The Silver Bazaar

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The entrance to The Silver Bazaar.
The Silver Bazaar Docks, now nearly empty.
In-game map of The Silver Bazaar.
The Silver Bazaar was once the heart of Ul'dahn sea trade. However, few vessels put into port at the hamlet's lonely docks anymore, sailing instead for the deep harbor at Vesper Bay. Of late, the town is a refuge for those who saw their dreams shattered in Ul'dah and are trying in desperation to pick up the pieces.
—Encyclopædia Eorzea (p. 142)

The Silver Bazaar is a small settlement located in the area of Hammerlea in the very southern reaches of Western Thanalan. Once a hub of trade and commerce, The Silver Bazaar now sits almost empty and with nary a gil to be seen.

A Ferry Skipper down at the docks provides passage to Crescent Cove for 40 gil.


Silver Bazaar Quests

Quest Level NPC Type
Reasonable Doubt 6 Kikipu Sidequest
Getting Your Bearings 7 Danyell Sidequest
Greasing the Cogs 7 Fafafono Sidequest
So Close Yet So Far 8 Fafafono Sidequest
Tackle the Problem 8 Galfridus Sidequest
Search and Seizure 9 Kikipu Sidequest
Awakening in Ul'dah 54 Alphinaud Main Scenario Quest

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