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Fable Relic Weapons
Zodiac Weapons: Relic (Sidequest.png) –> Zenith (Sidequest.png) –> Atma (Sidequest.png) –> Animus (Sidequest.png) –> Novus (Sidequest.png) –> Nexus (Sidequest.png) –> Zodiac Braves (Sidequest.png) –> Zodiac Zeta (Sidequest.png)
Anima Weapons: Animated –> Awoken –> Anima (Sidequest.png) –> Hyperconductive (Sidequest.png) –> Reconditioned (Sidequest.png) –> Sharpened (Sidequest.png) –> Complete (Sidequest.png) –> Lux (Sidequest.png)
Eurekan Weapons: Antiquated Weapons –> Anemos Weapons –> Elemental Weapons –> Pyros Weapons –> Physeos Weapons
Eurekan Gear: Antiquated Gear –> Anemos GearElemental Gear –> Physeos Gear
Resistance Weapons: Resistance Weapons / Skysteel Tools

Upgrading Novus to Nexus

Players needs to speak to Jalzahn in North Shroud (x29,y19) with their Novus Weapon equipped. After completing the Mmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics quest, players can speak to Jalzahn to choose the weapon to soulglaze. With the soulglazed Novus weapon equipped, player will earn "light" by completing dungeons, trials, FATEs, Treasure Hunt, Alexandrite Maps, The Wolves' Den and Frontlines. After gaining enough "light" and returning to Jalzahn (option "Relic Weapon Novus Enhancement"), the Novus weapon will transform into a Nexus weapon.

Different activities give different amounts of "light". "Light" earned will appear in the chat log after completing the activity. Light levels are Feeble Light (least "light"), Gentle Light, Blinding Light, Brilliant Light and Newborn Star (most "light").

  • Each type of Light has a secret value that advances your Novus into Nexus. Players will need to reach 2000 "light" points.

Light Points

Light Levels Light Values
Feeble 8 points
Gentle 16 points
Bright 32 points
Brilliant 48 points
Blinding 96 points
Newborn Star 128 points

Light Tiers

  • Players need to reach 2000 light points to upgrade Novus into Nexus
Light Indicator Light Points
No Activity 0-199
Indistinct Activity 200-399
Faint Activity 400-599
Slight Activity 600-799
Modest Activity 800-999
Distinct Activity 1000-1199
Robust Activity 1200-1399
Vigorous Activity 1400-1599
Intense Activity 1600-1799
Extreme Activity 1800-1999
Bursting Activity 2000+

Light Events

  • Each event you complete has its base value and a bonus, which is usually the tier above it. (NOTE: Bonuses switch out every 2 hours)
Light Event Base Light Bonus Light
Ifrit Normal Feeble  ?
FATEs Feeble None
Wolve's Den Feeble Gentle
Alexandrite Maps Gentle None
Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 Gentle Bright
Hard mode Primals (incl Urth's Fount) Gentle Bright
Extreme Primals Bright Brilliant
Coil of Bahamut Turns 1, 2, 5 Bright Brilliant
Hard Roulette Bright Brilliant
Sastasha Brilliant Blinding
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft Brilliant Blinding
Copperbell Mines Brilliant Blinding
Expert Roulette Brilliant Blinding
The Frontlines Brilliant Blinding
Labyrinth of the Ancients Brilliant Blinding
Syrcus Tower Blinding Newborn Star
World of Darkness Blinding Newborn Star

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