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March of the Bloody Queen

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March of the Bloody Queen

March of the bloody queen1.png
Quest giver
Zadnor (X:35.1, Y:34.2)
Quest line
Resistance Weapons Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Renewed Focus
Next quest
A Ruined Opportunity

The look of steely resolve in Bajsaljen's eyes suggests the hour of battle draws nigh.

— In-game description




Enter the The Dalriada via the associated critical engagement. This quest also unlocks the ability to purchase Queens rest icon1.png  Queen's Rest from Resistance Quartermasters.



  • The look of steely resolve in Bajsaljen's eyes suggests the hour of battle draws nigh.
  • The Resistance stands ready to march against the IVth Legion in the hopes of distracting them long enough for Cid to carry out his plan. If all goes well, the Dalriada will be disabled, perhaps giving Bajsaljen and his troops the edge needed to rout the imperials once and for all.
  • Lilja has finished work on the D.A.M., and has even found the ideal location at which to set it. However, a number of final adjustments have to be made on-site, meaning that she must accompany you out onto the battlefield.
  • While seeking a suitable spot to set the D.A.M., you are assaulted by a small unit of IVth Legion soldiers. They prove no match for your martial prowess, and it is not long before you and Lilja resume preparing the D.A.M.
  • With the D.A.M. in place, the Resistance is ready to set their plan in motion. What they were not expecting, however, was for the Dalriada to roar to life. Undeterred by the not-so-small setback of the imperial warship entering the fray, Cid succeeds in activating the aetherwave amplifier, and the Dalriada is forced to make an emergency landing. The sight of this emboldens the Resistance, and so they prepare to press forward.
  • The Dalriada has been rendered inoperable, but it remains to be seen what armaments yet remain within. Even so, there may never come a finer opportunity for the Resistance to strike, and Bajsaljen intends to seize it. He asks that you accompany his troops into the warship, and at last put an end to the IVth Legion's schemes to control Bozja.
  • With Lyon and Menenius defeated, the IVth Legion's plans appear to have fallen to ruin. There is no time to revel in your victory, however, for the Allagan weapon, which lay dormant in the ship, breaks free from its confines. It takes to the sky and begins amassing energy to release in an attack of cataclysmic proportions. Before delivering its fatal blow to the people of Bozja, however, Queen Gunnhildr appears, her holy blade in hand. The two entities clash overhead, the ensuing explosion claiming both the Allagan weapon and the queen.
  • The threat of the IVth Legion and their Allagan weapon is no more. You thought to speak with Bajsaljen, but Marsak informs you he has already returned to Gangos. After your many travails together, the Resistance leader would no doubt welcome you to reflect on this historic victory.
  • You expect to find Bajsaljen in the midst of merrymaking, but instead he is already hard at work setting the foundation for a new Bozja. The myriad factions that comprised the Resistance originally came together out of necessity, but if all goes to plan, the dream of a united Bozja may very well soon become a reality.
  • The fight for freedom is won, and now work to rebuild may begin in earnest. Only time will tell what manner of nation Bozja will become, but you have every confidence it will prove a beacon of peace and prosperity to which others will aspire.