Reconditioned Anima Weapons/Quest

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Hyperconductive Anima
iLvl 230
Reconditioned Anima Weapons
Item Level 240 Patch 3.3
Notable NPCs Ardashir - Alpha Quadrant, Azys Lla (x7,y11)
Quests Repeatable Feature QuestA Dream Fulfilled
Reward Sword of the Twin Thegns Shield of the Twin Thegns Sultan's Fists Axe of the Blood Emperor Trident of the Overlord Bow of the Autarch Rod of the Black Khan Book of the Mad Queen Word of the Magnate Cane of the White Tsar Spurs of the Thorn Prince Guillotine of the Tyrant Sphere of the Last Heir Flame of the Dynast
Sharpened Anima
iLvl 260


Before begin to create your Reconditioned Anima Weapon, you must:

Repeatable Feature QuestA Dream Fulfilled

Starting NPC:
Starting Location:
Azys Lla (x7.4,y11.5)

To obtain the quest, you must have the iLvl 230 Hyperconductive Anima Weapon equipped, in the Armoury Chest or inventory, and be on the current job/class for that specific Anima Weapon.

First, speak with Ardarshir in Azys Lla and then travel to Idyllshire to meet with Ulan, "A fellow researcher and enthusiast of Carbuncles". There is a plan to increase the growth, and therefore strength of the Anima, but in doing so a new weapon is required as your current weapon is not of an accommodating 'size'. You undertake the task of gathering the required items needed to enhance the growth of the anima, whilst you need not worry about the weapon.

In order to complete the quest, there are 3 steps:

  1. Obtain Crystal Sand and Umbrite to create a catalyst. Crystal Sand can be obtained through multiple ways, while Umbrite has one way, see below.
  2. To create the catalyst, Treated Crystal Sand, use up an equal number of Crystal Sand and Umbrite by talking to Ulan. There is an element of RNG when doing this, as it can result in a range of obtaining a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 pinchfuls of Treated Crystal Sand. Additional points past 3 will be displayed as a bonus which can only be triggered once past 90 growth points.
  3. Each Treated Crystal Sand can be used to enhance the Anima with 1 growth point. There are 180 growth points. This means that the minimum number of Crystal Sands needed to obtain 180 Treated Crystal Sands is around 57-60 max. This results in a cost of Poetics needed for the Umbrite phase ranging from 4,500 to 6,000.

Talk to Ulan to enhance attributes of the Anima Weapon, and to add a growth point to the Anima, to a total of 180 points of growth/attributes using the catalyst(s).

The items required for a catalyst are:

Note: You will need roughly 57-60 Umbrite icon1.png  Umbrite and Crystal sand icon1.png  Crystal Sand to create 180 Treated Crystal Sand.

The catalyst required per enhancement is:

  • Treated Crystal Sand

The attributes that can be enhanced are:

Each attribute has a limit of enhancement which varies according to the Job associated with the Reconditioned Anima Weapon. The maximum for a single attribute is 126 (though this may vary).

Other attributes that cannot be player-enhanced that exist on the ilvl230 Anima Weapon, will be transferred to the new weapon and raised to levels appropriate for a ilvl240 Weapon.

Ways to Obtain Crystal Sand

Each set of items can be traded for two (2) Crystal sand icon1.png  Crystal Sand.

Required Items How to Obtain Them
5 Blue crafters scrip token icon1.png  Blue Crafters' Scrip Token White Crafters' Scrip 25 White Crafters' Scrip (125 total)
5 Blue gatherers scrip token icon1.png  Blue Gatherers' Scrip Token White Gatherers' Scrip 25 White Gatherers' Scrip (125 total)
1 Garlond steel icon1.png  Garlond Steel
1 Celestine icon1.png  Celestine
1 High allagan chimera leather icon1.png  High Allagan Chimera Leather
Blacksmith frame icon.png BSM / Armorer frame icon.png ARM
Goldsmith frame icon.png GSM
Leatherworker frame icon.png LTW
1 Amber-encased vilekin icon1.png  Amber-encased Vilekin Heavensward Levequests, ex. LevequestDance, Magic Dance

With 100 allowances, you can end up with 25 Vilekin from treasure chests based
on RNG that converts into 50 Crystal Sand. This takes 1-2 hours of Leve farming.

1 Fire materia iv icon1.png  Fire Materia IV
1 Wind materia iv icon1.png  Wind Materia IV
1 Lightning materia iv icon1.png  Lightning Materia IV
1 Ice materia iv icon1.png  Ice Materia IV
1 Earth Materia IV.png  Earth Materia IV
1 Water materia iv icon1.png  Water Materia IV
3 Battlecraft demimateria i icon1.png  Battlecraft Demimateria I
2 Battlecraft demimateria ii icon1.png  Battlecraft Demimateria II
3 Fieldcraft demimateria i icon1.png  Fieldcraft Demimateria I
2 Fieldcraft demimateria ii icon1.png  Fieldcraft Demimateria II
5 Moonstone icon1.png  Moonstone Any of the following:
Daily QuestDeliverance
Company seal 4,000 GC seals (20,000 total)
Timeworn goatskin map icon1.png  Timeworn Goatskin Map or Timeworn leather map icon1.png  Timeworn Leather Map
1 Inferno horn icon1.png  Inferno Horn
1 Crag heart icon1.png  Crag Heart
1 Diamond tear icon1.png  Diamond Tear
The Bowl of Embers (Extreme)
The Navel (Extreme)
The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)
1 Vortex feather icon1.png  Vortex Feather
1 Barb of the whorl icon1.png  Barb of the Whorl
1 Large levin orb icon1.png  Large Levin Orb
The Howling Eye (Extreme)
The Whorleater (Extreme)
The Striking Tree (Extreme)
5 Superior enchanted ink icon1.png  Superior Enchanted Ink
5 Thavnairian mist icon1.png  Thavnairian Mist
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 25 Tomestone of Poetics (125 total)
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 20 Tomestone of Poetics (100 total)
2 Mhachi farthing icon1.png  Mhachi Farthing
5 Allagan catalyst icon1.png  Allagan Catalyst
Alliance Raid The Labyrinth of the Ancients or Alliance Raid Syrcus Tower
1 Unidentifiable bone icon1.png  Unidentifiable Bone
1 Unidentifiable shell icon1.png  Unidentifiable Shell
1 Unidentifiable ore icon1.png  Unidentifiable Ore
1 Unidentifiable seeds icon1.png  Unidentifiable Seeds
Any of the following:
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 150 Tomestone of Poetics (600 total)
3 Realm Reborn beast tribe currency (12 total)
Vanu Whitebone 6 Vanu Whitebones (24 total)
Black Copper Gil 6 Black Copper Gil (24 total)
Carved Kupo Nut 18 Carved Kupo Nuts (72 total)
Allied Seal 300 Allied Seals (1200 total)


  • You can check what items are required to perform enhancement by looking at Ulans note icon1.png  Ulan's Note obtained from Ulan during the first steps of the quest. You'll find it in the Key Items section of your inventory. For 2 Crystal Sand, you need all the items required on a single 'page' of the note. I.e. 5 Moonstones. Or 3 different Ex Primal drops
  • You can check the progress of growth by looking at the Anima Glass Icon.png  Anima Glass. Also found in the Key Items section of your inventory.
  • You can only obtain Crystal Sand or enhance the Anima Weapon by talking to Ulan.
  • Each enhancement will not immediately result in increased attributes. Only upon completion of the quest, the chosen enhancements will be transferred to a Reconditioned Anima Weapon.
  • After you have completed the quest, should you wish to reallocate the attributes of your weapon, you can do so by speaking with Ulan.
  • If you abandon the quest A Dream Fulfilled, your enhancement progress, and any items you have used for enhancement, will be lost. "Please note this quest cannot be abandoned via the journal. If you wish to abandon the quest, you may do so at any time by speaking with Ardashir."

Reallocate Stats

After you have completed the quest and acquired your ilvl 240 Anima Weapon, you can reallocate the stats of your weapon should you feel the need. It's a simple process and it only requires Crystal Sand, no Umbrite.

Simply talk to Ulan and talk to her about reconditioning the Anima Weapon. After a bit of dialogue you'll get a growth window.

You must possess Crystal Sand to proceed. Remove a stat/growth point by using the minus button, and reallocate them as you wish. Each sand used will remove one prior Treated Crystal Sand, and will remember the number of points earned in the original application (3-6).