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A War Without End

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A War Without End

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Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:16.6, Y:22.6)

Experience 36,000
Gil 681
Previous quest
A Noble Purpose

Dominiac wants to talk to you about his plans to attract dragons.

— In-game description


Optional rewards




  • Speak with Margyt.
  • Speak with Dominiac.
  • Speak with Saintrelmaux.
  • Speak with Ayleth.
  • Search the wreckage.
  • Speak with Dominiac.
  • Place the wyvern bone at Banepool.
  • Lie in wait for the ajatara.
  • Recover the wyvern bone.
  • Deliver the bone to Dominiac.
  • Speak with Ayleth.
  • Report to Dominiac.


  • Dominiac wants to talk to you about his plans to attract dragons.
  • The corpse of the wyvern you slew has been stolen. Margyt is heading the investigation into this worrying theft. Speak with her for more details.
  • Margyt knows who stole the wyvern corpse: the very same nobleman that stole the dragon tooth from Ayleth. After an attempt at a diplomatic solution, the man has rendered his demands: he wants to lead the operation to attract and slay a dragon using the dead wyvern.
  • Much though Dominiac is loath to rob his unit of the glory of slaying the dragon, his duty to the people of Ishgard takes priority. He decides to submit to the thief's ultimatum. Saintrelmaux is still searching for the dragon and was last seen near the Dreaming Dragon. Find him and inform him of the change of leadership.
  • Saintrelmaux was approached by a nobleman carrying the wyvern corpse claiming leadership of the operation. A disagreement broke out but was interrupted by an ajattara attack. Both the wyvern corpse and several lives, including the nobleman's, were lost in the attack. Assist Ayleth with the cleanup effort.
  • Ayleth wants nothing more than to chase the ajattara down and kill it. She asks you to search the area for something─anything that might attract the beast.
  • Among the wreckage of the ajattara's attack, you find a wyvern bone. Ayleth is hopeful that this will be enough to draw out the ancient Dravanian. Return to Dominiac and apprise him of these serious developments.
  • Dominiac tells you that word has reached him of an impending Dravanian attack─a vast force sweeping towards the Convictory, led by an ajattara. Dominiac marks a location on your map, near Banepool. He asks you to travel there and use the wyvern bone to draw the Horde's attention long enough for the Convictors to prepare their defenses. Travel to Banepool and distract the attackers, or at least the terrible dragon leading and coordinating the attack.
  • You place the wyvern bone at the requested location. With any luck, it should attract the ajattara leading the attack on the Convictory. Lie in wait for it and ambush it when it arrives.
  • You have made short work of the ajattara. This has hopefully bought the Convictors the time they needed to prepare for the Dravanian onslaught. Recover the wyvern bone, lest it attract more dragons.
  • You have recovered the wyvern bone. Report back to Dominiac.
  • Your battle with the ajattara bought enough time for the Convictors to mount a successful defense against the now-leaderless Dravanian attack. Dominiac hopes that this victory will draw the Holy See's attention to the importance of what allowed this victory: the strong cooperation between the front lines and their supporting forces. He hopes that this might lead to a change in the way the Convictors fight, going from a group of paupers and outcasts, squabbling for credit and recognition, to an elite, organized fighting unit. He suggests that you find Ayleth and Saintrelmaux. They will be glad to know that your fight went well and that you are unharmed.
  • Seeing a signet ring Ayleth carries, Saintrelmaux explains how he was born into nobility and that the ring bears his house's crest. Ayleth received the ring from a woman she cared for after the Calamity─Saintrelmaux's mother. The two realize that─despite their different backgrounds─at the Convictory, they are equal. This strengthens their resolve to see Ishgard changed for the better. Relay this uplifting news to Dominiac.
  • Whether their common ground be coincidence or fate, Dominiac is glad that his troops have come to understand their equal footing. He thanks you again for your assistance in seeing his plan through, and hopes he can find some way to repay you in the future.