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Mislaid Plans

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Mislaid Plans

Mislaid plans1.png
Quest giver
Skysteel Engineer
Foundation (X:14.2, Y:12.5)
Quest line
Skysteel Tools Quests
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestTowards the Firmament
Next quest
Feature QuestWork It Harder, Make It Better

The Skysteel Engineer appears to be seeking...something.

— In-game description



Main article: Skysteel Tools



  • The Skysteel engineer appears to be seeking...something.
  • An engineer hails you near the Firmament, apparently having managed to spot your calloused hands from a distance. Between his peculiar fixation on your digits and assorted ramblings, you have sufficient information to determine that the Skysteel Manufactory is in search of one skilled in tradecraft or the like─though to what end is unclear. You will need to speak with Neillemard if you hope to learn more.
  • At the Skysteel Manufactory, the thankfully straightforward Neillemard introduces to you the project that he, along with his fellow engineers Nimie and Denys, hope to bring to fruition in the name of contributing to efforts at the Firmament. Their aim is to perfect several prototype field and tradecraft tools unearthed from the manufactory's storehouse, and they require the assistance of a person skilled in such crafts to test and help improve said tools. Given that you are such a person, you agree to help─and with no further ado receive an eminently serviceable prototype for your trouble.