Wherefore Art Thou, Zodiac

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Wherefore Art Thou, Zodiac

Wherefore Art Thou Zodiac.png
Quest giver
North Shroud (X:29.5, Y:19.6)
Quest line
Zodiac Weapons Quests
Experience 0
Gil 517
Previous quest
Mmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics
Next quest
A Ponze of Flesh
A Treasured Mother
Labor of Love
Method in His Malice
His Dark Materia

His brow furrowed, Jalzahn seems deep in thought about the Zodiac Braves' arms.

— In-game description


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  • His brow furrowed, Jalzahn seems deep in thought about the Zodiac Braves' arms.
  • Far though you have come in your journey to complete your relic weapon, Jalzahn feels as though there is yet more to do. However, he is admittedly stumped about exactly how to proceed. He entreats you to consult with Gerolt, that the three of you might discover a new path to take.
  • Through the promise of fiery liquor, you have secured Gerolt's promise of aid. Return to Jalzahn with the glad tidings.
  • Gerolt believes that your relic has become so refined that nothing can enhance it further. Instead, he proposes that the next step upon your journey towards the Zodiac Brave's arms is to recreate one's frame, and infuse it with the soul bound to your current relic. To those ends, he bids you seek four items:
    • Literature on the Zodiac Weapons: seek out a merchant who deals in ancient tomes.
    • Material for a new host: seek a master of crafting and gathering.
    • Special sphere scroll: seek a scholar well versed in materia.
    • Special alexandrite: seek a treasure hunter known for collecting precious stones.
  • ※Upon collecting all four items, return to Hyrstmill and deliver them to Gerolt.