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Duty in the Sky with Diamond

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Duty in the Sky with Diamond

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Quest giver
Resistance Officer
The Lochs (X:11.3, Y:22.5)
Quest line
The Sorrow of Werlyt Quests
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestIn Memory
Next quest
Feature QuestForever at Your Side

The Resistance troops have received intriguing information from Werlyt.

— In-game description




The Cloud Deck requires item level 495 minimum.



  • The Resistance troops have received intriguing information from Werlyt.
  • Shortly after arriving in Porta Praetoria, you are met by M'naago, who is there on official business. She explains that the newly formed Werlyt Revolutionaries have petitioned the Ala Mhigan Resistance for aid, and that they have elected Gaius Baelsar, their former conqueror, to lead them. Though M'naago has been ordered to travel to Terncliff to meet with representatives from Werlyt, she would feel a lot less anxious about coming face-to-face with the erstwhile Black Wolf himself if you were to accompany her.
  • Once more, you are provided with an escort on the long journey to Terncliff. Though you have traveled this route on several occasions, it is M'naago's first visit to this remote territory, and she finds the quaint seaside town a welcome change from the arid deserts she calls home.
  • You and M'naago meet as planned with Gaius and the representatives of the Werlyt Revolutionaries. Once the necessary arms and supplies have been delivered, the long-awaited confrontation with the occupying imperial forces can commence. However, Severa urges Gaius to expedite heretofore unmentioned plans, prompting Gaius to speak with you in private.
  • According to the letter left by Allie, she has made her way to the VIIth Legion headquarters in Werlyt to rescue her brother Alfonse. Though she makes only vague hints as to how she might achieve this, Gaius is certain that she intends to claim the final Weapon for herself and overthrow Valens van Varro. Severa suggests using the full force of the Revolutionaries to march on Werlyt to save Allie and Alfonse, but Gaius is adamant that he cannot rush in unprepared and place the Revolutionaries in jeopardy. You receive an urgent communication from Valdeaulin in Werlyt, who has witnessed what appears to be an unknown Weapon going on a wild rampage and laying waste to the VIIth Legion. Gaius assumes that the pilot is most likely Allie, and he decides to leave at once for Werlyt in the hope of saving her and Alfonse.
  • With the help of your acquaintance Avilina, and no small amount of foresight, Cid has equipped the G-Warrior with a range of armaments designed to pursue and capture the Weapon. So profound are the changes made to the Allagan warmachina that Cid has renamed it the G-Savior. If all goes according to plan, it will live up to its new moniker.
  • Unlike the G-Warrior, the G-Savior requires not one but two people to operate it. As Gaius has prior experience with the similarly built Ultima Weapon, he is chosen as the main pilot, while you are placed in charge of the various offensive and defensive systems. The success of the mission will depend on your ability to coordinate your movements and master the complexities of this enormous warmachina in a short span of time.
  • Through your combined efforts, you and Gaius were able to quell the rampaging Diamond Weapon. The containment field designed to hold the target captive unfortunately malfunctions, sending the warmachina crashing to the ground below. If luck is on your side─or more importantly, Allie's side─the Weapon itself will have protected the pilot from the fall.
  • Miraculously, Allie has survived the impact, and you arrive to find her staggering free from the wreckage. Gaius requests that you take Allie to safety while he attends to unfinished business, and he calls Valens out from his hiding place for a final confrontation. Valens goads him by claiming that Alfonse has already been fused with the core of the Diamond Weapon, which only serves to steel Gaius's resolve. After a brief clash, it is Gaius who is left standing. The Diamond Weapon suddenly reactivates and takes Valens in its grasp, squeezing the very life from its creator. Alfonse has at least exacted his revenge, but his transformation is irreversible. Gaius bids his son farewell before plunging his sword into the core, putting Alfonse out of his misery.
  • Back in Terncliff, you meet with Severa and Valdeaulin. Though Werlyt has been liberated and the Weapon project laid to rest, Gaius's companions still have their doubts as to what the future holds.