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Caught in the Act

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Caught in the Act

Quest giver
The Pillars (X:7.7, Y:10.8)

Required quest
He Who Would Not Be Denied
Experience 12,870
Gil 496
Previous quest
Cold Days, Colder Nights
Next quest
Unfulfilled Dreams

Elaisse is waiting for something with bated breath

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • All item rewards are HQ


  • Check the traps placed around the Jeweled Crozier.
  • Speak with Elaisse.
  • Search for the robber
  • Return the sack of counterfeit coins to Elaisse.


  • Elaisse is waiting for something with bated breath
  • A thief has been stealing money from the shops along the Jeweled Crozier and Elaisse has had enough. She has placed three sacks in the area containing counterfeit coins, and is waiting for the thief to take her bait. Check the sacks of counterfeit coins and see if her traps are still in place.
  • After taking a look around the Jeweled Crozier, you find one of the bags is missing. Return to Elaisse and tell her the trap has been sprung.
  • Letting the thief steal her bag of coins was only the first step of her plan. A small hole has been cut in the bottom, and the coins spilling from it will make a trail leading to the culprit. Follow the counterfeit coins and find who is behind this rash of robberies.
  • Following the trail of coins leads you to Osaulie, the young thief you encountered in the Brume. She runs away before you can reprimand her for what she has done. In her haste, she leaves behind the sack of counterfeit coins. Retrieve the sack and see what remains.
  • You retrieve the sack of counterfeit coins. Though its load has been lightened, it was all according to plan. Return to Elaisse and reveal to her the culprit's identity.
  • You tell Elaisse that Osaulie was the thief making off with the merchants' money. She immediately recognizes the name of the Brume's most notorious thief. Although she was not apprehended, Elaisse suspects Osaulie has learned her lesson, and will no longer be a nuisance to the Jeweled Crozier.