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A Reward Long in Coming

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A Reward Long in Coming

A Reward Long in Coming Image.png
Quest giver
The Sea of Clouds (X:9, Y:32)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 96,000
Gil 461
Previous quest
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Next quest
Divine Intervention

Lord Emmanellain appears to be rather pleased with himself.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Ever quick to see the glass half full, Lord Emmanellain has convinced himself that he should rightly be lauded for uncovering the existence of a Vanu primal. Report to Lady Laniaitte and see if she agrees.
  • Lady Laniaitte is shocked to hear that the Vanu have summoned a primal, and all agree that its presence must be behind the recent rise in Vanu hostility. Sensing his moment, Lord Emmanellain rather bluntly demands that the true hero of the hour be recognized, and for once, Lady Laniaitte agrees... and praises you for rescuing the young lord from a doom of his own making. More than satisfied with your efforts, she then invites you to return to Ishgard with Lord Haurchefant, prompting Lord Emmanellain to conclude that he too is no longer needed. Speak with Lord Haurchefant when you are ready to board the airship.
  • Lord Haurchefant is a man who knows how to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, particularly after cheating death in battle yet again. In spite of this, he cannot help but be concerned for the welfare of Lord Emmanellain, and suggests that you visit him back at the manor.
  • For once, Lord Emmanellain is not his effervescent self, having received a dressing down from his father for his recklessness. But will he take this lesson to heart? Only time will tell...

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