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Storming the Hull

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Storming the Hull

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard).png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.0, Y:10.4)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestHeavensward
Feature QuestKing of the Hull
Experience 0
Gil 5,000

Denston looks surprised to see you.

— In-game description




Despite the (Hard) in the name, the dungeon is not actually more difficult than any other story-mode dungeon. It is easily completed blind with the Duty Finder.



  • Denston looks surprised to see you.
  • Denston mentions that Eynzahr had been hoping to speak with you on the subject of Hullbreaker Isle, and sends for the off-duty storm marshal before you have a chance to object. Soon after, Eynzahr appears in his civilian attire and proceeds to apprise you of all that has occurred since you salvaged Mistbeard's coffer. In a bid to discourage treasure hunters and put the island's remoteness to use, he petitioned Admiral Merlwyb to reserve Hullbreaker for the training of Maelstrom recruits. However, Eynzahr confides that he thinks the grand company's finest could do with some exercise themselves, and beseeches you to play the role of sparring partner during a coming drill. Join Denston in Moraby Bay when you are ready to set sail.
  • With the mists around the Cieldalaes having obligingly parted, Denston deems it safe to set sail for Hullbreaker Isle. Assemble your party while the Maelstrom sees to its final preparations.
    • ※Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You run the Maelstrom's gauntlet, battling your way through a horde of slavering beasts and, somewhat unexpectedly, pirates. After a bemusing interlude involving the ladies of the Sanguine Sirens and the carnivorous pet of the Kraken's Arms, the drill appears to be brought back on course as you spar with the Maelstrom's elite forces. Having defeated the grand company's finest, you find yourself in the presence of the Admiral, who came to witness the duel with your final opponent─Eynzahr Slafyrsyn himself. Though the storm marshal had originally intended to face you as an officer of the Maelstrom, at Merlwyb's prompting, he dons the mask of the legendary Mistbeard before engaging you in earnest. For all his strength and cunning, however, he is no match for the Warrior of Light, and the drill concludes with your victory. Bear word of the day's events to Denston back in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Before Denston can press you for the details of your triumph, Eynzahr appears and assures him that every soul in Limsa will know the tale soon enough. The storm marshal duly compliments you on your performance against beasts, infantrymen, and buccaneers alike. When Denston subsequently expresses puzzlement at the pirates' role in proceedings, Eynzahr explains that they invited themselves in their capacity as the Maelstrom's “Black Sails” unit. Hearing this, the young man teases Eynzahr that he only permitted them to intervene out of curiosity to see if the old sea dogs could still hold their own in a fight. No sooner have the words left his lips than he notices Eynzahr's bruises, and realizes that he too participated. Visibly embarrassed, the storm marshal stiffly thanks you for taking part in the drill and excuses himself, leaving Denston to lament his commanding officer's advancing years. Though it is questionable if losing to you could be considered a sign of infirmity, you cannot help wondering how formidable Eynzahr must have been in his heyday...


Accepting the Quest (Cutscene)

Denston: Well, look who's back in Limsa Lominsa. Me an' the chief were just talkin' 'bout ye at the Wench, y'know. Come to think of it, wait here, I'll go an' get him. It's his restin' day, but he wanted to speak to ye. Somethin' about Hullbreaker.
Eynzahr: Glad to see you back, [Forename]. Every time I hear your name, I'm reminded of how you helped me salvage that coffer from Hullbreaker Isle. You did me a great favor, lad/lass. Though the rumors of Mistbeard's treasure soon died down, I couldn't abide the thought of having the Haar picked apart by vultures.
Eynzahr: So I petitioned the Admiral to sanction the establishment of a camp on the island for the purpose of hosting training exercises. I reasoned that the place was remote enough to give our recruits a proper taste of combat.
Eynzahr: But truth be told, with all the administrative duties asked of them these days, I'm more worried about our finest going soft. Sparring with your comrades might keep the rust from your blade, but it won't stop it going dull. That being the case, I thought I might ask for your help in a little sharpening exercise─remind them what it feels like to be in a real fight.
Denston: Aye, the chief was hopin' ye might run the Maelstrom's trainin' gauntlet an' give our elites a good goin' over. Nothin' too rough, like─just a few missin' teeth an' the odd cracked rib, savvy? Assumin' yer willin', come an' find me at the Moraby Drydocks when yer ready an' I'll arrange passage to Hullbreaker for you and yer mates.
Denston: The boat that ferries the men to Hullbreaker casts off from the Moraby Drydocks. Meet me there, an' I'll get ye squared away.

Speaking with Denston at the Moraby Drydocks

Denston: Ever since we took control o' that rock, it's been my job to keep an eye on the skies over the Cieldalaes. When the misty mane o' the Doxy's Pull sweeps in, there ain't no point weighin' anchor as ye can't see an ilm in front o' yer face.
Denston: Long story short, I have to stay here an' watch the weather, but I'll be listenin' out for word o' how you get on. Thanks for agreein' to do this, by the way. Havin' a fabled hero like yerself go through the same regimen as the infantrymen'll do wonders for morale.
Denston: Anyroad, the weather seems to be behavin' just now, so let me know when yer crew's ready to be ferried over. We'll get everythin' else in place in the meantime. Give them storm elites a bloody nose from me, eh?

Optional Dialogue

(If player is part of the Maelstrom)
Denston: Ye don't have no shortage o' followers at Maelstrom Command, y'know. When the storm elites heard ye was runnin' the gauntlet at Hullbreaker, the only folk as didn't volunteer was the ones what already had. Roster was full before the chief could say "Surname".
(If player is not part of the Maelstrom)
Denston: 'Tain't what you might call a definitive pattern, but I've noticed the mist tends to thin after the gales o' great storms sweep over from the Rhotano. 'Tis as if the Navigator's clearin' the way for us, eh?

Entering Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)

Duty Dialogue

Storm Officer: Welcome, [Forename]!
Let's get those maimin' muscles warmed up, shall we?
Maelstrom Beastmaster: They never knew what hit 'em... Not that I'm surprised. If a handful o' raptors had given you any trouble, the gods only know what they'd have done to the rest of us!
Maelstrom Beastmaster: Dealin' with the unpredictability of fiery brutes like these sharpens the reflexes, so we'll get 'em nice an' angry for ye.
Maelstrom Beastmaster: Pick up the pace, soldier! these ain't even the small fry!
Storm Officer: Nothin' gets the blood pumpin' like scrappin' with a pack o' ravenous beasties!
Maelstrom Beastmaster: Tap into those primeval instincts! Eye o' the coeurl! ...Speakin' o' which—let loose the coeurl!
Maelstrom Beastmaster: That's one o' the benefits o' trainin' on this island. No shortage o' creatures ready to rip ye to shreds.
Maelstrom Beastmaster: Now yer all nice an' limbered up, we'll let ye loose on some more civilized targets!
Captain Rhoswen: Expectin' wet-nosed Maelstrom pups, were ye? Then yer in fer a treat! The Sirens are 'ere to give ye a proper drillin'!
Captain Rhoswen: We'll do our best not to gut ye, darlin', but once we taste blood, well... old 'abits die 'ard.
Captain Rhoswen: Tsk-tsk. Didn't nobody ever tell ye the 'ells 'ave no fury like a Siren scorned? Yer gizzard won't be fit fer the chum bucket when we're through with ye!
Captain Rhoswen: Sound the bell o' the Lady Infernal! Make ready the cannons!
Captain Rhoswen: Abeam, fire!
Captain Rhoswen: Blase 'em front an' center!
Captain Rhoswen: Like that, is it? PAH! All guns! Bombard the bilge-swilin' scrags!
Captain Rhoswen: Forward battery! Fire!
Captain Rhoswen: Cross spread! Fire!
Captain Rhoswen: Now that's a 'venturer after me own 'eart!
That lust for blood... Oooh, it sets me skin atingle.
Captain Carvallain: Bested the Sirens already? Why, Rhoswen would scarce have had time to swear herself hoarse.
Captain Carvallain: No matter, I am come to test the worth of the Krakens' newest acquisition. I trust you will oblige me...?
Captain Carvallain: You will be shocked to hear that she prefers her prey roasted. Rather sophisticated for a savage beast, wouldn't you say?
Captain Carvallain: You seem to be keeping up with her quite well—thus far, at least. Did I mention that Ymir has hidden talents?
Captain Carvallain: 'Twould seem I wasted my coin. Very well. Victory is yours. Be on your way.
Storm Officer: Well, I weren't expectin' that.
Still...made for interestin' viewin', I must say. 
From now on, though, you'll be up against the Maelstrom's best.
High Tide: It's time, Brother!
Don't hold back, now! We'll be the talk of Maelstrom Command if we can leave a scratch on her/him!
Low Tide: If, aye. But I suppose it's too late to back out now... I say we move in tandem and try to overwhelm them.
High Tide: Forgive me, Brother. I couldn't keep up...
Barracuda Elite: Knights o' the Barracuda, to your position!
Barracuda Elite: No doubt you've heard tales of our skill at arms, adventurer. And now you shall witness it firsthand.
Barracuda Elite: Seven hells... To think I spoke of our skill at arms...
Storm Commander Rhiki: I've long awaited this chance, [Forename]!
Storm Commander Rhiki: I trust you will show me no favors! Meet me as you would an equal!
Storm Commander Rhiki: <pant> <pant> I yield! I yield!
By the Navigator...<pant> <pant>
That was...inspirational!
Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn: I, Eynzahr Slafyrsyn, shall be your final opponent.
Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn: Couldn't help myself, lass/lad. Those last few matches stirred something...
Admiral Bloefhiswyn: You seem to be treading water, Marshal. If I did not know better, I should think you cared naught for our company's good name.
Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn: Spare me, Admiral. I hold my duty to the Maelstrom above all else—as you well know. Nevertheless, I will not deny that this uniform now prevents me from doing my worst.
Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn: But since all here present are privy to the truth, might we not loosen the collar and hearken back to the glory days, ust this once? ...By your leave, o' course. 
Adminal Bloefhiswyn: As you like. 'Twill make for a better spectacle.
Mistbeard: Heh. I said I'd never don you again, old friend. But many a man would trade the wisdom of years for a minute of youthful hubris...
Mistbeard: Abandon hope, ye fools of fortune, for you face Mistbeard, king of the five seas!
Mistbeard: I have drowned a hundred men on their own decks ere they took to sea!
Here, have yourselves a whiff of this!
Mistbeard: Aching for the theriac, are you? Let's have a little treasure hunt for it.

Speaking with Denston in Limsa Lominsa (Cutscene)

Denston: Well? How was it? Did ye give them elites the hidin' o' their lives or what? Come on, out with it!
Eynzahr Slafyrsyn: Patience, lad. All of Limsa will know the tale ere long. 
Eynzahr Slafyrsyn: 'Twas a sight to behold, that much I will say. [Forename] and her/his comrades carved their way through beasts and men like a cutter through a swell. Not even a visit from the Sirens and the Krakens could slow their pace.
Denston: Eh!? Pirates turned up at the drill!? What in the seven hells did they want!?
Eynzahr Slafyrsyn: Why, to do their civic duty, of course. They invited themselves, as members of the Black Sails unit. You'd be forgiven for forgetting, but the pirate powers are still bound to the Maelstrom by the Galadion Accord. Of course, they never deign to take part in our exercises, and we've long since stopped asking. 
Eynzahr Slafyrsyn: As for why they chose to grace this one, I reckon word got out that the Warrior of Light would be facing our finest and they fancied a go themselves. I saw no reason to deny them.
Denston: Hah! Admit it! You wanted to see if them old cutthroats could still hold their own in a fight! 
Denston: Er, beggin' yer pardon, Chief, but...are you all right? Ye look a bit...sore. Don't tell me you...
(If part of Maelstrom)
Eynzahr Slafyrsyn: I... I deemed it good for morale. But I did not come here to speak of that. [Forename]─the Maelstrom is grateful for your participation. May you sail with us till sea swallows all. Good day to you both/gentlemen.
(If not part of Malestrom)
Eynzahr Slafyrsyn: I... I deemed it good for morale. But I did not come here to speak of that. [Forename]─the Maelstrom is grateful for your participation. May we count you a friend till sea swallows all. Good day to you both/gentlemen.
Denston: Ack! I'd have stowed away on the ferry if I'd known the chief'd be fightin'! Seein' you in action must've woken the spirit o' the golden age in him.
Denston: Though I doubt he's as spry now as he was back then... I hope ye didn't give him too bad of a beatin'. Legends like Mistbeard never get old, but the chief, well...he's just a man.
Denston: Ah, but let's keep this little chat between ourselves, eh? Good to see ye again, [Forename]. Thanks for helpin' out the chief.