Augmented Law's Order Weapons/Quest

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(Lv. 80) Resistance Armor: ResistanceAugmented ResistanceLaw's OrderAugmented Law's OrderBlade's

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Law's Order
iLvl 510
Augmented Law's Order Weapons
Item Level 515 Patch 5.45
Starting Location Zlatan - Gangos (x6.1, y4.9)
Notable NPCs Zlatan - Gangos (x6.1, y4.9)
Allagan Node - Gangos (x5.9, y4.8)
Quest Feature QuestThe Resistance Remembers
Repeatable Feature QuestA New Path of Resistance
Reward Augmented Law's Order Bastard Sword Augmented Law's Order Kite Shield Augmented Law's Order Labrys Augmented Law's Order Zweihander Augmented Law's Order Manatrigger Augmented Law's Order Spear Augmented Law's Order Knuckles Augmented Law's Order Samurai Blade Augmented Law's Order Knives Augmented Law's Order Composite Bow Augmented Law's Order Revolver Augmented Law's Order Chakrams Augmented Law's Order Rod Augmented Law's Order Index Augmented Law's Order Rapier Augmented Law's Order Cane Augmented Law's Order Codex Augmented Law's Order Astrometer
iLvl 535


Before beginning to create your Augmented Law's Order Weapon, you must:

Feature QuestThe Resistance Remembers

Starting NPC: Gerolt
Starting Location: Gangos (x6.2, y5.0)
  1. Speak to Gerolt (x6.2, y5.0) in Gangos with a Law's Order Weapon in your inventory.
  2. Get 18 Haunting Memory of the DyingHaunting Memories of the Dying and 18 Vexatious Memory of the DyingVexatious Memories of the Dying, which are obtained from the following sources:
  3. Speak to the Allagan Node (x5.9, y4.8) in Gangos.

This quest only needs to be done once, and does not need to be repeated for additional Augmented Law's Order weapons

Repeatable Feature QuestA New Path of Resistance

Starting NPC: Zlatan
Starting Location: Gangos (x6.1, y4.9)
  1. Speak to Zlatan (x6.1, y4.9) in Gangos with a Law's Order Weapon in your inventory.
  2. Get 15 Timeworn Artifact Timeworn Artifacts, which are obtained from the following sources:
  3. Speak to the Allagan Node (x5.9, y4.8) in Gangos.
  4. Use the provided interface to decide how to allocate the stats on your weapon. You can use the keyboard to type in the values you want to allocate, which is much faster than holding the + buttons in the window.
Reward: Augmented Law's Order weapon, depending on job


  • While farming Haunting Memory of the DyingHaunting Memories of the Dying for Feature QuestThe Resistance Remembers, you can also farm aetheric density for Repeatable Feature QuestBorn Again Anima if you are also working on an Anima weapon from Heavensward. Simply equip a Sharpened Anima weapon, make sure you are have the Repeatable Feature QuestBorn Again Anima quest active and on the aetheric density farming step, and run the Shadow of Mhach alliance raids, and you will receive both aetheric density and a Haunting Memory of the DyingHaunting Memory of the Dying each time you clear a raid.
  • The Timeworn Artifact Timeworn Artifact step is arguably the most annoying step in the Shadowbringers relic weapon series, especially because it must be repeated for each weapon the player wishes to obtain. The easiest way to acquire these is to farm the Delubrum Reginae raid. Solo queuing using the Duty Finder equivalent is not recommended due to the unpopularity of the duty since the release of Endwalker (patch 6.0). While the queue is guaranteed to pop after 10 minutes, only a few players will likely be matched and the run could take a long time (1 hr+). The preferred method is to use Party Finder, preferably at peak hours in the data center. Note that these groups will often require the use of damage-boosting Essences to expedite the run.