Triple Triad NPCs

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NPC Zone Coordinates Rules MGP Cost MGP Winning Card Reward Requirements
Aiglephine Labyrinthos (x29.3,y13.2) Three Open 15 25 Troll Card Glorified Ratcatcher
Arsieu Gangos (x5.8,y6.5) Plus, Ascension 35 48 Dawon Card, Adrammelech Card The Lady of Blades
Aurifort of the Three Clubs Gold Saucer (x4,y7) Three Open, Order 20 50 Goobbue Card, Scarface Bugaal Ja Card
Baderon Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y11) Three Open 20 49 Sahagin Card, Baderon Tenfingers Card A Wild Rose by Any Other Name
Botan Kugane (x7.8,y14.7) Plus, Roulette 25 73 Yukinko Card, Happy Bunny Card, Louhi Card, Pazuzu Card And We Shall Call It Pyros
Buscarron South Shroud (x17,y20) Order 25 59 Demon Wall Card, Raya-O-Senna & A-Ruhn-Senna Card, Papalymo & Yda Card Into the Beast's Maw
Celia Old Sharlayan (x18.5,y6.9) Plus, Sudden Death 40 ?? Endwalker Alphinaud & Alisaie Card, Fourchenault Leveilleur Card Endwalker (Quest)
Cheatingway Old Sharlayan (x11.1,y8.9) Swap, Plus 35 48 Argos Card, Loporrit Card Her Children, One and All
Cobleva Lakeland (x14,y8) Plus, Reverse 25 34 Dwarf Card, Rolling Tankard Card Tanks for the Memory
Dominiac Coerthas Western Highlands (x16,y22) Order 30 73 Griffin Card, Deepeye Card A War without End
Drery Amh Araeng (x12,y17) Plus, Same 20 48 Evil Weapon Card, Gigantender Card Have a Heart, Mystery Miners
Droyn Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x11.8,y13) Same, Descension 15 25 Azulmagia Card, Siegfried Card Blue Cheese
Elaisse The Pillars (x7-10) Chaos, Plus 25 112 Archaeornis Card, Gibrillont Card Caught in the Act
Eo Sigun Il Mheg (x22.2,y3.5) Plus 25 40 Porxie Card, Nu Mou Card Manic Pixie Dream Realm
Ercanbald Rhalgr's Reach (x10,y10) Ascension 15 25 Griffin Card, M'naago Card A Haven for the Bold
F'hobhas Central Thanalan (x23,y13) Three Open 15 33 Mutamix Bubblypots Card
Flichoirel the Lordling The Battlehall 25 64 Colibri Card, Nael van Darnus Card
Fufulupa Western Thanalan (x22,y17) Three Open 20 48 Chimera Card, Thancred Card A Wild Rose by Any Other Name
Furtive Former Imperial Terncliff (x5,y6) Swap, Fallen Ace 40 64 Sapphire Weapon Card Ruby Doomsday
Garima The Fringes (x28,y20) Plus, Ascension 20 34 Ananta Card, Qiqirn Meateater Card Delicate as a Flower
Gegeruju Eastern La Noscea (x33.8,y30.5) Swap, Sudden Death 30 116 Y'shtola Card, Minfilia Card All Good Things
Ghasa Thavnair (x20,y28) Roulette, Plus 15 0 Hippo Cart Card Leader to Leader
Gibrillont Foundation (x13,y12) Roulette 25 64 Estinien Card The Better Half
Glynard The Crystarium (x10.8,y15.2) Three Open 15 48 Amaro Card Warrior of Darkness
Grewenn Eulmore (x12.5,y9.9) Plus, Swap 35 73 Jongleurs of Eulmore Card, Ran'jit Card Shadowbringers
Guhtwint of the Three Diamonds Gold Saucer (x4,y7) Three Open, Plus 15 32 Chocobo Card, Scarface Bugaal Ja Card
Gyoei Yanxia (x15,y31) Reverse, Plus 15 25 Namazu Card, Great Gold Whisker Card Criminal Phrenology
Gyuf Uin Il Mheg (x16.1,y30.6) Three Open, Swap 25 48 Feo Ul Card Acht-la Ormh Inn
Hab Southern Thanalan (x24,y40) Descension 30 104 Godbert Manderville Card, Thancred Card, Hildibrand & Nashu Mhakaracca Card Zombies Are People Too
Hachinan Yanxia (x26.5,y12.9) Ascension, Fallen Ace 30 114 Zenos yae Galvus Card, Asahi sas Brutus Card The Primary Agreement
Hall Overseer The Battlehall Fallen Ace, Chaos 30 125 Terra Branford Card, Magitek Colossus Card
Hanagasa Kugane (x10.4,y11.8) Plus, Descension 40 48 Rofocale Card, Argath Thadalfus Card, Yiazmat Card, Ultima, the High Seraph Card The City of Lost Angels
Hargra Rak'tika Greatwood (x18.6,y26) Same, Roulette 30 60 Runar Card, Shadowbringers Y'shtola Card Bearing with It, An Express Delivery
Helmhart Eastern Thanalan (x20,y21) Three Open 20 40 Ultros & Typhon Card, Gerolt Card
Hetsukaze Kugane (x7.9,13.6) Plus, Same 30 64 Penthesilea Card, Dvergr Card, Ejika Tsunjika Card, Provenance Watcher Card And We Shall Call It Hydatos
Hokushin Kugane (x14.4,y11.2) Plus, Swap 20 64 Karakuri Hanya Card, Yojimbo & Daigoro Card Good Swords, Good Dogs
House Fortemps Manservant Fortemps Manor (x6,y6) Three Open, Plus 25 48 Honoroit Card, Artoirel de Fortemps Card, Emmanellain de Fortemps Card Heavensward, The Burdens We Bear
Ibenart Kholusia (x19.1,y17.4) Three Open, Fallen Ace 15 34 Lord and Lady Chai Card That None Shall Ever Again
Idle Imperial Azys Lla (x28,y31) Swap, Chaos 30 124 Hilda Card, Regula van Hydrus Card, Curator Card, Tiamat Card The First Flight of the Excelsior
Imperial Deserter The Lochs (x33,y30) Fallen Ace 30 125 Grynewaht Card, Yotsuyu Card, Fordola rem Lupis Card Stormblood
Indolent Imperial Mor Dhona (x11,y17) Ascension 30 120 Livia sas Junius Card, Rhitahtyn sas Arvina Card, Nero tol Scaeva Card, Gaius van Baelsar Card
Ironworks Hand Rhalgr's Reach (x13.7,y11.3) Roulette, Roulette 35 73 Shinryu Card, Omega Card, Alpha Card To Kweh under Distant Skies
Isobe The Ruby Sea (x21.3,y19.5) Plus, Swap 30 114 Ango Card, Hisui & Kurenai Card The Two Princesses of Sui-no-Sato
Joellaut Coerthas Central Highlands (x13,y15) Three Open 20 48 Ixal Card, Alphinaud & Alisaie Card
Jonas of the Three Spades Gold Saucer (x4.6,y7.3) All Open, Same 10 22 Ixal Card, Moogle Card
Kaizan The Ruby Sea (x22,y8) Swap, Descension 20 34 Rasho Card A Dance with Snakes
Kikimo Kugane (x8.6,y14) Swap, Fallen Ace 30 64 Hancock Card By the Grace of Lord Lolorito
King Elmer III Gold Saucer (x3,y7) Plus 30 117 Godbert Manderville Card, Bahamut Card
Kiuka Doman Enclave (x5,y4) Chaos 30 125 Hien Card The World Turned Upside Down
Klynthota Mor Dhona (x30,y13) Same, Plus 30 93 Phlegethon Card, Xande Card, Cloud of Darkness Card, Unei & Doga Card Moon Sliver and Me, The Light of Hope
Kotokaze Kugane (x10,y10) Same 15 25 Kotokaze Card By the Grace of Lord Lolorito
Lamlyn Lakeland (x35.4,y20.2) Chaos 25 64 Lyna Card Reassuring the Masses
Landenel South Shroud (x16,y28) Fallen Ace, Chaos 25 53 Titan Card, Odin Card All Good Things
Laniaitte The Sea of Clouds (x17,y37) Same, Plus 30 110 Paissa Card, Dhalmel Card An Engineering Enterprise, Honoring the Past
Lewena Gold Saucer (x4.8,y6.1) Fallen Ace, Chaos 182 40 Terra Branford Card, Onion Knight Card, Bartz Klauser Card
Lewto-Sue Amh Araeng (x26.8,y16.3) Plus, Fallen Ace 25 34 Ryne Card, Gaia Card Where I Belong
Linu Vali The Sea of Clouds (x6,y14) Reverse, Chaos 25 64 Bismarck Card, Brachiosaur Card, Waukkeon Card The Nest of Honor
Maisenta New Gridania (x11,y11) All Open 10 22 Coblyn Card, Sylph Card
Marcechamp The Dravanian Forelands (x31,y22) Reverse, Plus 30 124 Ysayle Card Gifts for the Outcasts
Marcette Central Shroud (x15,y18) Chaos 25 60 Frixio Card, Garuda Card
Marielle The Sea of Clouds (x17,y37) Order 30 124 Count Edmont de Fortemps Card, Laniaitte de Haillenarte Card A Reward Long in Coming
Masatsuchi Yanxia (x29.5,y20.2) Same 25 34 Koja Card, Lupin Card Tiger Blood
Master Mogzin The Churning Mists (x15,y28) Same, Plus 30 40 Good King Moggle Mog XII Card, Darkscale Card, Kal Myhk Card, Hraesvelgr Card The Zenith of Craftsmanship
Mehryde Radz-at-Han (x10.7,y7.5) Plus 20 34 Arkasodara Card A Bond Eternal
Memeroon Upper La Noscea (x14,y24) All Open 10 23 Tonberry Card, Amalj'aa Card, Memeroon Card, Manxome Molaa Ja Ja Card
Mero Roggo The Dravanian Hinterlands (x12.8,y36.8) Plus, Roulette 30 73 Byblos Card, Calcabrina Card, Strix Card, Stormblood Alphinaud & Alisaie Card Prelude in Violet
Midnight Dew Idyllshire (x5,y6) Roulette, Roulette 30 124 Matoya Card, Belladonna Card Over My Dead Gobbie
Mimidoa Lower La Noscea (x25,y35) Three Open 20 49 Siren Card, Biggs & Wedge Card History Repeating
Mogmill The Churning Mists (x28,y35) Roulette, Roulette 30 124 Vanu Vanu Card, Gnath Card, Vedrfolnir Card, Moglin Card A Secret from Everyone
Momodi Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x11,y9) Three Open 15 33 Momodi Modi Card A Wild Rose by Any Other Name
Mordyn Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y8) Swap, Same 20 73 Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn Card, Kraken Card, Carvallain de Gorgagne Card Licensed to Reave, Storming the Hull
Mother Miounne New Gridania (x11,y13) Three Open 15 32 Goobbue Card, Mother Miounne Card A Wild Rose by Any Other Name
Munglig The Azim Steppe (x12,y33) Same, Chaos 25 114 Mammoth Card, Sadu Card The Undying Ones
Nell Half-full The Battlehall (x3,y4) Same, Plus 15 34 Brendt, Brennan, & Bremondt Card
Nigen The Azim Steppe (x32,y11) Same, Plus 25 114 Mammoth Card, Cirina Card And Dzo It Goes
Noes Old Gridania (x10,y5) Descension, Plus 25 64 Gaelicat Card, Kuribu Card
O'kalkaya Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y14) Roulette, Plus 20 68 Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn Card, Rhoswen Card, Mistbeard Card Soothing the Savage Siren, Storming the Hull
Ogodei The Azim Steppe (x22,y20) Fallen Ace, Plus 25 114 Mammoth Card, Magnai Card A Warm Welcome
Ourdilic Coerthas Central Highlands (x6,y22) Order 25 60 Ahriman Card, Blue Dragon Card, Behemoth Card
Piralnaut East Shroud (x17,y26) Three Open 20 50 Succubus Card, Frixio Card
Prideful Stag The Battlehall Plus 15 34 Lost Lamb Card
Prudence Mor Dhona (x30.6,y12.3) Same, Swap 35 0 Rhalgr Card, Azeyma Card The Face of an Explorer
Qetanur Thavnair (19.7,9.2) Same 15 25 Pisaca Card A Boy's Errand
R'ashaht Rhiki Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x13,y12) Same, Plus 30 110 Y'shtola Card, Leviathan Card, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn Card One of the following quests: Till Sea Swallows All, For Coin and Country
Redard Rak'tika Greatwood (x20.4,y27.2) Same, Reverse 25 64 Qitari Card, Batsquatch Card The Stewards of Note
Redbill Storeboy Idyllshire (x3.8,y4.5) Chaos 25 64 Echidna Card, Ferdiad Card, Calofisteri Card, Diabolos Hollow Card A Redbill Farewell
Roger Central Thanalan (x19,y20) All Open 10 22 Pudding Card, Morbol Card
Rowena Mor Dhona (x21,y5) Roulette, Roulette 30 118 Gerolt Card, Louisoix Leveilleur Card The Weaponsmith of Legend
Ruhtwyda of the Three Hearts Gold Saucer (x3,y7) Ascension, Sudden Death 25 59 Godbert Manderville Card, Urianger Card
Saushs Koal The Tempest (x31.6,y17.3) All Open 15 34 Grenoldt Card The Illuminated Land, Pearls of the Deep
Seika Idyllshire (x6,y7) Reverse, Chaos 35 82 Crawler Card, Poroggo Card, Roundrox Card Enigma
Sezul Totoloc North Shroud (x24,y23) Same, Plus 25 52 Biggs & Wedge Card, Behemoth Card, Cid Garlond Card, Tozol Huatotl Card Spread Your Wings and Soar
Sladkey Gangos (x5.7,y6.7) Same, Swap 35 48 4th-make Shemhazai Card, 4th-make Cuchulainn Card March of the Bloody Queen
Swift Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x8,y8) Chaos 30 53 Ifrit Card, Alphinaud & Alisaie Card, Raubahn Aldynn Card, Pipin Tarupin Card One of the following quests: Till Sea Swallows All, For Coin and Country
Tapklix The Dravanian Hinterlands (x21,y18) Swap, Same 30 86 Roundrox Card, Brute Justice Card, Alexander Prime Card Louder than Words, A Gob in the Machine
Trachtoum Lower La Noscea (x35,y15) Three Open 20 47 Moogle Card, Titan Card All Good Things
Triple Triad Master Gold Saucer (x4,y7) All Open 5 10 Spriggan Card
Tsuzura The Ruby Sea (x28,y16) Chaos, Roulette 20 34 Kojin Card Our Most Venerated Ancestor
Umber Torrent The Lochs (x16.4,y24.6) Same, Plus 25 34 Phoebad Card, Arenvald Lentinus Card Return of the Bull
Ushiogi The Ruby Sea (x21.8,y7.9) Swap, Order 15 34 Wanyudo & Katasharin Card, Hatamoto Card, Hiruko Card On the Shoulders of Giants
Vath Deftarm The Dravanian Forelands (x23,y19) Roulette 25 86 Fat Chocobo Card, Ravana Card, Coeurlregina Card A Symbiotic Friendship
Voracious Vath The Dravanian Forelands (x23,y19) Ascension, Swap 30 98 Bandersnatch Card, Coeurlregina Card Lord of the Hive, Yellow Stones
Vorsaile Heuloix New Gridania (x9,y11) Ascension 30 110 Good King Moggle Mog XII Card, Papalymo & Yda Card, Ramuh Card, Kan-E-Senna Card One of the following quests: Till Sea Swallows All, For Coin and Country
Wawalago Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x8,y15) Swap, Chaos 25 64 Lucia goe Junius Card
Worldly Imperial Garlemald (x31.8,y17) Roulette 35 64 Quintus van Cinna Card Strange Bedfellows
Wymond Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x9,y8) Three Open 15 33 Coblyn Card, Lolorito Nanarito Card
Wyra "Greenhands" Lyehga The Battlehall All Open, Same 10 25 Apkallu Card
Yayake Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x7,y12) Chaos, Roulette 30 123 Aymeric Card, Vicegerent to the Warden Card
Yellow Moon Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x14,y13) Ascension, Swap 25 64 Yugiri Mistwalker Card
Yusui The Ruby Sea (x31.5,y37.1) Plus 15 25 Tansui Card Boys with Boats