The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen

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The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen

The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.8, Y:8.7)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Required quest
The Ultimate Weapon
Required items
1 Curious parchment icon1.png  Curious Parchment
Experience 0
Gil 658
Next quest
Back in the Saddle

An old acquaintance of Wymond is at wit's end, and the businessman would have you help her.

— In-game description






  • An old acquaintance of Wymond is at wit's end, and the businessman would have you help her.
  • Nashu, former assistant of the late inspector Hildibrand, is investigating rumors regarding unusual zombie behavior. However, she has made little progress thus far, and so Wymond has asked you to seek her out and offer whatever assistance you can. Considering her recent frustrations, Wymond suspects that Nashu can be found praying at the grave of her mentor in Camp Drybone's lichyard.
  • After waiting five years for her mentor to return, Nashu was devastated by the revelation that Inspector Hildibrand did not survive his journey to Dalamud. She then swore to carry on his legacy as an inspector herself, but has struggled to live up to his example. Her current investigation into a horde of dapper zombies had reached a standstill; however, with your help, she believes she might finally locate the zombies' leader. Travel to southern Thanalan and attempt to befriend any dapper zombies you encounter, or─failing that─slay and search them for clues.
  • Your attempts to befriend the zombie populace met with dismal failure. However, your efforts were not for naught, as a curious parchment found in their possession appears to be a map of some sort. Return to the lichyard in eastern Thanalan and show the parchment to Nashu.
  • Nashu confirms your suspicions that the parchment is a map, though she is unable to determine the significance of the phrase, “A gentleman is, rather than does.” In any case, she bids you follow her to the Sagolii Desert in southern Thanalan, to the destination marked on the map.
  • Deducing that the phrase is a password, you call out to the dapper zombies, who surround you and Nashu with malicious intent. Fortunately, before you are forced to defend yourselves, a disheveled Inspector Hildibrand appears and commands his loyal minions to spare you and Nashu. The reunion between mentor and assistant nearly ends in tragedy, as Nashu resolves to restore Inspector Hildibrand's lost memories via liberal use of explosives. Inexplicably, her plan works. Afterwards, you use the power of the Echo to delve into Inspector Hildibrand's memories in a vain attempt to learn how he survived his fall, as well as being buried alive. Alas, you soon discover that there are mysteries in this world that defy all reason and explanation.