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(Lv. 50) Zodiac Weapons: Base (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zenith (Feature Quest icon.png) → Atma (Feature Quest icon.png) → Animus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Novus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Nexus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zodiac (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zeta (Feature Quest icon.png)
(Lv. 60) Anima Weapons: HW.png Animated (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Awoken (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Anima (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Hyperconductive (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Reconditioned (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Sharpened (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Complete (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lux (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 70) Eurekan Weapons: SB.png AntiquatedBase (Otherquest.png) → Base +1Base +2AnemosPagos (Otherquest.png) → Pagos +1ElementalElemental +1 (Otherquest.png) → Elemental +2PyrosHydatos (Otherquest.png) → Hydatos +1Base EurekaEurekaPhyseos (Otherquest.png)
(Lv. 80) Resistance Weapons: SHB.png Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Recollection (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Blade's (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Manderville Weapons: EW.png Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Amazing Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Majestic Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Mandervillous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

(Lv. 70) Eurekan Armor: SB.png Antiquated ArtifactBase RelicBase +1Base +2AnemosElementalElemental +1Elemental +2
(Lv. 80) Resistance Armor: SHB.png ResistanceAugmented ResistanceLaw's OrderAugmented Law's OrderBlade's

(Lv. 50) Mastercraft Tools: Mastercraft (Feature Quest icon.png) → Supra ToolsLucis Tools
(Lv. 80) Skysteel Tools: SHB.png Skysteel (Feature Quest icon.png) → Skysteel +1 (Feature Quest icon.png) → Dragonsung (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skysung (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skybuilders' (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Splendorous Tools: EW.png Splendorous (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented Splendorous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Chora-Zoi's Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Brilliant (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Vrandtic Visionary's (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lodestar (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

Zenith Relic
iLvl 90
Atma Zodiac Weapons
Item Level 100 Patch 2.2
Starting Location Gerolt - Hyrstmill , North Shroud (x30,y-20)
Notable NPCs Gerolt - Hyrstmill , North Shroud (x30,y-20)
Jalzahn - Hyrstmill , North Shroud (x30,y-19)
Quests Feature QuestUp in Arms
Reward Curtana Atma Holy Shield Atma Sphairai Atma Bravura Atma Gae Bolg Atma Artemis Bow Atma Stardust Rod Atma The Veil of Wiyu Atma Omnilex Atma Thyrus Atma Yoshimitsu Atma
Animus Zodiac
iLvl 100


Before begin to create your Atma Zodiac Weapon, you must:

(For Paladins: Although you can start the quest with either the Curtana Zenith or Holy Shield Zenith, you must have both on hand at the end in order to get your Atma Zodiac Weapons.)

Feature QuestUp in Arms

Starting NPC:
Starting Location:

Speak with Gerolt with your Zenith Zodiac Weapon equipped who will then direct you to Jalzahn standing opposite him. Jalzahn needs you to bring him 12 crystalline objects known as Atma. Atma are dropped randomly from FATEs in certain zones around Eorzea when equipped with a Zenith Zodiac Weapon. After speaking to Jalzahn, the quest will move to your "completed quest log". Collect all 12 Atma, bring them to Jalzahn along with your unequipped Zenith Zodiac Weapon and you will be rewarded your Atma Zodiac Weapon.

FATE Locations

Zone Region Atma
Outer La Noscea La Noscea Atma of the lion icon1.png Atma of the Lion
Upper La Noscea La Noscea Atma of the water-bearer icon1.png Atma of the Water-bearer
Middle La Noscea La Noscea Atma of the ram icon1.png Atma of the Ram
Western La Noscea La Noscea Atma of the crab icon1.png Atma of the Crab
Lower La Noscea La Noscea Atma of the fish icon1.png Atma of the Fish
Eastern Thanalan Thanalan Atma of the bull icon1.png Atma of the Bull
Central Thanalan Thanalan Atma of the scales icon1.png Atma of the Scales
Western Thanalan Thanalan Atma of the twins icon1.png Atma of the Twins
Southern Thanalan Thanalan Atma of the scorpion icon1.png Atma of the Scorpion
North Shroud The Black Shroud Atma of the archer icon1.png Atma of the Archer
East Shroud The Black Shroud Atma of the goat icon1.png Atma of the Goat
Central Shroud The Black Shroud Atma of the maiden icon1.png Atma of the Maiden


  • Atma drop randomly from any FATE in that zone.
    • The drop rate is suggested to be somewhere around 20%; which means on average at least 56 FATEs for all 12 Atma.
    • Being in a party or having your Chocobo out has no effect on the suggested 20% chance of drop.[1]
      • Being able to finish FATEs faster, however, will allow for more chances in the same amount of time.
  • When Atma do drop, you will be alerted in-game by a popup.
  • You must be equipped with a Zenith Zodiac Weapon in order to get Atma; however this can be any Zenith Zodiac Weapon / job.
  • Atma go into your normal inventory rather than your Key Item inventory. Make sure you have free space in your inventory.
  • Your rating in the FATE doesn't affect your drop rate; however only successfully completed FATEs will drop Atma.[1]
  • You do not need to stay for the entire length of the FATE.[1]
  • Because the quest is marked as "completed" after the explanation from Jalzahn; the game does not automatically track the number / type of Atma in your collection.
  • You can collect multiple Atma of the same kind; however only one of each type is used per weapon upgrade.
  • This is a good opportunity for you to train your Chocobo if you wish.

Upgrade To Animus Zodiac Weapons

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After obtaining a Atma Zodiac Weapon (iLvl 100), it can be upgraded to a Animus Zodiac Weapon (iLvl 100) by completing the 9 books in the quest Feature QuestTrials of the Braves.