Expert Recipes

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Expert Recipes are a new type of endgame crafting recipe first added in patch 5.21.

While these recipes are harder to craft, they are worth more points when submitted to the Ishgardian Restoration.

Expert recipes are indicated with an icon in the crafting log.

Expert Recipes1.png

Crafting Expert Recipes

When crafting expert recipes, the condition will not change to "excellent" or "poor." However, in addition to "normal" and "good," the following new conditions may occur:

Condition Effect
Centered Increases action success rate by 25%.
Sturdy Reduces loss of durability by 50%.
* Effect can be stacked with Waste Not and Waste Not II.
Pliant Reduces CP cost by 50%.

Expert Recipes2.png

As of Patch 5.41, Potential conditions for expert recipes can now be confirmed via the Crafting Log.
With an expert recipe selected in the Crafting Log, select "Potential Conditions List" from the subcommand menu.

Expert Recipes3.png