Majestic Manderville Weapons/Quest

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(Lv. 50) Zodiac Weapons: Base (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zenith (Feature Quest icon.png) → Atma (Feature Quest icon.png) → Animus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Novus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Nexus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zodiac (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zeta (Feature Quest icon.png)
(Lv. 60) Anima Weapons: HW.png Animated (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Awoken (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Anima (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Hyperconductive (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Reconditioned (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Sharpened (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Complete (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lux (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
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(Lv. 90) Manderville Weapons: EW.png Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Amazing Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Majestic Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Mandervillous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

(Lv. 70) Eurekan Armor: SB.png Antiquated ArtifactBase RelicBase +1Base +2AnemosElementalElemental +1Elemental +2
(Lv. 80) Resistance Armor: SHB.png ResistanceAugmented ResistanceLaw's OrderAugmented Law's OrderBlade's

(Lv. 50) Mastercraft Tools: Mastercraft (Feature Quest icon.png) → Supra ToolsLucis Tools
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(Lv. 90) Splendorous Tools: EW.png Splendorous (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented Splendorous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Chora-Zoi's Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Brilliant (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Vrandtic Visionary's (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lodestar (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

Amazing Manderville Weapons
iLvl 630
Majestic Manderville Weapons
Item Level 645 Patch 6.45
Starting Location Gerolt - Radz-At-Han (X:12.0, Y:7.1)
Notable NPCs House Manderville Artisan - Radz-at-Han (X:12.0, Y:7.2)
Quests Feature QuestA Spirited Reforging
Repeatable Feature QuestIn Need of Adjustment
Reward Majestic Manderville Sword Majestic Manderville Shield Majestic Manderville Bardiche Majestic Manderville Greatsword Majestic Manderville Bayonet Majestic Manderville Spear Majestic Manderville War Scythe Majestic Manderville Fists Majestic Manderville Samurai Blade Majestic Manderville Knives Majestic Manderville Harp Bow Majestic Manderville Pistol Majestic Manderville Chakrams Majestic Manderville Staff Majestic Manderville Index Majestic Manderville Degen Majestic Manderville Wand Majestic Manderville Codex Majestic Manderville Orrery Majestic Manderville Wings
Mandervillous Weapons
iLvl 665


Before beginning to create your Majestic Manderville Weapon, you must:

Upon completing these quests, players will receive one Majestic Manderville weapon based on the job with which they progressed through the quest. The first quest is only done once and do not need to be repeated; further weapons will start from the repeatable quest Repeatable Feature QuestIn Need of Adjustment.

Feature QuestA Spirited Reforging

Starting NPC:
Starting Location:
Radz-At-Han (X:12.0, Y:7.1)
Majestic Manderville weapon, depending on job
  1. Wait for Godbert and Gerolt at an empty table in Mehryde's Meyhane.
  2. Obtain chunks of amplifying achondrite. 0/3
  3. With [your Amazing Manderville Weapon] in your inventory or Armoury Chest, deliver the chunks of amplifying achondrite to Gerolt.

Repeatable Feature QuestIn Need of Adjustment

Starting Location:
Radz-at-Han (X:12.0, Y:7.2)
Majestic Manderville weapon, depending on job
  1. Speak to House Manderville Artisan (X:12.0, Y:7.2) in Radz-at-Han
  2. Travel and obtain x3 Amplifying Achondrite
  3. Zone Vendor Price
    Radz-at-Han Jubrunnah (X:22.7, Y:6.7) 500 Allagan Tomestone of Causality
  4. Deliver the chunks of amplifying achondrite to the House Manderville artisan. 0/3

Reallocate Stats

Majestic Manderville customization.jpg

This new iteration of the Manderville weapons allows players to allocate the weapon's attributes. Players may select two attributes to be maximized (at a value of 293), and a third attribute to be set to a lower value (72). The attributes to select from are Direct Hit Rate, Critical Hit, Determination, and one attribute that depends on the player's job (Spell Speed, Skill Speed, Tenacity, or Piety).

Once chosen, the attributes can be changed at the House Manderville Alchemist at the cost of one Amplifying achondrite icon1.png  Amplifying Achondrite.