Manderville Weapons

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Manderville Weapons: Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

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Manderville Weapons are the level 90 Relic Weapons for Endwalker released in Patch 6.25. Players need to complete the entire Hildibrand quest chain to unlock the Manderville Weapons Quests and thereby the relic weapons.


Patch 6.25 introduces a new series of weapon enhancements with the beginning of the Manderville weaponry saga, set to continue throughout 6.x. The events of the latest Hildibrand quests will drop you headfirst into the story surrounding these historically significant and astronomically magnificent armaments!

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Manderville Weapons (iLvl 615)

Main article: Manderville Weapons/Quest

To unlock the quest chain, players need to be level 90 with a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic and complete the Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestEndwalker (Quest), as well as Feature QuestThe Imperfect Gentleman. Players can obtain the first relic by speaking to the House Manderville Manservant in Radz-At-Han and completing the Side Quest Feature QuestMake it a Manderville. For subsequent relics you will need to complete the Repeatable Quest Repeatable Feature QuestMake Another Manderville, in which the House Manderville Artisan requires you to obtain and turn in 3 Manderium meteorite icon1.png  Manderium Meteorites (Available at Jubrunnah in Radz-at-Han (12.2, 10.9) for Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy 500 Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy each, or Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy 1,500 total).

Manderville Weapons (iLvl 615)
Manderville Sword Manderville Sword (PLD) Manderville Kite Shield Manderville Kite Shield (PLD) Manderville Knuckles Manderville Knuckles (MNK)
Manderville Axe Manderville Axe (WAR) Manderville Spear Manderville Spear (DRG) Manderville Harp Bow Manderville Harp Bow (BRD)
Manderville Knives Manderville Knives (NIN) Manderville Cane Manderville Cane (WHM) Manderville Rod Manderville Rod (BLM)
Manderville Index Manderville Index (SMN) Manderville Codex Manderville Codex (SCH) Manderville Zweihander Manderville Zweihander (DRK)
Manderville Revolver Manderville Revolver (MCH) Manderville Torquetum Manderville Torquetum (AST) Manderville Samurai Blade Manderville Samurai Blade (SAM)
Manderville Rapier Manderville Rapier (RDM) Manderville Gunblade Manderville Gunblade (GNB) Manderville Chakrams Manderville Chakrams (DNC)
Manderville Scythe Manderville Scythe (RPR) Manderville Milpreves Manderville Milpreves (SGE)

Manderville Weapon Table

Manderville 615 Manderville sword icon1.pngManderville shield icon1.png Manderville axe icon1.png Manderville zweihander icon1.png Manderville gunblade icon1.png Manderville cane icon1.png Manderville codex icon1.png Manderville torquetum icon1.png Manderville milpreves icon1.png Manderville knuckles icon1.png Manderville spear icon1.png Manderville scythe icon1.png Manderville knives icon1.png Manderville samurai blade icon1.png Manderville harp bow icon1.png Manderville revolver icon1.png Manderville chakrams icon1.png Manderville rod icon1.png Manderville index icon1.png Manderville rapier icon1.png