,350
Earth brand icon1.png   Earth Brand Staff ABasic 31
Gil 3,044
Decorated silver scepter icon1.png   Decorated Silver Scepter Staff ABasic 33
Gil 3,684
Goathorn staff icon1.png   Goathorn Staff Staff ABasic 31
Gil 4,602
Toothed goathorn staff icon1.png   Toothed Goathorn Staff Staff ABasic 34
Gil 5,350
Book of silver icon1.png   Book of Silver Book ABasic 34
Gil 5,515
Budding yew wand icon1.png   Budding Yew Wand Cane ABasic 34
Gil 3,539
Plumed yew crook icon1.png   Plumed Yew Crook Cane ABasic 32
Gil 4,622
Oak radical icon1.png   Oak Radical Cane ABasic 35
Gil 5,616
Silver star globe icon1.png   Silver Star Globe Star Globe ABasic 34
Gil 5,227
Bull hoplon icon1.png   Bull Hoplon Shield ABasic 31
Gil 5,310
Decorated buckler icon1.png   Decorated Buckler Shield ABasic 34
Gil 4,527

Purchase Tools

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Crosscut saw icon1.png   Crosscut Saw Saw ABasic 34
Gil 4,033
Wrapped steel claw hammer icon1.png   Wrapped Steel Claw Hammer Claw Hammer ABasic 35
Gil 3,283
Steel crowsbeak hammer icon1.png   Steel Crowsbeak Hammer Cross-pein Hammer ABasic 34
Gil 3,869
Steel file icon1.png   Steel File File ABasic 33
Gil 2,900
Steel doming hammer icon1.png   Steel Doming Hammer Doming Hammer ABasic 34
Gil 3,951
Steel pliers icon1.png   Steel Pliers Pliers ABasic 33
Gil 2,822
Steel ornamental hammer icon1.png   Steel Ornamental Hammer Lapidary Hammer ABasic 34
Gil 3,869
Siltstone grinding wheel icon1.png   Siltstone Grinding Wheel Grinding Wheel ABasic 33
Gil 3,292
Steel round knife icon1.png   Steel Round Knife Head Knife ABasic 34
Gil 3,786
Wrapped steel awl icon1.png   Wrapped Steel Awl Awl ABasic 35
Gil 3,110
Worm fang needle icon1.png   Worm Fang Needle Needle ABasic 32
Gil 2,460
Walnut spinning wheel icon1.png   Walnut Spinning Wheel Spinning Wheel ABasic 32
Gil 3,280
Silver alembic icon1.png   Silver Alembic Alembic ABasic 34
Gil 3,539
Heavy steel mortar icon1.png   Heavy Steel Mortar Mortar ABasic 35
Gil 3,542
White skillet icon1.png   White Skillet Frypan ABasic 34
Gil 3,622
Wrapped steel culinary knife icon1.png   Wrapped Steel Culinary Knife Culinary Knife ABasic 35
Gil 3,283
Steel dolabra icon1.png   Steel Dolabra Pickaxe ABasic 34
Gil 3,869
Wrapped steel sledgehammer icon1.png   Wrapped Steel Sledgehammer Sledgehammer ABasic 33
Gil 2,900
Plumed steel hatchet icon1.png   Plumed Steel Hatchet Hatchet ABasic 34
Gil 3,786
Wrapped steel scythe icon1.png   Wrapped Steel Scythe Scythe ABasic 35
Gil 3,283
Horn fishing rod icon1.png   Horn Fishing Rod Fishing Rod ABasic 37
Gil 4,641

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Skull eyepatch icon1.png   Skull Eyepatch Head ABasic 33
Gil 3,087
Linen turban icon1.png   Linen Turban Head ABasic 35
Gil 2,721
Mythril spectacles icon1.png   Mythril Spectacles Head ABasic 35
Gil 3,099
Velveteen robe icon1.png   Velveteen Robe Body ABasic 31
Gil 2,761
Steel scale mail icon1.png   Steel Scale Mail Body ABasic 32
Gil 4,361
Heavy steel armor icon1.png   Heavy Steel Armor Body ABasic 35
Gil 8,348
Linen shirt icon1.png   Linen Shirt Body ABasic 35
Gil 3,369
Steel scale fingers icon1.png   Steel Scale Fingers Hands ABasic 32
Gil 3,131
Heavy steel gauntlets icon1.png   Heavy Steel Gauntlets Hands ABasic 35
Gil 4,233
Fingerless boarskin gloves icon1.png   Fingerless Boarskin Gloves Hands ABasic 35
Gil 3,024
Boarskin ringbands icon1.png   Boarskin Ringbands Hands ABasic 36
Gil 2,533
Toadskin breeches icon1.png   Toadskin Breeches Legs ABasic 32
Gil 2,796
Heavy steel flanchard icon1.png   Heavy Steel Flanchard Legs ABasic 35
Gil 6,480
Linen sarouel icon1.png   Linen Sarouel Legs ABasic 35
Gil 2,592
Linen tights icon1.png   Linen Tights Legs ABasic 36
Gil 2,375
Steel sabatons icon1.png   Steel Sabatons Feet ABasic 30
Gil 3,588
Velveteen dress shoes icon1.png   Velveteen Dress Shoes Feet ABasic 31
Gil 2,265
Steel-plated jackboots icon1.png   Steel-plated Jackboots Feet ABasic 32
Gil 2,982

Purchase Field Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Steel goggles icon1.png   Steel Goggles Head ABasic 31
Gil 2,539
Mythril magnifiers icon1.png   Mythril Magnifiers Head ABasic 34
Gil 2,953
Anglers hat icon1.png   Angler's Hat Head ABasic 35
Gil 2,721
Velveteen gown icon1.png   Velveteen Gown Body ABasic 30
Gil 2,499
Velveteen doublet vest of crafting icon1.png   Velveteen Doublet Vest of Crafting Body ABasic 32
Gil 3,634
Velveteen doublet vest of gathering icon1.png   Velveteen Doublet Vest of Gathering Body ABasic 32
Gil 3,634
Velveteen shortgloves icon1.png   Velveteen Shortgloves Hands ABasic 28
Gil 1,453
Velveteen work gloves icon1.png   Velveteen Work Gloves Hands ABasic 30
Gil 2,242
Linen halfgloves icon1.png   Linen Halfgloves Hands ABasic 33
Gil 2,195
Fingerless boarskin gloves of gathering icon1.png   Fingerless Boarskin Gloves of Gathering Hands ABasic 35
Gil 3,024
Velveteen bottoms icon1.png   Velveteen Bottoms Legs ABasic 28
Gil 1,557
Toadskin culottes icon1.png   Toadskin Culottes Legs ABasic 30
Gil 2,403
Linen chausses icon1.png   Linen Chausses Legs ABasic 33
Gil 2,058
Linen sarouel of gathering icon1.png   Linen Sarouel of Gathering Legs ABasic 35
Gil 2,592
Velveteen gaiters icon1.png   Velveteen Gaiters Feet ABasic 28
Gil 1,661
Toadskin workboots icon1.png   Toadskin Workboots Feet ABasic 30
Gil 2,563
Walnut pattens icon1.png   Walnut Pattens Feet ABasic 33
Gil 2,822
Boarskin crakows of gathering icon1.png   Boarskin Crakows of Gathering Feet ABasic 35
Gil 2,764

Purchase Items

Item Type Cost
Potion icon1.png   Potion Medicine Gil 28
Ether icon1.png   Ether Medicine Gil 60
Antidote icon1.png   Antidote Medicine Gil 39
Eye drops icon1.png   Eye Drops Medicine Gil 19
Grade 3 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 3 Dark Matter Other Gil 24
Grade 4 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 4 Dark Matter Other Gil 48
Saltwater boilie icon1.png   Saltwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Freshwater boilie icon1.png   Freshwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Butterworm icon1.png   Butterworm Other Gil 5
Honey worm icon1.png   Honey Worm Other Gil 8
Wildfowl fly icon1.png   Wildfowl Fly Other Gil 432
Bronze lake crystal icon1.png   Bronze Lake Crystal Miscellany Gil 100,000

Purchase Scavenged Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Blunt bastard sword icon1.png   Blunt Bastard Sword Sword ABasic 35
Gil 1,345
Nicked viking sword icon1.png   Nicked Viking Sword Sword ABasic 38
Gil 1,646
Blunt goblin scimitar icon1.png   Blunt Goblin Scimitar Sword ABasic 42
Gil 2,273
Blunt goblin longsword icon1.png   Blunt Goblin Longsword Sword ABasic 45
Gil 2,862
Blunt aeolian scimitar icon1.png   Blunt Aeolian Scimitar Sword ABasic 50
Gil 3,168
Notched bill icon1.png   Notched Bill Greataxe ABasic 47
Gil 4,222
Crooked guisarme icon1.png   Crooked Guisarme Polearm ABasic 47
Gil 4,398
Chipped hora icon1.png   Chipped Hora Fist Weapon ABasic 45
Gil 3,186
Cracked daggers icon1.png   Cracked Daggers Daggers ABasic 35
Gil 1,345
Warped bow icon1.png   Warped Bow Bow ABasic 47
Gil 3,459
Damaged cudgel icon1.png   Damaged Cudgel Staff ABasic 35
Gil 1,505
Brittle picatrix icon1.png   Brittle Picatrix Book ABasic 35
Gil 2,050
Splintered cane icon1.png   Splintered Cane Cane ABasic 38
Gil 2,430
Tarnished hoplon icon1.png   Tarnished Hoplon Shield ABasic 35
Gil 2,403
Worm-eaten square shield icon1.png   Worm-eaten Square Shield Shield ABasic 35
Gil 1,537
Rusting scutum icon1.png   Rusting Scutum Shield ABasic 40
Gil 3,240
Rotting round shield icon1.png   Rotting Round Shield Shield ABasic 43
Gil 2,376
Notched buckler icon1.png   Notched Buckler Shield ABasic 43
Gil 2,723
Scarred kite shield icon1.png   Scarred Kite Shield Shield ABasic 45
Gil 4,050
Dented celata icon1.png   Dented Celata Head ABasic 38
Gil 2,160
Ripped chefs hat icon1.png   Ripped Chef's Hat Head ABasic 41
Gil 1,425
Moldering jesters cap icon1.png   Moldering Jester's Cap Head ABasic 45
Gil 2,126
Torn coif icon1.png   Torn Coif Head ABasic 46
Gil 1,772
Moth-eaten coatee icon1.png   Moth-eaten Coatee Body ABasic 37
Gil 1,453
Frayed cotton doublet vest icon1.png   Frayed Cotton Doublet Vest Body ABasic 38
Gil 1,911
Stained chefs apron icon1.png   Stained Chef's Apron Body ABasic 40
Gil 1,684
Blackened scale mail icon1.png   Blackened Scale Mail Body ABasic 41
Gil 2,646
Moth-eaten seneschal coatee icon1.png   Moth-eaten Seneschal Coatee Body ABasic 44
Gil 2,017
Ripped haubergeon icon1.png   Ripped Haubergeon Body ABasic 46
Gil 3,292
Tattered robe icon1.png   Tattered Robe Body ABasic 47
Gil 2,286
Blackened smithys gloves icon1.png   Blackened Smithy's Gloves Hands ABasic 39
Gil 1,440
Ripped hose icon1.png   Ripped Hose Legs ABasic 43
Gil 1,485
Mildewed thighboots icon1.png   Mildewed Thighboots Feet ABasic 41
Gil 1,809