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A Redbill Farewell

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A Redbill Farewell

Quest giver
The Parrock (X:7.0, Y:6.9)
Quest line
Shadow of Mhach
Gil 615
Previous quest
Where Shadows Reign
Next quest
Soaring Profits

Leofard appears to be mourning the loss of the Raimille.

— In-game description



  • Speak with Stacia in Leofard's chambers.
  • Speak with Leofard at the Parrock.


  • Leofard appears to be mourning the loss of the Raimille.
  • Leofard has ordered everyone to return to his quarters while he remains alone on the Parrock's airship landing. Join Cait Sith in Leofard's chambers and question Stacia concerning the captain's melancholy mood.
  • Cait Sith shares his feelings of guilt with Stacia, and she assents to his request for an insight into Leofard's uncharacteristically gloomy manner. Soon after Stacia finishes the tale behind the Raimille, however, Leofard enters and sets matters straight regarding sky pirates and unnecessary apologies. He offers Cait Sith a place with the Redbills, then orders the familiar to join him in giving you a proper send-off. Speak with Leofard when you are ready to leave the Parrock.
  • Leofard and his Redbills escort you back to Coldwind. Though your current journey together has come to an end, the captain promises that he will seek you out whenever the skies once more echo with the call of high adventure!