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Guides for New Players

Guide for Players New to the MMORPG Genre

Guide for Players Coming from World of Warcraft

Guide for Players Coming from Elder Scrolls Online

Guide for Players Coming from Guild Wars 2

Guide for Players Coming from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guide for Players Coming from RuneScape

Guide to Potentially Disturbing or Upsetting Content

List of Striking Dummy locations


PvP Guide

The Feast Guide

Leveling and Content Unlock

Experience Points Guide

Content Unlock

Leveling Guide

End Game Progression

Daily and Weekly Checklist

Level 50 Progression Guide (Obsolete / Historical)

Level 50 Gear Guide

Level 60 Gear Guide

Level 70 Gear Guide

Level 80 Gear Guide

Level 90 Gear Guide

Relic Weapons

Relic weapons are primarily intended as optional side content for a looks-focused glowing weapon. There are always faster and easier-to-aquire weapons that are equally as strong, generally either crafted or for Allagan Tomestones.

Relic Weapons

Anima Weapons

Eureka Weapons / Eurekan Gear

Resistance Weapons / Resistance Armor

Role Guides

Tank Guide



Melee DPS:

Physical Ranged DPS:

Magical Ranged DPS:


Limited Jobs:


Carpenter Guide

Blacksmith Guide

Armorer Guide

Goldsmith Guide

Leatherworker Guide

Weaver Guide

Alchemist Guide

Culinarian Guide

see also Grand Company Supply Missions and Ixal, Moogle, Namazu, and Dwarf Beast Tribe Quests as well as Collectables, Custom Deliveries, and the Ishgardian Restoration for sources of crafting EXP outside of raw crafting and levequests.

Desynthesis Guide

The Way of crafting


Miner Guide

Botanist Guide

Fisher Guide

A Gentleman's Guide to Leveling Fishing


The Diadem Hard Mode Guide (Obsolete / Historical)

Gardening Guide

Macro Guides