Raubahn Aldynn

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Raubahn Aldynn

Raubahn HW.png

Flame General
The Bull of Ala Mhigo
Male ♂
Hyur (Highlander)
Ala Mhigo
The Immortal Flames
Pipin (adoptive son)

"The line between victory and defeat is drawn by the swift and trod by the dead."

Raubahn Aldynn, also called Flame General Aldynn, is a Highlander Hyur from Ala Mhigo who founded the Immortal Flames of Ul'dah and served as its first Flame General.

Born in the village of Coldhearth in the Peaks of Gyr Abania, Raubahn joined the armed forces of his homeland and helped defend his nation's borders from the Garlean Empire. After his nation fell, a twenty-five year old Raubahn escaped with little more than his life, and spent two years as a vagabond before coming to Thanalan. Mistaken for an imperial spy, he was imprisoned by the Brass Blades. [1]

For many years, Raubahn fought as a gladiator upon the bloodsands of the Coliseum. Wielding the ancient bladedancing techniques of Gyr Abania, he won his freedom, the people's love, and a popular title—the "Bull of Ala Mhigo." In 1570, he purchased the Coliseum and earned himself a place among the Syndicate, the wealthiest patrons of Ul'dah. [1]

Because she spared his life in a rigged gladiatorial bout in 1565, Raubahn is unerringly loyal to Nanamo Ul Namo, and has done much to ensure the Royalists hold power in the city-state. [1]

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
Northern Thanalan (x20,y21) Hearts on Fire
The Ultimate Weapon
Northern Thanalan (x15,y16) Rock the Castrum
The Ultimate Weapon
Setting the Stage
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x8,y8) The Ul'dahn Envoy A Royal Reception
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x8,y9) Promises to Keep
Desperate Times
Traitor in the Midst
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y12) Promises to Keep The Mother of Exiles


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