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Patch 4.0
Release Date
4.0 - 20 June 2017
4.01 - 3 July 2017
4.05 - 17 July 2017
4.06 - 7 August 2017
4.06a - 28 August 2017
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Patch 4.0 is the initial release of the Stormblood expansion.

Notable Features, Additions, and Changes

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Note: Not all content listed here will launch on the same day. This article is about the 4.0x season as a whole.

Main Story Summary (Spoilers)


Tiberd’s assault on Baelsar”s Wall and subsequent summoning of the primal Shinryu left the Eorzean Alliance with little choice but to occupy Castrum Oriens—an act almost certain to be interpreted as the prelude to a full-scale invasion. Yet if the Alliance was to go to war, it would not do so alone.

Beyond the Great Wall

General Raubahn Aldynn petitioned the Scions of the Seventh Dawn help him secure the support of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, that they might join forces with the Alliance and drive the legions of Garlemald from Eorzea once and for all. This formal request for aid was not unanticipated, and the Scions took little time to reach a consensus. To Ala Mhigo they would go—with Lyse Hext to lead the way, given her ties to the local insurgents.

Conrad Kemp, the commander of the Ala Mhigan Resistance in Rhalgr’s Reach, received the delegation warmly, and listened patiently as Alphinaud explained the details of the Eorzean Alliance’s proposal to together expel the imperial presence from Gyr Abania—or as Conrad wryly put it, “engage them by proxy” with the vastly inferior forces of the Resistance. While he and his officers were receptive to the arrangement, they required time to convince other factions. To make matters worse, many of their best and brightest had cast their lot with the Griffin and died at the Wall, and the leadership had been forced to fill their posts with the young and inexperienced—assuming they could fill them at all. If the Resistance was to be of any help in the future, the Scions would need to help them get back on their feet.

The Prodigal Daughter

Each member of the delegation set about finding ways to assist the rebels, including of course the Warrior of Light. He escorted a Resistance messenger to Castrum Oriens, who informed General Aldynn of their willingness to fight and weakened state. Hearing this, Vice Marshal Pipin ‘Tarupin proposed joint operation to rekindle the hope of the Ala Mhigan people and inspire them to rise up once more. So it was that the combined force of Alliance regulars and Resistance fighters ambushed a Garlean unit field-testing prototype magitek weapons—a unit led by Grynewaht, the brutish officer whom the Scions had faced on the Carteneau Flats when seeking out Omega. The weapons were swiftly destroyed, and as their commander fled, spitting curses and swearing vengeance, the victors raised a cheer to Ala Mhigo.

The Warrior of Light also accompanied Meffrid Noward and Lyse Hext to Als Gannha, the young woman’s birthplace, where they would attempt to find new recruits. Several youths from the village were said to have lost their lives at the Wall, and it was hoped that others might be sympathetic to the Resistance’s cause. Alas, their deaths weighed heavily on the people’s minds, and while they had no love for the Garleans, they were unwilling to risk further tragedy. Though some few were eventually inspired to join the fight after the Warrior of Light and his comrades rescued a villager waylaid by Qigirn bandits, Lyse remained haunted by the realization of what had become of her home, and how little she understood their plight—as well as the sight of an innocent man being beaten by the Crania Lupi, a unit of Ala Mhigan youths indoctrinated by and loyal to Garlemald, and feared throughout Gyr Abania as the “Skulls.”

In Crimson It Began

The Scions' efforts on behalf of the Resistance were bearing fruit. More Ala Mhigan recruits were arriving by the day, and Alphinaud returned with additional reinforcements—including one Arenvald Lentinus, an Echo-blessed adventurer of mixed heritage who had joined the Scions shortly before the Warrior of Light himself. Full glad was Conrad to receive these new allies, and once the recruits had received sufficient training, he proposed a joint assault on Castellum Velodyna to General Aldynn. Mindful that intelligence is the key to any successful operation, Pipin, Alphinaud, Alisaie, and the Warrior of Light embarked upon a reconnaissance mission to the cliffs north of the imperial installation.

Unbeknownst to the Alliance and the Resistance, Zenos yae Galvus, legatus of the XIIth Legion, imperial viceroy of Ala Mhigo, was poised to launch a surprise attack on Rhalgr's Reach. Though it remains unclear how he ascertained the stronghold's location—as it had remained hidden by powerful glamours for nigh on twenty years—it is widely speculated that imperial spies posing as recruits relayed the information to their allies. Regardless of how it was accomplished, historians would later agree that the swift strike carried out by an elite few nearly brought an end to the Resistance then and there.

Marshal Tarupin's reconnaissance mission was interrupted by the sound of cannon fire from the east, where he and the others spied a column of smoke rising from Rhalgr's Reach. Unable to contact their comrades via linkpearl, the party aborted their mission and raced back to the Resistance stronghold, fearing the worst. En route, they encountered a number of fleeing Resistance fighters, as well as Krile and Arenvald, who told of the chaos within the valley, of imperial soldiers cutting people down left and right, and of a last desperate stand by Conrad and the others.

Aided by his comrades, the Warrior of Light managed to beat back the imperial forces and reach the stronghold's heart. Though Lyse was unharmed and Conrad merely unconscious, Y'shtola was on the verge of death, her lifeblood pooling beneath her. The Warrior of Light then ventured to confront the man who dealt the blow: Zenos yae Galvus, the imperial viceroy himself. Lamenting the disappointment at the level of opposition, he raised his blade and bade the adventurer entertain him.

Though he endured Zenos's onslaught far longer than Pipin and Alisaie, even Eorzea’s hero was no match. With a flourish, the viceroy sent him flying—the only testament to the Warrior of Light’s resilience the broken blade Zenos flung to the earth as he turned his back and walked away. Raubahn and his Immortal Flames arrived soon after, but as he had seen enough death for one day, he ordered his men to let the imperials withdraw and instead attend to the wounded.

the eldest son of Varis zos Galvus and crown prince of Garlemald , Zenos yae Galvus is a peerless warrior and master tactician . His exemplary record as legatus of the XIIth Legion earned him a reputation as a military genius , though several of his actions during the recent Doman and Ala Mhigan uprisings have led some to call this assessment into question.

Where The Streets Are Paved With Koban

Following the attack on Rhalgr’s Reach, the bulk of the Resistance forces withdrew to Castrum Oriens to discuss their next plan of action. However, despite the swift intervention of the Scions and the Alliance, Conrad felt the fight was over. Not only had the imperials dealt them a crushing blow, they had used their own children, the Crania Lupi, against them—further underscoring how divided the people of Ala Mhigo were. Nevertheless, at the urging of M’naago and General Aldynn, he agreed to hold fast and rebuild while the Scions spearheaded a new, audacious plan: foment revolution in the Far Eastern imperial province of Doma, which was also subject to the rule of Zenos yae Galvus, thereby forcing him to fight a war on two fronts.

To this end, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn approached the leader of the notorious Lominsan pirates the Kraken’s Arms, Captain Carvallain, and convinced him to transport several of their number aboard his flagship, the Misery. Other than a curious incident in which the ship was briefly detained in the Sirensong Sea, it is said that the voyage to the port city of Kugane in Hingashi was uneventful.

Trust And Betrayal

After parting ways with Carvallain and his crew, the Scions sought out the closest tavern that they might speak with the local Hingans and learn more of their new environs..only to be greeted by Hancock, a representative of the East Aldenard Trading Company and agent of Lolorito Nanarito in Kugane. At first, the Warrior of Light and his comrades regarded the man with considerable suspicion, but the merchant explained that he had been instructed by the oligarch to render assistance as an expression of his heartfelt contrition for the bloody banquet and the unpleasantness which followed. Recognizing that they could benefit from the wisdom of one so familiar with the political intricacies of Kugane, the Scions therefore elected to trust in Hancock for the time being and avail themselves of the Ruby Bazaar, the company’s branch offices.

Their base of operations duly established, the Scions then began their search for Yugiri and Gosetsu. Prior to the commencement of joint operations in Gyr Abania, the pair had departed Eorzea to aid their Doman brethren in the fight for freedom. Therefore, if the Scions wished to make contact with the Doman Liberation Front, it made sense to utilize their mutual connections. Hancock confirmed that the Auri shinobi and the Roegadyn samurai had both arrived in Kugane, only to encounter difficulty securing passage across the Ruby Sea due to tensions between the Empire and the Confederacy, a pirate collective.

While asking after Yugiri and Gosetsu, the Warrior of Light and Lyse met Gyodo, a Namazu who claimed to have successfully made arrangements for the pair, and offered to do the same for the Scions—provided they could pay the rather steep fare. This was but a ruse to lure them into an imperial trap, though, and were it not for the timely intervention of the Blue Kojin trader, Soroban, their journey to Doma may have ended prematurely. The Scions successfully eluded their pursuers and returned to the Ruby Bazaar with Gyodo in tow, and after a brief interrogation learned that Gosetsu had never left Kugane, having been detained by the peacekeepers of the port, the Sekiseigumi. However, to everyone’s surprise and delight, the samurai managed to win his freedom through a contest of strength mere moments before the Scions arrived to rescue him.

Gosetsu revealed that he and Yugiri parted ways some while ago, hoping to improve their chances of finding Lord Hien, the missing heir to the Doman throne. Even after it became clear that the rebellion was doomed, the young lord resolved to remain and fight on with Gosetsu at his side. Alas, in the ensuing chaos, the two became separated, and the samurai knew not what became of his master—only that he somehow survived, and that the Empire still sought to make an example of him.

Though Gosetsu was overjoyed at the prospect of returning to Othard with new allies, it was decided that it would not be prudent for all to continue onwards, and so Tataru and Alphinaud remained in Kugane, while the Warrior of Light, Lyse, Alisaie, and Gosetsu departed Hingashi aboard Soroban’s boat and journeyed to the Ruby Sea.

To Bend With The Wind

The Scions first sought out the Confederates of Sakazuki that they might negotiate safe passage through their territory by paying the Ruby Tithe. While there, they bore witness to a dispute between Confederate scouts and an imperial officer in the company of Red Kojin mercenaries—an increasingly common occurrence in those days. Perhaps in recognition of the potential the Scions had to upset this distressing status quo, the Confederate Tansui allowed these new arrivals to forgo payment of the Ruby Tithe. So it was they continued onward and came ashore on the coast of Othard.

Agreements fulfilled and debts paid, the Scions parted ways with Soroban, and turned their attentions to Isari, a nearby fishing village, which they soon discovered to be occupied by imperial forces. From afar, they caught their first glimpse of Yotsuyu, the imperial viceroy, and Grynewaht of all people, who seemed none the worse for the trouncings they dealt him in Gyr Abania and Carteneau. To the disgust and horror of all, Yotsuyu forced one villager to execute another, before having him shot for refusing, to kill his own parents.

Incensed, Gosetsu resolved to end the madness by surrendering, himself into the viceroy’s custody, reasoning that she would wish to question him thoroughly, giving the others time to formulate a rescue plan. Despite the Scions? protestations, the samurai would not be swayed. He bade the others seek aid at the tower on the isle of Onokoro and marched off, leaving them to watch helplessly as he was led away into the local tavern.

Heeding Gosetsu’s advice, the Warrior of Light, Lyse, and Alisaie headed northeast and in the shadow of Heaven-on-High found a Confederate settlement, and obtained an audience with Rasho, their leader. Their impassioned pleas for aid failed to sway the taciturn pirate, but when Alisaie offered to deprive the Garleans of their Red Kojin allies in exchange for their cooperation, Rasho agreed.

The Lord of the Revel

While all Kojin labored to obtain sacred treasures in which the kami, divine spirits, were believed to reside, only the Red did so by serving the Empire as mercenaries, whereas the Blue relied on their talents as traders. Therefore, to carry out their seemingly impossible mission, the Scions sought the counsel of the Kojin of the Blue on the Isle of Bekko, and were there reunited with Soroban, who guided them to the underwater village of Tamamizu. The chieftain, Bunchin, told them of the divisions between the two factions—of how the Red were forced to hide their faith from their Garlean masters, and how the Blue considered theirs to be a twisted and misguided path. He and his would support the Scions’ cause, but in exchange they would have to recover a priceless relic: the Yasakani-no-Magatama, which lay somewhere at the bottom of the Ruby Sea.

That they might carry out their search, Soroban performed a ritual to imbue the three surface dwellers with the blessing of the kami, allowing them to breathe underwater as they would on land. Thus empowered, the Warrior of Light and his comrades journeyed to Sui-no-Sato, another underwater village said to be the sanctuary of the Raen. Though rebuffed by its leader, they were aided by none other than the parents of the shinobi Yugiri Mistwalker, who furnished them with a lamp with which they located and recovered the Yasakani-no-Magatama.

On their return to Tamamizu, Bunchin furnished the Scions with a ceremonial knife that would grant them access to the Kojin treasure vault on the Isle of Zeki, and bade them deliver the sacred jewel unto it. Of course, as they would be doing so unannounced, the Red Kojin would hasten to the isle, abandoning their imperial posts and leaving the imperials to fend for themselves. Sure enough, the Scions’ efforts to wreak havoc exceeded all expectations. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond their knowing, two of the sacred treasures stored in the isle’s vault “reacted” to the presence of the Yasakani-no-Magatama, calling forth from the aether the great kami Susano—a primal by another name. Fortunately, the Warrior of Light and the Echo-blessed companions he had the wisdom and foresight to bring with him rose to the occasion and slew the great kami. This turn of events would also serve to drive a permanent wedge between the Red Kojin and the Garlean Empire, which could never condone an act of summoning.

A Glimpse of Madness

Following their escape from the Isle of Zekki, the Warrior of Light, Lyse, and Alisaie returned to Isari and found that owing to the timely intervention of Confederate forces, Yotsuyu and her imperials had been driven from Isari, and their former captives managed to survive their ordeal. Though Gosetsu was clearly still troubled by the injuries he sustained from Grynewaht’s brutal interrogation, the party resolved to carry on and resume their journey to Yanxia.

Zenos had no desire to remain in Doma after he crushed the rebellion, and so he named Yotsuyu to serve in his stead. The acting viceroy waged an indiscriminate campaign of terror, marching into villages without warning and committing unspeakable atrocities in the name of rooting out “radical elements.” After a time, these purges ceased, but the memory remained, and with it the promise of punishment should the people resist. Since there was little need for imperial patrols, the Scions entered into the heart of Doma undetected.

After a brief visit to the village of Namai, Gosetsu led the Scions to the hidden headquarters of the Doman Liberation Front, the House of the Fierce. There they were greeted by Yugiri, who told them of how she had found Lord Hien, the missing heir to the throne, on the Azim Steppe. However, the young samurai was unwilling to return until he knew whether the Doman people wished to rise up once more, or submit to imperial rule.

Though frustrated by his declaration, Yugiri and the others had no choice but to respect his wishes and attempt to ascertain the truth of Doma’s heart. Their efforts to do so were complicated when, to their dismay, a squadron of soldiers marched into Namai and told the gathered people of the battle between Confederate and imperial forces in Isari, declaring it a brazen, unconscionable act that would not go unanswered. Announcing that some would be required to serve the Garleans in rudimentary support roles for an indeterminate period of time, the pilus prior began to select villagers one by one. Powerless to intervene without endangering the livesof the distraught locals, Yugiri and her comrades could only watch from the shadows as the soldiers departed with their hostages.

Together with the Warrior of Light, Yugiri tracked the villagers to Fluminis, and after incapacitating their captors the shinobi urged them to flee. After decades of oppression, however, many of them could not even begin to fathom defying the Empire, and were terrified by the suggestion. Ultimately, they agreed to return to their homes, after Yugiri bade them tell the imperials whatever was necessary to keep their loved ones safe should they come asking, questions.

The Will to Live

Yugiri and the Warrior of Light had little time to dwell on these troubling events, for in the distance they spied a massive imperial airship, which upon their return to the House of the Fierce they confirmed was that of Zenos yae Galvus himself. Over the protestations of her comrades, the shinobi resolved to assassinate him, and together with the Warrior of Light formulated a plan to ambush him near Yuzuka Manor.

As before at the Reach, Zenos was a force of nature, relentless and unstoppable. Yet the Warrior of Light had grown stronger, and for a time it seemed as though he might have a chance..until the prince brought a new katana to bear against him, the Ame-no-Habakiri. At once, his body began to crackle with a crimson energy, which burst forth and felled both Yugiri and the viceroy’s few remaining soldiers, and the Warrior of Light soon after.

As he stood over him in judgment, Zenos at last recognized the “champion of the savages” in Ala Mhigo. Discarding his damaged helmet, he implored him to live on, to endure, to grow stronger, and to face him once more, before whirling about and putting an end to a last desperate attempt by Yugiri to kill him. He advanced to finish her off, but paused when confronted by a group of armed villagers, as well as Gosetsu and Alisaie, who were determined to save the ninja’s life. It was a touching display of defiance, albeit one surely doomed to fail... Nevertheless, Zenos withdrew without a word, leaving the Warrior of Light and his comrades free to nurse their wounds.

Though this attempt on Zenos’s life ended in failure, it spurred the people of Doma to rise up and openly oppose the imperials in battle. Convinced that this was the sign that Lord Hien had been waiting for, Gosetsu and Yugiri, together with the Scions, embarked on a journey to the Azim Steppe to seek out the young heir and convince him to return to lead his people in a new rebellion against the Empire.

An Impossible Dream

The search for the missing heir of Doma lead the party to Cirina, a young woman of the Mol tribe. Long ago, guided by a vision received by her grandmother, she ventured into the southern mountains and there found Hien, near death. Cirina brought the Doman lord to her village, where they nursed him back to health, and there he resolved to remain until such time as he could repay his debt to them. With her assistance, Gosetsu and Yugiri were reunited with their liege, but though they told him of Doma’s rekindled spirits, Hien stated that he could not go home until he had won the ceremonial battle known as the Naadam and thereby earned the right to bid the Xaela follow him to Doma—a daunting but necessary task given the Liberation Fronts depleted forces. Reluctantly, Yugiri departed to deliver the news to her comrades in the south, leaving the Warrior of Light, Lyse, and Gosetsu to assist Lord Hien in his bold endeavor.

That they might participate in the Naadam and fight alongside the Mol, the four needed to first be recognized as warriors of the Steppe. To this end, they would need to complete a rite of passage in which they walked in the footsteps of the legendary hero, Bardam. Though traditionally one is expected to undertake this trial alone, there is some speculation that they may have benefitted from outside help. All that can be said with certainty is that each eventually emerged from the grounds having tamed a yol in the traditional fashion, thereby proving themselves worthy warriors of the Steppe.

A Season for War

Before the four could rejoice in their accomplishment, however, they found themselves surrounded by a party of Oronir, their leader demanding that they return with him to meet with his khan. Hien considered this an opportunity to learn more of his foes and soon-to-be allies, and so he and the others agreed to follow the Oronir to the Dawn Throne, where they met with the most radiant brother Magnai.

Magnai grudgingly recognized the travelers as warriors of the Steppe—but there his respect ended. He demanded that they acknowledge his supreme authority and pay tribute, and when Lyse and Hien balked at his presumption, his lash of anger made clear that it would be wiser to humor the Oronir..for the time being. As prisoners of the tribe, they were coerced into performing menial tasks as expressions of tribute, culminating with a mission to reconnoiter the encampment of the Dothar, bitter rivals of the Oronir. There, the Warrior of Light and Gosetsu learned much of Dotharli customs, and their belief that the soul of one who dies in battle burns bright and is reborn—a sentiment in which the old samurai took a measure of comfort.

On the eve of the Naadam, Magnai released the travelers and bade them return to the Mol to make ready for the coming contest. And so, with the rising of the sun and the scattering of the sacred earth by the Gharl, the tribes of the Steppe raced to meet one another in battle. Soon the soil of one and all was awash with Xaela blood. Yet somehow, from that crimson tempest emerged a victor. As the ovoo evaporated into motes of fading light, the Warrior of Light stood a khagan crowned.

There was no time to celebrate the Mol’s triumph in the Naadam, for Grynewaht suddenly appeared at the head of an imperial squadron, and declared his intention to kill the dearest of all his enemies, the Warrior of Light. Yet in coming a moment too late, he faced a Steppe united. With the aid of the Oronir and the Dotharl, the khagan and his allies slew the invaders and sent Grynewaht on his way once more. But this was only the beginning of their alliance, for Hien succeeded in convincing the two tribes to travel south with him and fight for Doma’s liberation.

On the Eve of Destiny

In anticipation of Lord Hien’s triumphant return, Alphinaud developed a comprehensive strategy to retake Doma Castle. After Lyse and the Doman irregulars carried out a series of diversionary attacks, the Xaela would launch a surprise attack on the castle’s airborne defenses. The twins and the shinobi would then disable the magitek field generators within the Dairyu Moon Gates, allowing the Confederate and Kojin naval forces to bombard the castle and secure the Doman Enclave. Finally, Lord Hien’s main host would advance upon the castle and deal with the imperial forces within.

Yet to win a war, one must be willing to do whatever is required, even if it means sacrificing the very thing one set out to reclaim. Thus did Lord Hien revise Alphinaud’s plan and declare that Kojin sappers would destroy the underwater foundations of the Doma Castle’s outer walls, that the One River might flood the fortress, eliminate the greater portion of the imperial garrison, and trap Yotsuyu within the keep.

The World Turned Upside Down

Every stage of the plan was carried out to perfection, from the diversionary attacks to the Kojin’s underwater demolition. From Monzen, Hien and the other leaders observed as the river rushed into Doma Castle, drowning countless soldiers within. The stage had been set for the main host to play their part. To increase their chances of reaching Yotsuyu, Hien proposed that they split into two groups. He, Gosetsu, and Yugiri comprised one, while the Warrior of Light and his fellow adventurers would comprise the other. All steeled themselves for a mighty struggle, knowing full well that the fate of a nation would be decided that day.

In the bowels of Doma Castle, the Warrior of Light was greeted by an old friend: Grynewaht, driven mad by his quest for vengeance, and transformed into a twisted mass of steel and flesh. But whatever agonies he endured to gain his newfound strength, they were all for naught. After a pitched battle, he crumpled to the ground, never to rise again.

Yotsuyu goe Brutus was waiting at the top of the keep. Invited to plead her case, she spoke of the many ways in which she was wronged by her countrymen..and of the joy she one day found in their suffering. Listening to her tale, one could almost begin to pity her..but in truth, she was only stalling for time. Unrepentant to the last, she gleefully revealed her plan to bring the keep down on everyone’s heads in a final suicidal act of defiance. With a thunderous roar, the ceiling, came crashing in, but when the dust finally settled, the Warrior of Light and his comrades remained unharmed, for Gosetsu, blessed with indomitable strength as he was, had somehow managed to shield them from a massive piece of debris that threatened to crush them. Alas, Yotsuyu too had survived, as they learned when she fired upon the samurai, not stopping until her pistol was spent. As Gosetsu struggled to remain standing, he implored the others to leave while they still could. And so, astride Xaela yol, they made their escape from the crumbling keep as it sank beneath the water.

The castle had fallen, and the imperial occupation of Doma was at an end. But what of Gosetsu? Was there truly no hope? Alphinaud was unwilling to assume the worst, and bade Soroban search the ruin. Though he found no body, at the time it seemed all but impossible to think that the samurai could have survived. Difficult though it was, the Scions and their allies knew that they must look to the future, and so they went to the enclave to meet with the Domans who had fought valiantly for their freedom and were waiting to receive their lord.

Hien had been raised to rule, and so the language of leadership came naturally to him. But when faced with the prospect of addressing his countrymen in the wake of their victory, he hesitated, until spurred by the Warrior of Light to rise to the occasion. As he and the other Scions looked on, the lord of Doma implored his countrymen not to grow complacent, for the true challenge lay in the days ahead, when they must come together to rebuild their broken nation. Judging from the faces of the gathered men and women, there was little reason to doubt that they would.

Rhalgr's Beacon

Truly, there was no rest for the righteous, as the Scions could ill afford to remain in Doma and enjoy their victory. Gyr Abania still suffered under the rule of Zenos yae Galvus, and it was imperative that they return to the West with all possible haste. Upon their return, they were distressed to learn that Krile Baldesion, who was being escorted by Arenvald and other Resistance troops while transporting Y’shtola and other wounded to the Rising Stones, had been abducted by the Skulls near the Gridanian border. Though Arenvald and the others failed to protect her, through the power of the Echo he glimpsed the memories of their commander, Fordola, and saw that Zenos yae Galvus himself had ordered them to return with Krile alive though he knew not why.

After their lengthy absence, the Alliance and Resistance leaders were eager to hear a recounting of the Scions' activities in the Far East, and so the Scions shared with them the many trials and tribulations, culminating, with the liberation of Doma—news of which had already begun to spread throughout the Empire, leading to unrest and unease within the imperial ranks. The Alliance and Resistance duly decided that it was the time to strike. They would resume their campaign to retake Ala Mhigo, beginning with the capture of Castellum Velodyna.

The Warrior of Light joined the Resistance forces gathered at the ruins of Castellum Corvi to await the signal from the Alliance. Once General Aldynn and his men lured the bulk of the garrison away from Velodyna, they were to make for the bridge and engage the remaining defenders. Yet this too would be but a feint, a the success of the operation rested on the shoulders of Mnaago, who would fly to the top of the castellum with the aid of her griffin, and there employ a number of modified glamour prisms to create the illusion that the massive imperial banner had been replaced by that of the Resistance. The sight of the banner would serve to sow chaos and confusion in the imperial ranks, if all went to plan, allowing the Allied forces to rout the enemy and claim Castellum Velodyna at last. Every unit played their part to perfection. When M’naago blew her horn to draw all eyes heavensward, the imperials began to break and run, believing the day lost. Fordola rem Lupis, commander of the Crania Lupi, having remained at the bridge, urged her men to stand their ground, but soon retreated herself after realizing there was naught to be done. At Conrad’s urging, Lyse let her go, for while capturing the Skulls' commander would represent a fine achievement, the greater goal had been accomplished: Castellum Velodyna was theirs. Ala Mhigo was not built in a single day, and neither would it be liberated in one. But the fall of the castellum marked a turning point in the campaign, for the imperials had been all but driven from the Fringes.

The Lady of Bliss

While allied forces took a moment to rest and regroup, the Scions traveled with Mnaago to the Peering Stones, home of the M tribe and where the Resistance officer was born. While there, they were approached by a Vira messenger, who told them that when the Skulls were withdrawing from Velodyna, they were confronted by the Qalyana broodmother. She had come with a contingent of warriors to reclaim her daughter, who had been taken as a hostage. Alas, the tense standoff gave way to violence in which the child was cut down by Fordola’s Skulls before her mother’s very eyes.

The Qalyana broodmother cried out to the heavens in despair..and a primal answered. Sri Lakshmi, patron deity of the Ananta, came forth from the aether, and the imperials were put to flight. Alas, the tale did not end there, for the Qalyana then demanded the Vira come and pay tribute to the goddess. And so it fell to the Warrior of Light and his comrades to journey unto the Qalyana stronghold of Djanan Qhat, where Sri Lakshmi held court.

From the shadows, the Scions looked on as Sri Lakshmi impassively explained to the distraught Qalyana broodmother that while she could restore her daughter’s flesh to life, her soul was forever lost. This forlorn spectacle was but one of countless tragedies in the cycle of misery perpetuated by the primals , the sight of which filled Alisaie with anger, who, forsaking all concealment, proceeded to loudly decry Sri Lakshmi for her empty promises, before begging the Qalyana to see her for the false goddess she was . Alas , the broodmother would not listen, and the primal soon took umbrage. With a wave of her hand, she sent orbs of energy towards the Scions as a warning : leave her lands and her dreamers be.

Twice had Alisaie watched helplessly as those consumed by tragedy turned to primals for succor. Yet though she could do no more for the broodmother than she could for Ga Bu, she believed she had to try. However, her failure left the Warrior of Light with no recourse but to meet the primal in combat—ably abetted by his cadre of Echo-blessed adventurers.

Afterwards, as the Warrior of Light told Lyse of the primal’s passing, the Qalyana broodmother appeared, bereft at the death of her goddess. Though Lyse tried to reason with the grieving mother, she condemned the Scions and their actions, demanding at last that they leave her to mourn.

Hells Open, Heavens Weep

After securing a foothold in the Peaks by seizing Ala Ghiri, the Eorzean Alliance and the Resistance set their sights on the next logical target: Specula Imperatoris. And so a great host, led by General Aldynn and Commander Kemp, laid siege to the towers. But when the massive cannon at Castrum Abania was used to destroy the main tower of Specula Imperatoris, killing countless Allied and imperial troops, it was plain the rules of engagement had changed.

The Warrior of Light and Alisaie Leveilleur, who had been held in reserve, rushed to what was left of the imperial fortress to learn what had become of her brother and the others. Amidst the debris, they found several Alliance soldiers and helped them to the best of their ability. Yet for every man they could save, there were many more they could not.

Finally, the pair found Lyse, M'naago, and Alphinaud tending to Conrad, who lay motionless upon the ground. Though the others escaped with only minor injuries, the grizzled commander’s wounds were unquestionably mortal. He used his final moments to implore Lyse to succeed him as leader of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, and she tearfully accepted, promising to lead their countrymen to freedom. Safe in the knowledge that his legacy was secure, Conrad Kemp smiled and breathed his last.

The Price of Freedom

The Alliance and the Resistance could not suffer a repeat of the slaughter at Specula Imperatoris. As such, they would not march upon Castrum Abania until they could be certain the fortress's main cannon would not be brought to bear against them. Though the weapon was apparently disabled by a single unknown assailant, it was only a matter of time before it would be restored to operational status. With the aid of an Alliance contact in Radiata, the Scions devised a plan to infiltrate the castrum and seize control of the cannon’s fire control center, after which they would signal the Allied forces to advance.

Once more they split into several parties—one comprising Alphinaud and Alisaie, and a second the Warrior of Light and his irrepressible adventurer allies. Each created a diversion inside the castrum, thereby allowing Lyse and her unit of Resistance fighters to proceed relatively unhindered to the fire control center.

All forces converged upon the center and there came face-to-face with the officer responsible for the destruction of Specula Imperatoris: Fordola rem Lupis. She made no apologies for her actions and declared that all was in service to her countrymen—to secure a place for them within imperial society. Enraged, Lyse charged with murder in her eyes, only to find that her opponent possessed supernatural strength and agility. After effortlessly evading her attacks and cutting down Alisaie with a single stroke, Fordola dove through the window and made her escape, but not before extending to the Warrior of Light and his comrades an invitation to the “royal hunt” on behalf of Zenos yae Galvus. With nothing to fear from the fortress’s dormant cannon, Allied forces marched on Castrum Abania and seized control of it in short order. Save for Alisaie’s injuries which would heal in time the operation went exactly to plan.

Liberty or Death

Lyse, having, but recently assumed leadership of the Ala Mhigan Resis-tance, continued to struggle with the weight of her new responsibilities. Seeing this, Raubahn invited her and the Warrior of Light to accompany him to Coldhearth, a poor village of little consequence, which he revealed to be his childhood home. There he told them of his life before the imperial occupation, when he returned from the front to mend and first heard the words of a revolutionary firebrand.

By the power of the Echo, the Warrior of Light was cast adrift in a memory of Raubahn’s past, where he observed Lyse’s father deliver a speech to a crowd of cheering Ala Mhigans—among them, Raubahn Aldynn and Ilberd Feare, then dear friends. Afterwards, the revolutionary met with Raubahn and counseled him to remember that freedom should not be an end in of itself, for it is but a chance to build something better…and the work is never finished.

“Liberty or Death,” Raubahn repeated: the creed of Curtis Hext and his comrades. Solemnly, he asked Lyse if she would swear by these words, and she did so—though she was quick to add that the liberty she craves must be for every son and daughter of Ala Mhigo, even those who reject the cause. The nation they build must serve as a home for them all, she insisted, and Raubahn could only agree.

The Resonant

At Porta Praetoria, the leaders of the Alliance and the Resistance discussed their plans for laying siege to Ala Mhigo and defeating the X1Ith Legion once and for all. Time being of the essence, it was decided that as soon as the Resistance secured the residential district to the south of the city, the main host would immediately launch an all-out assault. The Scions, meanwhile, would be held in reserve, ready to render aid where needed, and attend to Krile’s rescue upon learning where she was being held.

Fortunately, that opportunity would come sooner than later, as Thancred Waters had already successfully infiltrated the residential district and tracked Krile to the ruins of an old temple of the Fist of Rhalgr, within which the imperials had constructed a research facility. In their pursuit of a means to imbue Garleans with the power to manipulate aether, the scientists had apparently performed questionable experiments on a number of living subjects—and Krile had been abducted for this selfsame purpose.

In order to gain entry to the Ala Mhigan Quarter and infiltrate the imperial research facility, the Scions needed to find a way to circumvent the towering walls and heavy gates which surrounded it. Fortunately, Wiscar—a youth from Ala Gannha whom the Warrior of Light inspired to join the Resistance—had surmised the existence of a tunnel connecting Loch Seld and a well within the district. Just as the party was about to dive into the loch, though, Urianger made an unexpected appearance, and explained that after listening to Alisaie’s tale of her defeat at Fordola’s hands, he had been inspired to fashion a new and improved aetheric siphon, which he believed would enable them to deprive the Skulls' commander of her preternatural prescience.

As expected, Fordola was waiting to greet them in the facility, along with a squadron of imperial soldiers. Thankfully, however, upon activating Urianger’s device, the Skulls' commander reeled about in confusion, and it soon became clear that she could no longer anticipate the Scions' attacks. Though she was yet a fearsome opponent, after a vicious battle, the Scions were able to subdue her and secure the facility.

To everyone’s relief, they found Krile alive, albeit weak from her ordeal, and together made ready to leave, with Fordola as their prisoner. However, the beaten officer belittled the Scions' victory, speaking of the terrible powers Zenos commanded and the futility of their sacrifices. For an instant, it seemed as though Lyse would succumb to her anger and execute her defenseless foe, but in the end she relented, declaring that Fordola would live long enough to see a free Ala Mhigo.

The Measure of His Reach

After a brief encounter with the Ferae Domitae, a unit of Doman con- scripts which the Scions convinced to withdraw, the main host gathered outside the gates to the city, and the assault began in earnest. All proceeded as planned until a unit of airborne magitek armor launched a counterattack, throwing the Allied forces into chaos. Moments later, however, their Far Easter allies, led by Lord Hien, swooped in to the rescue, engaged the imperial flying machines, and left the Alliance free to resume their attack. The gate buckled under the renewed assault, and soon gave way. Thus began the battle for the future of a nation. Together with the brave men and women of the Eorzean Alliance and the Resistance, the Warrior of Light and his fellow adventurers entered the city and made for the castle where Zenos yae Galvus resided, that they might put an end to his reign of terror.

Twice before, the Warrior of Light had faced Zenos yae Galvus, and twice before he had lost. But the third time proved different. The viceroy faltered and withdrew, and subsequently erupted into maniacal laughter. At long last, the hero had become the beast he longed to face, and so he bade the Warrior of Light join him at the top of the Royal Palace, where the gods might bear witness to their dance.

In the Royal Menagerie, the Warrior of Light was greeted by a terrible sight: Shinryu, Ilberd's draconic god of vengeance, at the mercy of the viceroy. Zenos fawned over the primal, which he proclaimed a being of pure violence, and mused upon how instrumental the Warrior of Light was in its creation and capture. He proceeded to mock his great-grandfather’s legacy, while hinting at his own dark ambitions, at last declaring that all he did, he did but for the joy of doing it—that only man has the wisdom and the clarity to embrace violence for its own sake. His manifesto thus delivered, Zenos freed Shinryu from its restraints and cried out defiantly as it bathed him and the Warrior of Light in dragon fire. Unscathed, he rose into the air and used his power as a Resonant to merge with the primal, binding it to his will. As he towered over his prey, transformed, he glimpsed Ilberd's final moments, and declared this to be “an ending to mark a new beginning,” before taking to the air.

One day the world may be consumed by fire and blood, and all that men hold dear be forever lost. But it was not this day, for Zenos yae Galvus, legarus of the XIIth Legion, imperial viceroy of Ala Mhigo, was ultimately defeated by the Warrior of Light and his companions.

Zenos, returned to his true form, then struggled to his feet, coughingblood. To the astonishment of all, he claimed to be filled with a joy he hadnever known, for he had experienced a moment unlike any other: clear and pure and real. He brought a blade to his neck and smiled the smile of a man at peace, and before Lyse could intervene, the deed was done. Zenos yae Galvus was dead. Though Lyse was initially reluctant to celebrate, Hien urged her to raise a cheer for all those who fought for freedom. And so the Warrior of Light, together with his many comrades and the leaders of the Eorzean Alliance and the Resistance, gathered at the castle's ramparts, and as the horns spread tidings of the viceroy’s death, the people of Ala Mhigo raised their voices in song. [1]


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