Complete Anima Weapons/Quest

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(Lv. 50) Zodiac Weapons: Base (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zenith (Feature Quest icon.png) → Atma (Feature Quest icon.png) → Animus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Novus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Nexus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zodiac (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zeta (Feature Quest icon.png)
(Lv. 60) Anima Weapons: HW.png Animated (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Awoken (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Anima (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Hyperconductive (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Reconditioned (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Sharpened (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Complete (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lux (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 70) Eurekan Weapons: SB.png AntiquatedBase (Otherquest.png) → Base +1Base +2AnemosPagos (Otherquest.png) → Pagos +1ElementalElemental +1 (Otherquest.png) → Elemental +2PyrosHydatos (Otherquest.png) → Hydatos +1Base EurekaEurekaPhyseos (Otherquest.png)
(Lv. 80) Resistance Weapons: SHB.png Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Recollection (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Blade's (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Manderville Weapons: EW.png Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Amazing Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Majestic Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Mandervillous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

(Lv. 70) Eurekan Armor: SB.png Antiquated ArtifactBase RelicBase +1Base +2AnemosElementalElemental +1Elemental +2
(Lv. 80) Resistance Armor: SHB.png ResistanceAugmented ResistanceLaw's OrderAugmented Law's OrderBlade's

(Lv. 50) Mastercraft Tools: Mastercraft (Feature Quest icon.png) → Supra ToolsLucis Tools
(Lv. 80) Skysteel Tools: SHB.png Skysteel (Feature Quest icon.png) → Skysteel +1 (Feature Quest icon.png) → Dragonsung (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skysung (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skybuilders' (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Splendorous Tools: EW.png Splendorous (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented Splendorous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Chora-Zoi's Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Brilliant (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Vrandtic Visionary's (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lodestar (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

Sharpened Anima
iLvl 260
Complete Anima Weapons
Item Level 270 Patch 3.5
Notable NPCs Ardashir - Alpha Quadrant, Azys Lla (x7.4,y11.5)
Processing Node - Helix, Azys Lla (x7.0,y11.4)
Automaton - Azys Lla (x7,y12)
Quests Repeatable Feature QuestBorn Again Anima
Repeatable Feature QuestSome Assembly Required
Feature QuestBody and Soul
Reward Aettir Priwen Nyepel Minos Areadbhar Terpander Kaladanda Mimesis Anabasis Sindri Sandung Cronus Canopus Deathlocke
Lux Anima
iLvl 275


Before begin to create your Complete Anima Weapon, you must:

Repeatable Feature QuestBorn Again Anima

Starting NPC:
Starting Location:
Helix, Azys Lla (x7.4,y11.5)
615 Gil, Complete Anima Weapon depending on job

Ardashir sends you off to 3 dungeons, in hopes to understand how to further your anima relic. Unlike most dungeon steps, the Sharpened Anima may be equipped, but does not have to be, as long as it is in the armoury chest or inventory, but you must complete the dungeons as the same job of the Anima Weapon you are currently working for to complete the requirements.

Once complete, Ardashir comes up with his strategy to improve the weapon, but it requires you transfer the soulstone of your current relic. This requires two tasks which are not sequential, and can be started/completed simultaneously/separately:

Density Collection

Collecting Aetheric Density is very similar to Novus/Zeta light farming, however density is rewarded from all Lv. 50 A Realm Reborn dungeons, and density is rewarded from Heavensward duties (all types of duties). Density is tracked through an item received called the Enhanced Anima Glass, which shows the anima sprite surrounded by 10 glyphs. The 10 glyphs lightly glow at the start, as soon as enough density is collected the glyph will glow brighter and Aetheric Density is collected for the next following glyph.

Aetheric Density Chart

Note: You need to have your Sharpened Anima Weapon equipped for the final boss of the duty in order to collect aetheric density.

Various activities award a certain amount of Aetheric Density points, as indicated in the chart below.

Receiving aetheric density points.

Each time you complete an activity that grants aetheric density, you will receive a message in your chat log containing one of the words from the chart below to indicate the amount of growth, i.e. "The anima housed in the (weapon) grows robust from aetheric condensation."

In addition, each time you complete an activity, there is a small chance that the activity will grant points a tier higher than normal, i.e. a Heavensward alliance raid can sometimes grant Hardened (96) instead of Sturdy (64). This is different from the time-based bonus windows of Anima light farming.

Growth Category Activities
Vague (4) Heavensward FATEs
Meager (8) The Limitless Blue (Hard) and (Extreme), Thok ast Thok (Hard) and (Extreme)
Vigorous (16) Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme), The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage, Alexander Raids (#1-#12)
Robust (32) Heavensward Dungeons, ARR lvl50 Dungeons (Excluding Castrum Meridianum and The Praetorium),
Alexander Raids (Savage) 1-4, Containment Bay Z1T9 (Extreme)
Sturdy (64) Heavensward Alliance Raids, Possible bonus from dungeons that grant Robust growth
Hardened (96) Alexander Raids (Savage) 9-12
Stalwart (128) Possible bonus from Alexander Raids (Savage) 9-12
Nigh Unyielding (2000) On completion of the grind


Farming aetheric density

Important: You need to have your Sharpened Anima Weapon equiped for the final boss of the duty in order to collect aetheric density.

The most efficient way to farm aetheric density is run Alexander: Raid Alexander - The Eyes of the Creator (Savage), also known as A9S, unsynced (this method takes 21 clears). As of patch 6.3, this can be easily and relatively quickly done solo at level 90 with around item level 610 gear.

Tracking progress with Enhanced Anima Glass

The quest will give you an Enhanced Anima Glass Icon.png  Enhanced Anima Glass. It can be found in the "Key Items" tab of your inventory (different than with the Zodiac glass icon1.png  Zodiac Glass). Each rune in the Enhanced Anima Glass represents 200 points. You need to farm around 2000 Aetheric Density points to complete the grind.

Enhanced Anma Glass progress.jpg

On the above image 3 last runes have to be filled and one prior is partially filled. You don't have to manually track your progress as when it's finished you will be notified on screen:

Aetheric density completion message.jpg

Repeatable Feature QuestSome Assembly Required

Starting NPC:
Starting Location:
Helix, Azys Lla (x7.0,y11.4)

Collect 15 Pneumite icon1.png  Pneumite.

Method to obtain Location
Purchase with Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 100 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Hismena - Idyllshire (x5.8,y5.3)
Purchase with Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 100 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Auriana - Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona (x22.7,y6.7)
Purchase with Storm seal 4,000 Storm Seals
Flame seal 4,000 Flame Seals
Serpent seal 4,000 Serpent Seals
Storm Quartermaster - Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x12.7,y12.6)
Flame Quartermaster - Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x8.4,y9.1)
Serpent Quartermaster - New Gridania (x9.8,y11.0)
Random Drop from Chest Timeworn archaeoskin map icon1.png  Timeworn Archaeoskin Map
Timeworn dragonskin map icon1.png  Timeworn Dragonskin Map
Timeworn wyvernskin map icon1.png  Timeworn Wyvernskin Map

Feature QuestBody and Soul

Starting NPC:
Starting Location:
Azys Lla (x7,y12)
1,559 Gil, Anima (minion) icon2.png  Anima, unlocks Feature QuestWords of Wisdom

This is a simple, one-time quest that is unlocked after obtaining your first Complete Anima Weapon from Repeatable Feature QuestBorn Again Anima. Completing it is needed to proceed with the final upgrade to Lux Anima Weapons.

Reallocate Stats

Stats may be reallocated the same way as Reconditioned Anima Weapons/Quest