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An Original Improvement

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An Original Improvement

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Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:7.8, Y:11.4)
Quest line
Splendorous Tools Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestEndwalker
Feature QuestThe Boutique Always Wins
Feature QuestThe Crystalline Mean
Experience 0
Gil 0
Next quest
Repeatable Feature QuestA Dedicated Tool

Chora-Zoi is awaiting the arrival of an important visitor.

— In-game description



Main article: Splendorous Tools



  • Chora-Zoi is awaiting the arrival of an important visitor.
  • An excited Chora-Zoi accosts you, eager to share the news that a legendary craftsman is on his way back to the Crystarium after a prolonged absence. Hearing this, you are not terribly surprised to discover that the artisan who arrives soon after is the same Grenoldt you encountered in the depths of the Tempest. Grenoldt has judged that the time is right for him to rejoin society, and invites you to come along as he seeks to pair his veteran experience with the untapped potential of a new generation of craftspeople─namely, the promising Chora-Zoi.
  • You accompany Grenoldt as he reunites with old acquaintances in the Mean, and are subsequently treated to an awkward display of mutual adoration. Reignited romance with Mistress Mowen aside, it is decided that the seasoned craftsman will guide the young Chora-Zoi in her endeavor to create a new line of artisan tools─an undertaking in which your participation is highly encouraged. Katliss, the one who volunteered your assistance, has kindly provided a place for the three of you to work in the form of a nearby stall.
  • Chora-Zoi explains the difficulty she faces in producing original works, and so Grenoldt suggests she begin her search for innovation by using his old tools as a base. Although intimidated by the thought of improving on such masterpieces, Grenoldt's steady advice and Mowen's proffered mercantile support is enough to convince the young artisan to begin crafting her own “splendorous tools.” Your role in this project, however, has yet to be fully explained...