Book of Skyfire I

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Unique Untradable
Book of skylight icon1.png
Book of Skyfire I
Key Item
A sacred tome depicting the valorous deeds of the Zodiac Braves, legendary heroes from a bygone era.

The Book of Skyfire I is part of the "Trials of the Braves" book collection: containing a series of tasks and is used during the quest Side Quest Trials of the Braves when upgrading from Atma Zodiac Weapons to Animus Zodiac Weapons. It is sold by G'jusana in Revenant's Toll for Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 100 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics. Only one book from the "Trials of the Braves" book collection can be owned at at time.

Enemy List

Enemy Enemy Name Zone Location
1 Daring Harrier X 3 Mor Dhona The Fogfens (x16.9,y16.4)
2 5th Cohort Vanguard X 3 Mor Dhona Castrum Centri (x10.6,y15.1)
3 4th Cohort Hoplomachus X 3 Western Thanalan Imperial Outpost (x10.5,y6)
4 Basilisk X 3 Northern Thanalan Bluefog (x22.8,y22.9)
5 Zanr'ak Pugilist X 3 Southern Thanalan Zanr'ak (x19,y25)
6 Milkroot Cluster X 3 East Shroud The Sylphlands (x23,y16)
7 Giant Logger X 3 Coerthas Central Highlands Boulder Downs (x13,y25)
8 Synthetic Doblyn X 3 Outer La Noscea U'Ghamarro Mines (x23,y8)
9 Shoalspine Sahagin X 3 Western La Noscea The Sapsa Spawning Grounds (x17,y15)
10 2nd Cohort Hoplomachus X 3 Eastern La Noscea The Agelyss Wise (x25,y21)


Dungeon Target Boss Location
1 Galvanth The Dominator The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
2 Isgebind The Stone Vigil
3 Diabolos The Lost City of Amdapor


FATE Name Type Region Zone Location Notes
1 FATE: Kill BossGiant Seps Kill Boss Coerthas Coerthas Central Highlands Whitebrim Front (x8.6,y12) Rare FATE
2 FATE: Kill BossMake it Rain Kill Boss La Noscea Outer La Noscea Iron Lake (x25,y18)
3 FATE: DefenseThe Enmity of My Enemy Defend The Black Shroud East Shroud Larkscall (x27,y21.6) Chain FATE requiring FATE: Slay EnemiesThe Enemy of My Enemy to be completed first. Chain is started by talking to Mianne Thousandmalm at Larkscall, East Shroud (x28.2,y20.3).


Guildleve Name Type NPC Location Notes
1 LevequestNecrologos Pale Oblation General Rurubana Northern Thanalan - Camp Bluefog (x22,y29) - if you don't find "Necrologos: Pale Oblation" in the list do one other Leve and check again. It may take doing this twice, but most of the time it will show after doing just one.
2 LevequestAn Imp Mobile Maelstrom Grand Company Lodille Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim Front (x11.9,y16.8)
3 LevequestThe Awry Salvages Twin Adder Grand Company Eidhart Mor Dhona - Saint Coinach's Find (x30,y12)

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