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A Realm Reborn



The upper decks of Limsa Lominsa comprise its more recent structures. As Lominsans have precious little room to build outwards, they have spent many generations building towards the skies. The upper decks have thus come to weave their way around the Mizzenmast, and extend to outlying towers along bridges of stone and wood.[1]


Coral Tower

Coral Tower was built to be the headquarters of the Knights of the Barracuda. At present, however, the watchtower is the Yellowjackets' base of operations and training grounds for the Marauders' Guild.[1]

The Bismarck

The Bismarck is famed as Eorzea's premier restaurant, and is home to the Culinarians' Guild.[1]

Naldiq & Vymelli's

Naldiq's & Vymelli's made its name building some of the greatest ships the world has seen. Over the years, it has expanded into many and varied fields, from firearms to fine armors fashioned from plates of metal.[1]


The Mizzenmast

The heart of Limsa Lominsa, the Mizzenmast rises over the wreckage of the Galadion where the ship's mast once stood. Within it lies the Bridge, an airship landing, a tavern, and an inn─all which can be reached using a complex system of pulleys known as the Crow's Lift.[1]

Mizzenmast Inn

The Mizzenmast Inn welcomes adventurers seeking a more steady bed on dry land, as well as merchants with coin in their purses to spare.[1]

The Drowning Wench

The Drowning Wench is an alehouse operated by Baderon Tenfingers that occupies an entire story within the Mizzenmast.[1]

The Aftcastle

A public courtyard, the Aftcastle takes its name from its position behind the Mizzenmast, per the nautical conventions of Limsa Lominsa.[1]

Maelstrom Command

While Maelstrom Command is the headquarters of the Maelstrom, the Grand Company of Limsa Lominsa.[1]

The Missing Member

The Missing Member is a tavern built, owned, and operated by the Sanguine Sirens that is frequented by townsfolk and adventurers alike.[1]

The Seventh Sage

The Seventh Sage deals in spices, herbs, local vegetables, and exotic ingredients, and also serves to conceal the dealings of the Kraken's Arms pirates.[1]

The Hyaline

Selling fish delivered fresh each morn, the Hyaline gains its name from the jewel-like aquarium that lines its storefront.[1]

Anchor Yard

Formerly the berth of pirates, a tremendous gale rendered Anchor Yard ill-fit for large vessels, and so a large courtyard was built in its place.[1]


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