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The Past Is Never Past

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The Past Is Never Past

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Quest giver
Nashu Mhakaracca
Kugane (X:10.5, Y:8.1)
Quest line
Even Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Experience 0
Gil 1,043
Previous quest
Feature QuestGood Swords, Good Dogs
Next quest
Feature QuestDon't Do the Dewprism

Like a moth to the flame... But why else would you come, if not for Nashu Mhakaracca and Inspector Hildibrand's shenanigans?

— In-game description





  • Like a moth to the flame... But why else would you come, if not for Nashu Mhakaracca and Inspector Hildibrand's shenanigans?
  • Inspector's Log:
What a wretched state of affairs it is, to have Shigure detained for aiding and abetting the escape of the Wolf Burglar, when it was more or less my brilliant idea! Justice and guilt─but mostly justice!─compel me to remedy this situation with all due alacrity, and to that end I would investigate the questionable activities of Master Akebono, who is doubtless the villain at the heart of these dark intrigues. Yet what is this curious sensation, this foreboding familiarity which gnaws at my breast? Could it be...a long-lost fan?
            * * *
Predictably, in your absence, Nashu and Inspector Hildibrand have made no headway in their efforts to unearth Akebono's dark secrets and secure a reprieve for the imprisoned Shigure. However, the inspector did but recently come into the possession of an anonymous missive from an individual claiming to have the Soboro Sukehiro. They are willing to relinquish it provided that the “something-something of Light” defeats them in a duel upon Kugane Ohashi. Naturally, Hildibrand interprets the nearly illegible letters to be “the Gentleman of Light”─namely, himself─and without hesitation breaks into a run, eager to accept the challenge. Surely this will end well.
  • It did not end well for Hildibrand, whom you find embedded headfirst in the ground in the traditional fashion. It would seem that the poorly penned missive was sent by Jim─ahem, Yojimbo, who was hoping to face the Warrior of Light in battle. Having confirmed that Hildibrand is none the worse for wear, you are free to gather seven of your stoutest adventuring comrades (Echo not required) who are not currently preoccupied with anything in particular, and confront the mysterious ronin.
    • ※Kugane Ohashi can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • Well, that was entirely unexpected.
  • Yojimbo is Gilgamesh, and Gilgamesh Yojimbo. Though this strange and bewildering truth comes to light during your battle with the legendary sword collector, you and your comrades maintain your composure and manage to emerge triumphant. Having been soundly defeated yet again, Greg expresses his heartfelt contrition to you and Hildibrand, and after touching briefly on the tragic circumstances which brought him to Kugane, bereft of rooster but joined by canine, he pledges to aid you in your various endeavors.
  • While Nashu may well be thrilled to learn that Greg will be helping you with your investigation into Akebono's affairs, she does not show it, for she is deeply troubled by the recent revelation that Shigure has been ordered to commit ritual suicide as punishment for his crimes. Time is of the essence, and so you and the others immediately set about attempting to uncover even the slightest bit of information regarding Akebono that may serve to forestall Shigure's impending doom.
  • Akebono is hardly a man of the people, preferring to leverage his monopoly on Hannish reagents to reap massive profits through the sale of incomparable medicines. Though these accounts are unlikely to prove of any use, they are all you can obtain on short notice.
  • As feared, you are too late to convince the Sekiseigumi to postpone Shigure's execution, and as you look on helplessly he is escorted into the courtyard, where the ceremony is to be held forthwith. The disgraced samurai is prepared to accept his fate, but Inspector Hildibrand has other ideas. Disguised as a fellow Sekiseigumi, he leads the guards on a merry chase while urging Shigure to take flight. Alas, he will do no such thing, for in death he intends to reclaim his honor. It is only by the dramatic return of the infamous Wolf Burglar, Soboro Sukehiro in hand, that Shigure is finally saved...though not wholly absolved of guilt. He is subsequently commanded to conduct a formal investigation into the rumors surrounding Master Akebono─an investigation which is ordered closed mere moments later by Master Kumode, the chief coincounter of the Sekiseigumi, and a man you and Shigure immediately recognize from a certain party which erupted into chaos due to the antics of an incognito inspector. For his part, Kumode professes ignorance, and rather convincingly besides...although the queer shimmer in his eyes suggests that not all is what it seems...
  • Shigure has been redeemed, and Hildibrand is proud to claim victory, as is his wont. But of course, the tale is far from finished, for many vexing questions remain unanswered. Why did the Wolf Burglar, having reclaimed his father's sword, surrender it and himself without a fight? How does Akebono wield such power and influence? Does the Wolf Burglar know? And if he doesn't, who does? And how in the seven hells does Hildibrand keep surviving all these fatal falls?