Landenel Peaumasquier

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Landenel Peaumasquier
Type Quest NPC
Gender Male
Race Elezen - Wildwood
Landenel is a Male Elezen Quest NPC introduced in patch 2.0.

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
Eastern La Noscea (x32,y30) In the Company of Heroes
South Shroud (x16,y28) The Penitent Man, Changing of the Guard, Trial by Turtle A Modest Proposal

Triple Triad NPC


Bahamut card1.png, Chocobo card1.png, Ifrit card1.png, Odin card1.png, Rhitahtyn sas arvina card1.png, Titan card1.png


Win Draw Lose
53 21 7
  • Card Rewards: Odin card1.png, Papalymo and yda card1.png, Raya-o-senna and a-ruhn-senna card1.png, Titan card1.png