Midnight Dew

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Midnight Dew

Midnight Dew.png

Female ♀
Roegadyn (Hellsguard)
Idyllshire (5.5, 6.6)
Quest NPC

Midnight Dew is a Roegadyn found in Idyllshire.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Taking Stock Feature quest 58 Midnight Dew
Let Me Gubal That for You Feature quest 60 Midnight Dew
Community Service Sidequest 58 Midnight Dew
Feltsmox Switches Bait Sidequest 58 Midnight Dew
The New Arrivals Sidequest 58 Midnight Dew
Over My Dead Gobbie Sidequest 58 Midnight Dew

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
An Overgrown Ambition Feature quest 60 Tetchy Treasure Hunter
Secret of the Ooze Feature quest 70 Sawney
The Hole Truth Class quest 60 Haimirich
The Machinists' Choice Job quest 60 Stephanivien
Nightkin Job quest 65 X'rhun Tia
Pledge of Hope Job quest 78 Lalah Jinjahl
Administrative Difficulties Sidequest 58 Slowfix
The Golden Rule Sidequest 58 Slowfix

Triple Triad NPC


Estinien card1.png, Midgardsormr card1.png, Matoya card1.png, Ravana card1.png, Griffin card1.png, Nidhogg card1.png, Yshtola card1.png


MGP Rewards

Win Draw Lose
124 49 18

Card Rewards

Matoya card1.png, Belladonna card1.png

Additional Information