Labor of Love

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Labor of Love

Quest giver
Guiding Star
Mor Dhona (X:21.9, Y:6.9)
Quest line
Zodiac Weapons Quests
Required items
1 Allagan resin icon1.png  Allagan Resin
1 Vale Bubo.png  Vale Bubo
1 Voidweave.png  Voidweave
1 Amdapor Vellum.png  Amdapor Vellum
1 Indigo Pearl.png  Indigo Pearl
1 Perfect mortar icon1.png  Perfect Mortar
1 Perfect pestle icon1.png  Perfect Pestle
1 Bombard core icon1.png  Bombard Core
1 Sacred spring water icon1.png  Sacred Spring Water
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Wherefore Art Thou, Zodiac
Next quest
His Dark Materia

Trunk-like arms akimbo, Guiding Star seems to radiate a deep understanding of crafting.

— In-game description



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  • Trunk-like arms akimbo, Guiding Star seems to radiate a deep understanding of crafting.
  • His passion for crafting stirred by news of your quest to restore the arm of a Zodiac Brave, Guiding Star sets about devising a compound capable of becoming the weapon's frame. He lights upon Allagan resin as the ideal base for such a substance, and bids you scour southern Thanalan's markets for a lump of the stuff.
  • With an excited light in his eyes, Guiding Star accepts the Allagan resin, remarking that no other material in Eorzea is so mutable. Now that you have secured the substance's base, he goes on, an ore known as vale bubo is required to grant it rigidity, as well as a piece of voidweave to lend it a measure of suppleness. To procure such seldom-seen materials, you will have no choice but to brave the horrors of the Aurum Vale and Haukke Manor respectively.
    • ※The Aurum Vale and Haukke Manor (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
    • ※By completing a dungeon, there is a small chance that you will obtain the associated item.
  • The threats of the Vale and voidsent are at your back, and the vale bubo and voidweave safely in your possession. Deliver them now to Guiding Star in Revenant's Toll.
  • Now in possession of the wherewithal to make his proposed compound indurate and supple, Guiding Star's thoughts turn to imbuing it with elegance and beauty. He feels a slip of Amdapor vellum from the Lost City will lend the former, and an Indigo pearl from Sastasha the latter. As ever, it would seem you will have to risk all if you are to reap the rewards...
    • ※The Lost City of Amdapor and Sastasha (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
    • ※By completing a dungeon, there is a small chance that you will obtain the associated item.
  • After shedding no small amount of blood, sweat, and tears, you now grasp a piece of Amdapor vellum and an Indigo pearl. Make your way back to Revenant's Toll, where it is to be hoped far fewer perils await.
  • All four ingredients now in his hands, Guiding Star thanks you for your tireless labor, and explains the next step: grinding the materials together to intermingle their powers. Alas, his puny mixing instruments are apparently incapable of withstanding the titanic forces which will be released in the process. Accordingly, he bids you find the only tools equal to the task: a perfect mortar and pestle, both of high quality.
    • ※Certain ingredients required to craft these items can be obtained by desynthesizing aged goods sold at the Silver Bazaar.
  • You hand the perfect tools to Guiding Star, who is nigh salivating at the prospect of using them. Though his thanks are as effusive as ever, you sense that yet another request is in the offing─and are swiftly proved right when the craftsman tasks you with two further acquisitions: a Bombard core to heat the compound, and a bottle of sacred spring water to cool it afterwards.
  • All ingredients assembled, Guiding Star now sets to work crafting. Sweat streaming over a brow deeply furrowed with concentration, you watch as he grinds, hammers, heats, and cools. The result is zodium, a material of unsurpassed bonding perfect for recreating your arm of yore. Handing the material to you with a joyous laugh, the craftsman thanks you for giving him the chance to make something so wondrous, and prays the Builder Himself will give you success in remaking your arm of legend.
    • ※If you have obtained all four items requested by Gerolt, you may return to Hyrstmill to have your Zodiac Weapon forged.