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Not from Around Here

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Not from Around Here

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Quest giver
Thavnair (X:15.2, Y:15.1)
Quest line
Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,330
Previous quest
Feature QuestBy Agents Unknown
Next quest
Feature QuestA Spirited Reforging
Feature QuestOf Duplicity and Duplication

Hildibrand is keen to embark on the next leg of your investigation.

— In-game description




  • Hildibrand is keen to embark on the next leg of your investigation.
  • In order to pursue the Case of the Silent Correspondent once more, you prepare to ship off to Sharlayan. Or teleport, as the case may be. Assuming they follow your advice, Hildibrand and the rest of your party should be waiting to meet you near the Confluence.
  • Despite it being their first time traveling by experimental aetheryte, most of your companions appear to be unaffected by aetherial sickness. Delion is the notable exception, though it is unclear if his suffering is due to some intrinsic quality, or because the gods were feeling capricious. In any event, the editor in chief is determined to push through his nausea, proposing an immediate investigation of the Sharlayans' “underground military facility”─an idea onto which the inspector latches with characteristic enthusiasm. The Hall of Artifice awaits.
  • Lacking the proper permissions to board the lift, Hildibrand's foray into Labyrinthos appears to be over as soon as it began. It is fortunate, then, that Godbert arrives at this very moment to exert his ambassadorial authority, affording your companions access as part of the Syndicate member's entourage. Next stop: the Archeion.
  • Your initial inquiries into archived alien starships meet with no success. A custodian does, however, mention having seen a PuPu-like visitor at Meryall Agronomics. With renewed vigor, your party descends to the Medial Circuit with the intention of interviewing the local laborers.
  • Your in-depth interrogations reveal that an individual resembling PuPu─and not merely another mandragora─did indeed visit the Labyrinthos farm in the company of a decidedly less-alien acquaintance. Hildibrand will wish to corroborate your findings.
  • The information you extracted matches what the inspector has learned, and you are soon joined by the gleaner responsible for guiding the oddly paired visitors into Labyrinthos.
It transpires that one was a Hannish apothecary who, upon giving up on his mercantile endeavors in war-torn Garlemald, came across a wrecked vessel and its unusual pilot stranded in the snow. The gleaner met said apothecary in Thavnair, the man having returned to his homeland with both broken craft and alien occupant in tow. Wishing to offer assistance with repairs, the gleaner then escorted them to Sharlayan─and Thaumazein's famed engineers. Once the vessel was restored, however, the pair departed and have not been seen since.
You remain one step behind, but for now it is enough to know that PuPu's friend is very much alive, and likely to be found in the company of the alchemist. With these clues in hand, your party elects to return to Radz–at–Han and continue the search.
  • Back in Radz–at–Han you are joined by Godbert, who has succeeded in locating a missing family relic. PuPu recognizes the recovered artifact as a device made by Mandervillians─a technologically advanced alien race─and offers to access and present to everyone whatever images may be stored within it. Thus do all gather in a darkened room to view the recording, where you are blindsided by the revelation that Godbrand, the founding lord of House Manderville, was the last surviving member of the starfaring Mandervillians. Manderville weaponry, too, appears to be the product of extraterrestrial innovation. While initially flabbergasted, Hildibrand and Godbert accept their cosmic roots without question, and vow to uphold their ancestor's heartfelt wishes to aid the people of this star. Before returning to his labors, however, Godbert asks that you meet him at the aetheryte plaza, hinting at a gift of some kind...
  • Before Godbert makes his appearance, Delion approaches you to express contrition at his misjudgment of the Sharlayan people, as the discovery he has devoted readers among the scholars has done much to improve his perception of them. His low opinion of PuPu, on the other hand, has not changed whatsoever, and he bids you stand ready for the moment the alien reveals his true colors. It is then that Godbert arrives to present you with a clockwork version of everyone's favorite little blue man. More than ever, the goldsmith is determined to progress with his weaponsmithing endeavor, and he remains amenable to your expert assistance.