Into the Beast's Maw

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Into the Beast's Maw

Into the Beast's Maw Image.png
Quest giver
South Shroud (X:18.1, Y:19.8)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 7,920
Gil 3,032
Previous quest
Nouveau Riche
Next quest
A Simple Gift
The Blood Price
Shadows of the Empire

Buscarron has reliable information regarding the whereabouts of the sylph elder.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Buscarron has reliable information regarding the whereabouts of the sylph elder.
  • Fleeing from Garlean soldiers, the sylph elder, Frixio, has ventured into the Thousand Maws of Toto–Rak. Were any misfortune to befall him, the effort to secure peace between man and sylph would surely be undone. You must find Frixio before the unthinkable comes to pass. Make haste to the dungeon, explain the situation to Bloisirant, and obtain his permission to enter.
  • Within the bowels of Toto–Rak, you encounter Lahabrea of the Ascians, who unleashes a gigantic banemite upon you. Having successfully fended off the beast, you find Frixio, shaken but unharmed. Grateful for your timely intervention, he agrees to speak with you regarding Ramuh, and bids you meet him later at Little Solace.
  • Buscarron will wish to know of your success. Before you do anything else, report back to him at the Druthers.
  • Owing to your efforts, peace between man and sylph is now within reach.


Buscarron: It's taken us a fair old while, but we've finally got our hands on some reliable information concerning the whereabouts of your missing green friend.
Papalymo: Ahem! His name is Frixio, and he is the eldest amongst the sylphs of Little Solace. Long has he represented his kind in dialogue with the Gridanians.
Yda: Yes, he's like a bridge between us and them─a small, leafy, green bridge that we can't find at the moment. And bridges are no use if you don't know where they are. That's why it's so important that we find him!
Buscarron: There's an abandoned dungeon called the Thousand Maws of Toto–Rak here in the South Shroud.
Buscarron: 'Twas by the entrance to the place that Frixio was seen─and not long ago, neither. If you hurry, I reckon you'll find him.
Knolexia: Walking ones, please help this one! This one needs help! Needs help to help elder one! Poor Frixio! Poor, poor Frixiooo!!!
Buscarron: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hooold your chocobos. Take a deep breath and tell us what's wrong, nice and slow.
Knolexia: Elder one went into Toto–Rak, but has not returned! This one is worried, so very worried!
Buscarron: And you're right to be... The place fair crawls with nasties waiting to make a meal of anyone daft enough to wander in.
Buscarron: What in the seven hells was he thinking, entering that bloody death trap?
Knolexia: Elder one had no choice! Imperial ones were chasing elder one! Please! Walking ones must help elder one─help elder one now!
Papalymo: Argh! The fates conspire against us... Forgive my pragmatism, but Frixio is our best hope of reaching an accord with the sylphs. Were we to lose him, all our efforts thus far will have been for naught.
Papalymo: I will tend to her wounds. Yda, make haste to the Adders' Nest and request assistance.
Yda: Understood!
Papalymo: [Forename]─go to the Thousand Maws of Toto–Rak and see that Frixio comes to no harm. Peace between man and sylph rests upon your success.
Bloisirant: By order of the Elder Seedseer, the dungeon known as the Thousand Maws of Toto–Rak has been placed under the control of─
Bloisirant: ...What? The sylph elder is inside? And you are sure of this? How in the seven hells did he manage to sneak by? Gods strike me down for a purblind fool!
Bloisirant: You must find the sylph elder before he falls prey to the fiends within. Entrance to Toto–Rak is ordinarily restricted, but these are exceptional circumstances. Pray assemble a rescue party, and enter as soon as you are ready.