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Forgotten Knight Proprietor
Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
Tavernkeeper, Triple Triad Player
Foundation (13.0, 11.8)
Quest NPC

“You know, people long for a sympathetic ear, but they need to know that it comes with tight lips.”

An Elezen of Ishgardian heritage, Gibrillont is owner and tender of the Forgotten Knight, a tavern located on the lowest level of Foundation. He once served within the knights of House Haillenarte, but was crippled when his leg was severed to the sinew in a battle to hold the Stone Vigil. The wound forced him to lay down his spear and shield, no longer able to match the speed of his fellow men-at-arms. When Gibrillont limped into the Forgotten Knight to drown his past in watered ale, the previous owner nigh forced the establishment’s key into his hand, claiming he would prove ten times the tender. And so it was with some reluctance that Gibrillont took his place amongst the generations of forsaken soldiers who had walked the selfsame path before him, and has been serving cheap but hearty fare to lowborn knights and commoners since. Now having seen forty-four winters, it is said that he masks the foulness of the Knight’s swill by adding spice to the liquors.

— In-game description

Gibrillont is an Elezen found in Foundation.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Noble Indiscretions Main Scenario quest 56 Gibrillont
A Child Apart Main Scenario quest 56 Gibrillont
Bloodlines Main Scenario quest 56 Gibrillont
Drinking the Pain Away Sidequest 50 Gibrillont

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Better Half Main Scenario quest 50 House Fortemps Manservant
The Spice of Life Main Scenario quest 56 Alphinaud
Heavensward Main Scenario quest 60 Guidance Node
Dreams of the Lost Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Through the Grapevine Sidequest 60 Saturnois
The Paths We Walk Sidequest 60 House Fortemps Manservant
A Home in the Firmament Feature quest 60 Foncrineau

Triple Triad NPC


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MGP Rewards

Win Draw Lose
64 25 9

Card Rewards

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