Trachtoum Rhitswaensyn

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Trachtoum Rhitswaensyn
Type Quest NPC
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn - Sea Wolves
Trachtoum is a Male Roegadyn Quest NPC introduced in patch 2.0.

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
Lower La Noscea (x35,y15) Tales from the Tidus Slayer, Hungry Hungry Goobbues, The Lominsan Way Wrath of the Titan
[[]] (x,y)

Triple Triad NPC

  • Rules: Three Open
  • Cost: 20 MGP
  • Requirement: Only available from 8PM to 8AM Eorzea Time, Must have completed certain Main Scenario Quest.


Behemoth card1.png, Gilgamesh and enkidu card1.png, Moogle card1.png, Nero tol scaeva card1.png, Titan card1.png, Ultros and typhon card1.png, Yshtola card1.png


Win Draw Lose
47 18 7
  • Card Rewards: Moogle card1.png, Titan card1.png