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Generational Bonding

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Generational Bonding

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Quest giver
Thavnair (X:32.7, Y:26.3)
Quest line
Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Gil 3,330
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Spectacle of Inspection
Next quest
Feature QuestBy Agents Unknown
Feature QuestWell-oiled

Delion is ready to embark on another crusade for the Truth.

— In-game description



  • An unperturbed Hildibrand seeks to resume the search for PuPu's comrade.
  • The irrepressible Hildibrand is eager to resume the search for PuPu's missing comrade, and your newest recruit, the clone Brandihild, proposes a brilliant strategy. Instead of pursuing the alien individual, you will investigate saucer sightings, and exclude those you can say with confidence were of PuPu himself. Delion embraces this idea, suggesting a return to his workroom in Radz–at–Han that he and PuPu might sift through old issues of The Thavnairian Truth and the many accounts they have received.
  • A process of elimination has determined that the only saucer sighting outside of the regions PuPu visited was reported from Garlemald. The next logical step, it seems, is to journey to Camp Broken Glass, before setting out to find the author of this eyewitness account─an imperial soldier by the name of Numerious.
  • Delion, arriving somewhat late to your rendezvous in Camp Broken Glass, explains that he has spoken with the contingent officers and learned that Numerious was on their duty roster. The editor in chief once again takes the lead, herding your ragtag party towards the imperial soldier's posting at Forum Patens.
  • Although thrilled to be meeting the Truth's editor in chief, Numerious has little to add to his prior bare-bones account. His imperial comrade, on the other hand, relates how he bore witness to the same silvery saucer─before shooting it out of the sky. Using various parameters provided by the artillerist, Brandihild swiftly calculates where the stricken starship most likely crash-landed. Flabbergasted by the clone's mathematical genius, you and your companions take this unexpected advice, and turn your attention towards a point one thousand three hundred and sixty yalms northeast of your current location.
  • A search for the saucer turns up a scorched exterior panel, but no trace of PuPu's friend. The ensuing discussion about the vessel's probable fate is interrupted, however, when a familiar fragrant young stalker rushes over in a panic, desperate to inform you of Nashu's kidnapping. Perpetrated by a henchman of Doctor Lugae, the crime is accompanied by a message, demanding that you─Forename─present yourself at the Tower of Babil. Or else. Hildibrand and Godbert naturally disregard these very specific instructions to speed off in the direction of the designated meeting spot, leaving you behind with Delion, PuPu, and a nonplussed Inspector Brandihild.
  • Somewhat late off the mark, you hurry to the specified servicing facility, only to find that the Manderville men have concluded their mortal combat with a heavily modified “Suprae-Lugae.” One can only imagine what spectacular carnage preceded your arrival...
  • Once more reduced to a disembodied head, Lugae nevertheless refuses to admit defeat. He unleashes a deadly nasal laser in your direction, only to have Brandihild intervene, the clone's wondrous geometrical calculations redirecting the beam back to its source. With a little extra assistance from the Mandervilles, this provides you the perfect opening to execute a powerful kick, and send the gleaming skull rocketing away into the distance. A seemingly unharmed and well-rested Nashu then chooses this moment to wander in from an adjoining chamber, and, thus reunited, your intrepid team retires to Radz–at–Han.
  • Scarcely have you set foot back in the city when Hildibrand throws himself wholeheartedly back into the Case of the Silent Correspondent. His exit is mirrored by the equally enthusiastic Nashu and PuPu, with Brandihild belatedly joining in the chase. Godbert, for his part, appears sufficiently inspired to resume his Manderville weaponry endeavor, and invites you to lend a hand should your schedule permit. This leaves Delion, who, despite a complete lack of supporting evidence, remains determined to expose PuPu's cleverly disguised conspiracy. With your help, of course.