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Fable Relic Weapons
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Manderville Weapons: Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

Eurekan Armor: AnemosElemental
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Zodiac Braves <<< iLvl 125        Animated Weapons >>> iLvl 170

Upgrading Zodiac Braves to Zodiac Zeta

Quests: Feature QuestRise and Shine & Feature QuestThe Vital Title

The upgrade is comprised of 12 Mahatmas of the original Atmas. To upgrade your weapon, you must awaken the Soul of your weapon through a method similar to Novus light farming. You need 40 points to awaken each Mahatmas. You can obtain points from dungeons and trials. Progress can be viewed from the Zodiac Glass. You will also be notified when ascension is complete in the chat log.

1. Talk to Remon in Swiftperch to complete Feature QuestRise and Shine. Once the quest is complete, you can now have Remon attach Mahatma to your weapon.

2. Immediately talk to Remon again to attach the first available Mahatma for Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 50 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics.

3. Complete each of the 12 Mahatmas individually by running dungeons, raids, or fates until your "Mahatma fully awakens a sense of assertion within your Zodiac Weapon".

4. After each Mahatma awakens, speak with Remon to attach the next available Mahatma. Repeat the process for all 12 Mahatmas.

5. Speak with Jalzahn at the North Shroud and select "Zodiac Weapon of Awakening".

Note: Mahatma's bonus window is the same as Novus bonus window.

Note: You must have the relic weapon equipped on the last boss of the dungeon or trial in order to get light credit.

Note: Dungeons can also be completed undersized. As such, a convenient way to farm light points solo is The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Level 16). Each run will give you 24 points when not on bonus, meaning 2 runs will complete the current Mahatma. Each run can be completed solo by any level 70 class in under 4 minutes in most cases. Remember that you can keep your normal weapon equipped until the last boss for quicker kills. After finishing a Mahatma, you can get the next one from Remon in Swiftperch for 50 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics. You need to complete all 12, in order, to upgrade your weapon. They are ordered as follows:


Mahatma Awoken Sense
Mahatma of the Ram Assertion
Mahatma of the Bull Possession
Mahatma of the Twins Cogitation
Mahatma of the Crab Commiseration
Mahatma of the Lion Volition
Mahatma of the Maiden Interpretation
Mahatma of the Scales Juxtaposition
Mahatma of the Scorpion Aspiration
Mahatma of the Archer Perception
Mahatma of the Goat Causation
Mahatma of the Water-bearer Recognition
Mahatma of the Fish Conviction

Mahatma Points

Level Points
Feeble 4
Faint 8
Gentle 16
Steady 24
Forceful 48*
Nigh Sings 64*

* The amount gained per tier was doubled with patch 3.1, meaning Forceful or higher will instantly complete the current Mahatma

Light Events

Light Event Base Light
FATEs Feeble
Bowl of Embers Feeble
A Relic Reborn: the Chimera Feeble
Primals EX Faint
The Porta Decumana Faint
Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) Gentle
Binding Coil of Bahamut Gentle
Sastasha Steady[1]
The Aurum Vale Steady[1]
Castrum Meridianum Steady[2]
Praetorium Steady[2]
The Borderland Ruins (Secure) Steady
Labyrinth of the Ancients Steady
Syrcus Tower Forceful[3]
World of Darkness Forceful[3]

[1] Soloing 1x Sastasha or Aurum Vale is enough to fully awaken a Mahatma if you are in a 2-hour bonus window for it. For high level jobs running The Aurum Vale will be quicker than Sastasha.
[2] Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium give Steady as of the 6.1 changes to them, while Porta Decumana gives Faint.
[3] Syrcus Tower/World of Darkness fully awaken a Mahatma whether they have a bonus or not.

Mahatma Tiers

  • You need 40 points to upgrade each Mahatma.
Indicator Points
No Sense 0-3
Indisctinct Sense 4-7
Faint Sense 8-11
Slight Sense 12-15
Modest Sense 16-19
Distinct Sense 20-23
Robust Sense 24-27
Vigorous Sense 28-31
Intense Sense 32-35
Extreme Sense 36-39
Full Soul Resonance 40